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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge paces the hallway, finally sits by Brooke but she cannot console him with words or with offer of coffee or water. She asks about Thomas and he says sadly that he’s just lying there. Liam listens to Hope telling him about Thomas but Liam isn’t going to give an inch and says Thomas would not have been there in the first place if he had told the truth about Beth being alive. Bill, Wyatt and Justin are talking about Thomas and what a piece of trash he is when Katie come in. Katie joins in and says sometimes it is hard for someone to climb out of that dark hole and she thinks Hope made some bad choices but thought she was doing it for the right reasons. Wyatt calls Liam who has just listened to Hope saying she needs to go to the hospital. Liam whispers to Wyatt that it looks like Brooke pushed Thomas off the cliff. Katie wonders if they need to go to the hospital too. Wyatt says it is pretty intense over there so he thinks they should hold off for a while. Bill says karma for Thomas. Justin says Thomas has been off the radar and yet now something brought him out of it, maybe the thought of annulment. Katie says she knows Brooke would not hurt Thomas and so does Ridge. Brooke keeps trying to tell Ridge that Thomas will pull through. Ridge says all he knows is that he is lying in there because of her hands. Over and over she tells him that he knows she would never purposely hurt his son. He says he knows what he saw. Hope arrives and tells Ridge that Steffy had not returned when she left. Ridge says he will get to her later and tell her what happened as he saw it. Ridge finally catches the doctor and asks if any change. Dr. Armstrong says no; they just sent Thomas to radiology for some tests to see what trauma they might find.

Hope asks Brooke about Douglas and she replies Amelia took him on a play date. So he does not know about his father. Ridge brings up Douglas is still trying to process the losing of his mother. Brooke once again tries to explain that Thomas was intimidating, holding Hope by the arms and of course as a mother she had to protect her daughter. Immediately Ridge asks Hope if she felt in danger. Justin joins in that the police are still wanting to question Thomas about Emma’s accident and hell yes, there is no doubt in his mind that he could have been involved. And if he was then he will wish he had died from the fall. Bill says there is no way Brooke could have done this but knowing Ridge he will blame her. He’s done it so many times. Ridge continues with Hope wanting to know if she felt in danger. Slowly she tries to explain why she was alone over at Steffy’s to get Beth’s things. Suddenly Thomas showed up, did not knock on the door, just was there and she was startled. She tried to get him to leave but he was very upset, even grabbed her and blocked her from leaving. She ran out the back door and he followed til they were near the cliff. Again he grabbed both of her arms and was trying to explain. Brooke chimes in and says that is exactly what she saw of Thomas intimidating Hope and she felt she had to intervene and protect her daughter. And in the next instant when she separated them she pushed Thomas to keep him away from Hope; not to push him over the cliff. Ridge looks at Hope and asks again did she feel in danger. Slowly she turns to her mother and says Brooke misread the situation. Thomas was not threatening her then. He was begging for her forgiveness and apologizing. Brooke’s lower lip falls wide open in dismay.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny let Will know that Arianna's babysitter never heard from Gabi. Stefan called out for help, but Gabi told him it was a waste of time. He wanted to talk about what happened between them. Gabi acted as if she didn't remember. Lani let Tony and Anna know that Melinda considered him a flight risk and wanted to make sure he didn't get bail. Xander told Maggie, Sarah, and Eric that Holly was alive. Kristen told Brady that Holly was alive and with her mother. He reminded her that Nicole died in the fire. Kristen assured him that she saved Nicole's life. Maggie believed Xander and wanted to go to Holly. Xander told her that Kristen didn't tell him where she was. Kristen told Brady how she ended up saving Nicole. Brady wanted to know what she did after she saved Nicole. Kristen said she offered her a deal. She offered her Holly for her life. Xander hoped that what he told Maggie and Sarah proved that he changed. Eric wanted to know how he could believe something Kristen would tell him. Kristen got Nicole to help her learn how to be Nicole. Brady wondered why he should believe her. Sonny told Will that Gabi's phone was at the DiMera mansion. They realized Gabi saw Kristen. Stefan and Gabi continued to go back and forth about whether she had feelings for her. Tony wanted Anna to feel better about what happened to him. She didn't like how she got him back only for him to go to prison. Tony forgot that Stefan and Gabi were locked in the tunnels. Anna thought he could use that to get his freedom. Anna thought that their lives could be worth a deal. Tony wasn't sure they would be, but she wanted him to be positive. He wasn't sure if they were still alive. Stefan told Gabi that he hated her for what she did to him. He explained how his feelings changed while he worked with her. He told her how he fell for her. Sonny and Will talked about what happened the day Gabi went missing. They wondered if Kristen did something to her, Xander tried to explain to Maggie how he was telling the truth. She told him how he let her grieve over her death. Sarah wondered if Eric believed him. Eric didn't believe what Xander was saying. Brady asked Kristen how she expected him to believe a word she said. Kristen was sure that he knew who she was when they were together. 

