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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Hope that Thomas knows she would never purposely hurt him so they will wait until he wakes up and tells them all so. Liam walks up and says Hope was in danger. He does not believe he was apologizing. But there is no guarantee what he will say now. There is no being safe around Thomas. He wonders if he really is unconscious now or just does not want to face the music. The doctor does not know who he is dealing with; they do. He goes in to see Thomas and says he wonders how many broken bones he has….he bets Radiology is still counting them. He asks Thomas if he can hear him. Guess if he had done all that Thomas did he would not want to wake up either. First he chases Emma off Mulholland Drive and then karma throws him off the cliff. He just hopes the law is not through with him yet. And how he even survived……his death would have been a big tragedy to a lot of people but he is not one of them. Brooke tells Hope she knows there is no love lost between Liam and Thomas but she guesses it is no worse for him being in there than just waiting outside here. Ridge walks in but Liam does not see him and Ridge listens while Liam bends closer to Thomas. Ridge says that must make Liam feel very powerful when Thomas cannot defend himself against trash-talk. Liam says he knows Thomas is not going to pay. Ridge and his money will see to that. Ridge opines that Liam should not even be in here. Ridge says he is very sorry for what Thomas tried to do to him but he will suffer the consequences as he will only let him fall so far. He tells Liam that he could not possibly understand as he has never loved anyone deeply enough to stand by them and support them or forgive them for something as awful as Thomas did to him. Brooke tells Ridge she is sorry for what she said. He says they can drop it then changes his mind and says she wants to call Thomas violent. She says again she is sorry but there is an unstoppable time when you feel your child is being threatened and she stepped in. She tells him she would like to go in and sit with Thomas for a minute. He says okay, perhaps he will respond to her.

Shauna continues to speak with Quinn and tells her she has no one else to turn to and needs Quinn’s help. She is so ashamed and she hopes Quinn never has to see a child of hers sitting at a dirty table in a windowless cell and not knowing if they will ever see the sunshine again. Quinn says Shauna must come clean and tell her exactly what she knew and when. Did she know all of this when she came to L.A. Shauna assures her she did not. All she knew was Flo needed her so she came running. She did not know she was posing as the baby mother until later….and Flo did not know all the details either until it was too late. Quinn cannot believe they accepted living in her and Eric’s house when she knew this all along. She says she is sorry but neither Flo nor her can expect her help. Detective Sanchez visits Flo in her jail cell. He needs to go over a few more facts, especially the false papers she signed. She does not have her own attorney but says that would not change what she will be telling him. He asks if Dr. Buckingham told her where he got the forged papers. She replies no, he thought it best she not know all the details. Sanchez says that there is a big underground market out there for such things and she could help them if she cooperates. She remarks that she has nothing to lose. She admits she wanted to tell about Beth many times but she had so much to lose so she kept quiet. She did not even know Hope then or that they were blood relatives. Unfortunately when she finally did tell someone she told the wrong person. Thomas Forrester did not want that information to be found out. He starts taping this portion and says this is new information. Then he gets a call from his chief and has to leave and tells Flo they will have to finish this interview later. Brooke goes in to see Thomas. She cries she did not want this but none of this would have happened if he had told Hope the truth about Beth. Then she sees Detective Sanchez walk by to talk to Hope, Liam and Ridge. She joins them. The detective questions Hope of what she and Thomas were doing when he went over the cliff. She responds that they were talking and it might have looked like it was hostile to her mother who just walked up. Thomas was not threatening her then but she had been afraid of him. He was trying to apologize and the Det. said but it was too little too late. Liam asks if they can stop. He is putting words now in Hope’s mouth. Detective Sanchez says he would think in moments like this they would all have questions and especially the homeowners if the property was built to code and if they are responsible. No offense but it sounds like a bunch of people with a secret. His last question is to Ridge if he knows anyone who was angry enough to want to help Thomas off the cliff. Brooke looks at Ridge before he answers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric went to Melinda hoping to get immunity for Kristen. She wasn't willing to give her a deal. He told her how she knew where to find Holly and Nicole, but she didn't care. Xander rubbed it in to Sarah how her relationship with Eric was finished. He apologized to her and she slapped him. Brady told Chloe about what happened with Kristen. She reminded him how he slept with Kristen. He didn't want to talk about that. Brady told her that Holly and Nicole were alive. She wanted to know where they were. Brady told her that Eric was trying to find out. Melinda felt like Kristen was just trying to avoid going to prison. Eric tried to convince her to change her mind. Eric told her that the DiMeras had houses all over the world and had dungeons. Melinda reminded him that was why she wouldn't give her immunity. Sarah yelled at Xander for gloating about Nicole. She told him that Eric didn't dump her. He was processing what Kristen did to him by letting him think that Holly was dead. Xander let her know that Eric was also processing how Nicole might still be alive. He thought nothing would be standing between them. She thought she would be the one standing between them. Jack wanted Kayla to help him since Eve was suing him. He wanted her to get him a copy of the surveillance footage of Eve stealing the diary out of the hospital. Kayla wanted to know if he had a warrant. Kayla was willing to help Jack if he started treating Jennifer better. Jennifer and Hope talked about what happened with Kristen and Ted. Hope tried to defend what Ted did until Jennifer told her that he wasn't noble. Hope let her know that Ted told her that he loved her. She believed that he might have loved her. Chloe was disgusted by what Kristen did with Holly. She couldn't believe Kristen wouldn't tell where Holly and Nicole were until she went free. Brady and Chloe continued to talk about Kristen. Brady told Chloe how Kristen told him that a part of him wanted her to be Kristen. Chloe wondered if she was right. Sarah wanted Xander to tell her where to find Holly and Nicole. Xander didn't know where they were. He told her that Kristen wouldn't tell him where to find them. He said he would have told her if he knew anything. Sarah was upset with him for knowing the truth and allowing her mother to drink. She would have went after him, but Maggie liked him. He said he liked her and Sarah. Eric reminded Melinda about the people who risked going to prison to help Haley. She let him know the situation wasn't the same. Eric said it was okay to break the law for her daughter. Melinda told him that Kristen would do everything she did before if she let her go. Jack thought Kayla was blackmailing him. Kayla recapped everything that happened with Eve and Jennifer. Jack asked her if she would help her. She reminded him that she gave him advice about what to do. She realized that he was afraid to feel anything. Jennifer talked to Hope about Jack not being able to get his memory back. She did tell her that if they find Rolf, he could get his memory back.

