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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells her side again. She saw Thomas with his hands holding Hope and thought he was threatening her. With arms folded, Ridge says but he was not. He was apologizing. Hope hates to go against her mother but says that is true. It was like Thomas had come to his senses and was apologizing and begging her to forgive him. Ridge strikes out again, so he was not threatening Hope yet Brooke pushed him over the cliff. Eric tells Quinn this is too much unnecessary pain for anyone to bear. Flo committed a crime and has been nothing but trouble since she got here. Quinn says she cannot wrap her head around this until she talks to Shauna and Flo. He says it was a mistake to let them stay in their home. Quinn says she is appalled and has always owed so much to Shauna when she too had no place to stay or anyone to turn to. And she feels the same about Flo as she was almost going to be her daughter-in-law. Shauna visits Flo in jail. She cannot stand to see her locked up and suffering. She says they will fix this. Flo says she is a criminal now and she does not think it can be fixed. Shauna keeps saying that Buckingham is the real culprit here and there is no trial date set, so just have faith and trust Shauna. They will figure something out. Brooke is just dumbstruck that Hope is actually defending Thomas that he was not threatening her. Ridge again speaks up and says Brooke over-reacted and now look what happened. Thomas may never be the same again. She is punishing him for what he did to Rick years ago. Quinn pleads with Eric to give her time to talk to Flo and Shauna. And if he needs to be with Thomas then he should go to the hospital. He says no that he will just wait until they get the call. But he is afraid his grandson is in very grave danger.

Shauna’s next stop is to see Quinn. She tells her that her baby girl is in jail and she should not be there. Yes she made some mistakes but she did not take Hope’s baby from her. She waxes on how much Quinn has helped her by letting her stay here and now she needs her help again. She cannot afford a lawyer or even to make bail. She begs Quinn to help her for her baby girl. Dr. Armstrong and staff wheel Thomas down the hallway to a room. All he can tell Ridge now is that there is a lot of swelling but they have him on oxygen therapy and will monitor him. There does not seem to be any skull fracture. He asks if anyone was with Thomas when he fell. Hope speaks up and says she was. He asks if he seemed altered, was he different, like he was going to faint. She says no, he seemed fine. Ridge looks at Brooke but she says nothing. Finally Ridge asks the doctor if he can see his son and he nods yes and they leave. Liam tells Brooke that Ridge is in shock but surely he knows she would never deliberately hurt his son. Ridge sits by Thomas’s side and says he has to wake up. He can’t let his mom or his sister see him like this and scare them. And then there is Douglas. He knows he did a lot of things for Douglas, trying to make him a new family, but he can’t keep doing that. It will be a long way back but he is on it now and he will be with him all the way. He will take his hand and guide him. Right now he just needs to wake up. Brooke looks in with tears down her cheek.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor went to see Kate and demanded to know what she was doing with Mr. Shin. Brady told Eric and Xander that Kristen said Holly and Nicole were alive. Eric couldn't believe it and didn't think she was telling the truth. Sarah talked to Maggie about Eric possibly going back to Nicole. Ben and Ciara were about to look for Stefan and Gabi when they came out of the tunnels. Gabi was furious with Ben for not protecting her. Ciara tried to defend Ben, but she didn't care. She fired him. Brady told Eric how Kristen offered to save Nicole and Holly for immunity. Eric was upset and wanted to talk to her. Brady wanted to go with him, but he was determined to do it by himself. Victor wanted answers from Kate about Mr. Shin. Kate told him that Mr. Shin wanted her to be the CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Victor wanted to know what she told him. John was worried that Kristen still had a hold on Brady. Marlena was worried too. Eric demanded answers from Kristen. Kristen reminded him that his precious love was still alive. She told him that she had to find some way to keep him away from her. Eric told her that Brady hated him, but she was convinced that he did love her. He refused to believe her and insulted her. She warned him to be nice to her because she was the only one who could tell him where to find Nicole and Holly. Gabi continued to yell at Ben, but Ciara defended him. Stefan talked her into keeping Ben so she changed her mind. Ben thanked her and then he and Ciara left. Gabi wanted to check on Arianna. Kate told Victor that she turned down the offer. She wanted him to match the offer she got from him. She also wanted him to give her Brady's job. Brady talked to Xander about Kristen. Xander told him that he should be happy that Nicole was still alive. Sarah didn't want Eric to deal with grieving Nicole again. She felt that Eric would finally have closure and she wanted to be there for him. Maggie thought Eric was lucky to have her. She asked Maggie if she was horrible person for being glad that Nicole was gone. Eric wanted answers from Kristen. She said she wouldn't say a word unless she can get a deal. Eric wanted her to talk first, but she wouldn't do it. She advised him to get her a deal or she would never tell him anything. Eric jumped up and choked her. 

Kate told Victor that Brady wasn't focused on the company because of Kristen. He tried to defend him. She reminded him that she did a better job than him. A police officer charged in the room and stopped Eric from choking Gabi. Xander went in the room with her. He told her that she could get immunity the same way he did, but she had to give them something. Gabi walked in the room and heard Stefan on the phone with Mr. Shin. He told her that he should be able to get his job back since he was framed. He wanted to make sure that she was okay with him getting his job back. Kate wanted to know if Victor would take her offer and demote Brady. Kristen told Xander that she wouldn't say a word without full immunity. Kristen reminded Xander how he threw her under the bus the second he got immunity. He wanted her to tell him where Holly and Nicole were. She yanked him up by his shirt and said she wouldn't say a word. Brady told Eric to go home and he would call him about Kristen. Eric went back to his apartment and called Sarah. Kristen was determined to get what she wanted and she was going to get revenge on Xander. The police officer came back and told her that she had to go. She saw Brady and thanked him for saving her life. Victor told Maggie that Kate was leaving Titan. Kate went to the DiMera mansion and told Stefan and Gabi that she was the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Kristen thanked Brady for saving her life. He said he did it for Eric. The cop took Kristen away. Eric told Sarah that Kristen wouldn't talk. He told her that Nicole was alive. She wanted to know if he believed Kristen. Eric wanted to find out. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Elena have dinner with Nate and Abby at Society to celebrate Christian coming home and Elena's first day as a resident at the hospital. Devon and Elena arrive home and Devon gets a certified letter telling him that a lawyer will contact him the second week of September to discuss discrepancies in Katherine's will. Adam arrives to give Abby the final sale papers for the Grand Phoenix and tells her that as long as she doesn't do anything to hurt him he will leave her and her business alone but if she makes a move against him he will add her to his revenge list. Nick and Chelsea celebrate Christian coming home by eating pizza with Christian and Connor and playing video games with the boys. Once the boys are asleep Nick and Chelsea decide its the right time to make love. Billy breaks in to Adam's penthouse and steals his mother's handkerchief and Adam gets a call from his alarm company and he checks the house and tells them everything is fine. Kevin has a long talk with Chloe about Billy's strange behavior and tells her all about the Delia dreams. Chloe goes to Billy's house and they have a long talk where she advises Billy to make peace with Delia's death and also that he shouldn't let Adam ruin his life. Chloe tells Billy he should get professional help or find some other way to make peace and move on with his life. Billy has another nightmare about Delia where she tells him that if he doesn't stop Adam she won't be at peace. Billy goes to Chloe's place and tells her that he is taking her advice and he knows what to do about Adam gets a text telling him " I have something that belongs to you come to the curve of route 7" which the audience knows is where Delia died.

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