Tony wanted to tell where Gabi and Stefan were, but Anna wanted him to keep his voice down. He didn't think they had time to wait. Anna was concerned that he was worried about Stefan. He wondered why that was wrong. She thought he shouldn't care about helping Vivian's son. Gabi tried to downplay what she and Stefan had between them. He was done denying his feelings for her. He planned on being with her even though she was going to break his heart. Will left a message for Rafe. Sonny wanted to go to the DiMera mansion to check for Gabi. Will wanted to get answers from Kristen so they went to see her at the station. Brady thought he couldn't take Kristen's word for what she said. He demanded that she tell him where Nicole was. Eric was going to Kristen to find out where to find Nicole and Kristen. Maggie and Sarah thought Kristen wouldn't open up to him, but he would open up to someone else. They all looked at Xander. Maggie and Sarah tried to convince Xander to go to Kristen to find Nicole and Holly. Sarah wanted him to do it for her. Kristen wanted immunity for all of her crimes if she told Brady where to find Nicole and Holly. Gabi finally admitted that she felt something for Stefan. She also admitted that she fell in love with Stefan. They were about to kiss when Anna opened the door. They told her they were stuck for hours. She told them they had to wait. She gave them water and locked them back in the room. They called out for her to help and she said they had to stay in there. Xander decided to tell the truth and went to the police station. Eric decided to go with him. Brady said he couldn't get her a deal. Kristen thought it was a small request since she's bringing Trask a mother and a child. Gabi couldn't believe Anna left them alone. Stefan was okay with it because they were alone. Anna went back to the station and told Tony she found Gabi and Stefan. She told him they would be fine long enough for him to get a deal. Will and Sonny walked in on Stefan and Gabi making out. Tony told Anna that he let Sonny and Will know where to find Stefan and Gabi. She was sad because he lost his leverage. Anna told him that he would fight the charges against him. Kristen told Brady that he could walk out on her so Nicole and Holly stayed dead or he could help her get off. She would bring them back to Salem. Xander and Eric showed up at the station. Brady saw them and told them what Kristen said. He told them that Nicole may be alive too.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Chase comes to talk with Sonny and Jason about Berry's disappearance. Carly is there and stays quiet. Dev walks in and explains that Berry was planning a trip for his wife. Chase leaves. Sonny and Jason get angry with Dev because he said too much. Sonny and Carly talk about Dev and Dev over hears. Bobbie meets with Scott who tries to get her to help him isolate Franco from leaving town. She gets angry but Scott convinces her that he is not using her.

Obrecht goes to Franco and slaps him to snap out of it. He doesn't. He still insists on being Drew. Nina gets a text from Cassandra with a picture. Finn and Valentin are made aware. Nina tells Sasha and Michael. Kim tries to propose to Julian but he turns her down. He doesn't plan on going anywhere though.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah and Theo meet with two influencers Mariah wants to sign to Power communications and Theo and Mariah are trying to outsmart each other because Mariah wants to keep her job and Theo wants to take Mariah's job. Lola and Kyle return home from their honeymoon and Kyle surprises Lola with new furniture for their apartment. Lola later surprises Kyle with a day of watching Brewers baseball because she recorded the four games they missed while they were away on their honeymoon. Kyle and Lola later shower together to cool off because their air conditioner doesn't work. Kyle runs into Theo at the park and he continues to taunt him with Zoe because Theo invited Zoe to the opening of the Grand Phoenix. Kyle later runs into Summer at the park and she tells him that she knows what happened with Zoe in New York and advises him to tell Lola the truth before the secret comes out or Theo decides to tell Lola. Nick goes to court but is surprised when Chelsea calls and tells Summer that Adam won't be going to court. Chelsea thinks that Adam doesn't want to go to court because it hurts too much to tell the judge he is dropping his custody suit. Chelsea Adam and Connor spend the day at the park while Billy watches them and Chelsea returns to Adam his mother Hope's handkerchief and tells him he should be the one to give it to Connor so he can give it to his bride when he finds the person he wants to marry. The judge wants to cancel the hearing and reschedule it when Adam is available but Nick makes a heartfelt and emotional plea to the judge and later he tells Christian he can come home for good this time.

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