Eric went to Jack for help with Kristen. Jack told him that Melinda let him know that Eric was harassing her. He wouldn't go against Melinda's wishes. Eric reminded him that he was in the same warehouse and said he could change by helping her. Sarah wasn't moved that Xander cared about her. Xander repeated how he didn't know where Holly was. He said he didn't have a choice and had to help Kristen. Sarah yelled at him and told him that he had a choice, but he chose to work with Kristen. She wondered if he was after more money. He swore he didn't know where they were, but she didn't believe him. Brady and Chloe continued to talk about what Kristen did to make them think Holly was dead. Chloe suddenly got a phone call. Chloe told Brady that she was offered a job at the opera house. Brady noticed she wasn't happy about it. She said she couldn't go with Holly being missing. He thought she should still go. Eric continued to convince Jack to grant Kristen immunity. Jennifer showed up at the station to convince him to grant Kristen immunity too. She told Jack his life depended on it too. Brady convinced Chloe not to put her life on hold and that she should go to New York. Jennifer continued to tell Jack that he should give Kristen something so he could remember his family. Hope and Melinda ran into each other. Melinda gave Hope something from Ted. Sarah couldn't believe Xander wanted her to hope that Nicole was dead. She thought that was so disgusting and she would be as bad as he was. Xander apologized for it. Sarah realized that she was yelling at him when she's a good person. She let him know that she told her mother that a part of her hoped that Nicole were dead. She realized she was just like him. Jennifer tried one more time to get Jack to change his mind. Melinda showed up at the station and Jack wanted to talk to her. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael goes to Sonny in order to inform him of who Cassandra is. Sonny remembers her. Robert tries to tell Mac that he needs to stay at the PCPD. Mac doesn't want to take Jordan's job. Jordan shows up with Curtis informing them both that she will be returning full-time tomorrow. Michael and Sonny show up to talk about Cassandra and Robert wants to talk further with Michael. Jordan offers Mac chief-of-police.

Jax tries to talk with Nina but Nina is convinced that Jax is working with Cassandra and doesn't want him to be around. Valentin recruits Curtis as a bodyguard and insists that he find Cassandra for him. Dustin plays with Rocco and Rocco likes him. Jason and Monica discuss Drew and he says he was sorry for how he treated the Quartermaine's. Franco tries talking with Elizabeth by giving back his ring.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle tries to install the new air conditioner at the apartment but he overloads the circuits and the lights go out so Lola decides to invite her mother and Rey over for a Bon Voyage dinner for Celeste so that all the food in the refrigerator will not spoil. The family shares dinner and they tell stories and Kyle is happy to be a part of such a wonderful family. Celeste and Lola encourage Rey to give Sharon a second chance but he tells them that relationship can't be fixed. Lola cries as she says goodbye to her mother and Celeste tells Kyle and Lola to take care of each other. Mariah also talks to Sharon and encourages her to give Rey another chance but Sharon tells her that Rey caught her after she slept with Adam and that is why they can't reconcile. Adam runs goes all over town asking people if they sent him that mysterious text message and Mariah, Kevin, and Victoria all say they didn't do it. Chloe tells Kevin about Billy's latest strange behavior and begs him to stop Billy before he does something dangerous. Billy lies to Victoria and tells her that he is going on a business trip to California about the Jabot merger and he should only be gone a few days. Kevin later talks to Victoria and tells her he knows about Billy's nightmares and she tells him Billy is doing better. Victoria tells Kevin that Billy has gone to California about the Jabot merger and Kevin tells her that he is sure about that so that prompts Victoria to call Jack. Jack tells her that there isn't any business trip which worries Victoria but when Adam talks to her about Billy she says he is fine and away on a business trip to California. Victoria leaves a message for Billy on his phone asking him not to do whatever he has planned because she loves and needs him. Billy sends a text to Adam with a picture of his mother's handkerchief and Adam heads to the curve on route 7. Adam shouts for the mysterious texter to show themselves and Billy starts his car and heads full speed towards a person who he thinks is Adam but he hits someone else with his car.

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