The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/26/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls out Thomas’s name, glares at Brooke and says call 911. Bill gives judos again to Wyatt for his latest on the social media. They ask about Katie and he says no wedding bells as of yet. They are just concentrating on being a family. Justin tells him that Det. Sanchez is looking into the possibility of Thomas having something to do with Emma’s death but he is not willing to say more than that. Bill says he knows more is involved in this with Zoe and Xander and even Flo, but if it were not for Douglas, the only good thing to come out of that marriage to Caroline, no telling what he might do to that worm, Thomas. Ridge goes rushing down the stone stairs to get to Thomas. He is followed by Brooke and then Hope on the phone. She says they tell her not to move Thomas. Wyatt tells Bill that he doesn’t know Thomas that well but is not surprised that he was in hiding and Hope’s calls were the only ones he was accepting. Liam shows up at the cliff house and finds Hope in a daze. He asks what happened and all she can say is Thomas. At the hospital the hospital crew brings him in and gathers around as Dr. Armstrong attends to him. Ridge only has concern for Thomas and ignores Brooke. She tries to reach out to him but can’t quite do it. Bill tells Justin and Wyatt that for all he has done and maybe even be involved in Emma’s death then that nut job deserves all he gets.

Little by little Liam gets the words out of Hope’s mouth of what happened to Thomas. She says Thomas just wanted to talk but he would not leave. He did put his hands on her but then apologized. Liam says but he had no right to grab her. She says she did not feel like she was in danger but she could see how some would think so. In questioning she tells Liam she is not sure Thomas will make it. Ridge questions the doctor and he says he is still unconscious and that is to be expected. Ridge starts to bellow and then apologies and the doctor says that is okay, he is a father too. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows he is upset, she is too. But Thomas is strong and he will come through this terrible accident. Ridge looks at her like maybe this is not an accident at all. Bill rants on that he cannot believe the months that his precious granddaughter spent in another woman’s home. He knows Steffy was a good mother and took good care of Beth but that is not the point. He grits his teeth and says it is taking every ounce of his being not to make him pay for all of this. Ridge tells Brooke that he is worried. What if Thomas does not wake up……or if he does but cannot communicate. She convinces him that Thomas is strong and he says he knows she has to be worried too considering how she last felt about him. He can’t believe she pushed him off the cliff. Then he says he is sorry. He knows it was an accident but his son could die all because of her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony confessed to Anna that he took a man's life. Xander talked to Eli and Lani and found out that they arrested Kristen. Brady demanded answers from Kristen. He wanted to know how she could kill, but she denied killing anyone. He didn't want to believe her, but she said she would tell him everything so she wouldn't have blood on her hands. Xander was surprised that Kristen was arrested. Lani told him that Kristen wasn't happy when she found out that he sold her out. Lani and Eli wondered if he wanted to tell them something else. Xander suddenly had to leave. Kristen assured Brady that she didn't kill anyone. He told her that she killed Nicole, Holly, and Ted. She said that Tony killed Ted. Tony told Anna that he killed Ted by accident, but Kristen was blackmailing him to stay married to her. She realized that Kristen would kill her and he admitted that was why he stayed with her. Will and Sonny talked to Susan and put the pieces together to figure out Kristen was the one who showed up at the mansion. Tony explained why he had to stay married to Anna. Anna was moved that he was willing to go through everything for her. She confessed that she wasn't really engaged to Roman. He thought that he could get in trouble for what he did and for helping her. She assured him that he wouldn't get in trouble because he was a victim. Brady couldn't believe that Kristen was trying to pin the murder on her brother. Kristen told him what happened to Ted. She confessed that she took Ted back to his place to make it look like a robbery. She told him that everything she did was for him. Anna continued to tell Tony that things would be okay and that she wouldn't lose him again. Tony appreciated what she said to him. She wanted him to tell the truth. Tony was willing to go to the police. Will, Sonny, and Susan talked about what Kristen did while she was dressed as her. Susan wasn't happy that Kristen made her and her sister look like floozies. Kristen gave her statement about what happened to Ted. Eli let Kristen know they weren't just investigating Ted's death. They were investigating Holly's death too. Eli and Lani left Brady with Kirsten. She told him how she did everything for him. Brady wanted her to prove that by admitted what she did to Holly. Xander went to the Kiriakis mansion just as Sarah and Eric told Maggie everything about Kristen being alive as well as her accomplice.

Maggie was furious with Xander for letting her think that she was crazy for thinking Kristen was alive. Xander tried to explain why he had to help Kirsten. Sarah and Eric chimed in and yelled at him too. Kristen couldn't believe that Brady doubted her love for her. She reminded him about what happened in Nashville. He told her that they had great sex. Kristen didn't believe him. She thought he knew she was Kristen. Tony went to the station and confessed to shooting Ted. Eli and Lani let him know that Kristen told them what he did. Tony let them know it was an accident. He was sure that she told them that. Lani let him know that she left that out of her statement. Anna told them Tony was a hero because he did everything for her. Brady told Kristen that he thought of Nicole. Kristen didn't believe him. She knew that he was still in love with her. Maggie was heartbroken that Xander let her think she was crazy when she saw Kristen. Tony made his statement to the police. Anna insisted that he was protecting him. Anna wondered what would happen to him. Eli thought she might be able to get a deal for him. Maggie couldn't believe Xander and Kristen would kill Holly. Sarah yelled at him to get out of the house. Xander assured them that he didn't kill Holly. Brady continued to tell Kirsten that he didn't have feelings for her. Kristen didn't believe it. She told him that she's not the monster he thought she was. Will and Sonny considered Susan a hero for saving Marlena. She was humbled by what they said about her. Eli told Tony and Anna that Melinda planned on pressing charges against him. Eli arrested Tony. Xander told Maggie, Sarah, and Eric that Holly's not dead. Kristen told Brady that Holly was still alive. She told him that Holly was alive with her mother. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly is frantic when she cannot find Joss. Dev is also missing. Michael explains he parked in Sonny's spot because his car wasn't there. The two show up and Joss pointed out she needed flowers for the wedding. Sam and Jason along with Kristina, Bobbie, and Mike all gather as Carly and Sonny renew their vows on the patio together. Avery is the flower girl. Kristina tries to get Carly to throw the flowers as Sam but Bobbie accidentally catches. Chase later shows up to question Sonny about what happened to his warehouse foreman.

Chase asks Willow to move in with him. She is scared about it at first but wants to do it. Alexis and Diane finish a boot camp workout and have lunch at the Metro Court. Their instructor looks at pictures of Alexis and articles on her hit and run. She later gives her a business card. Finn figures out that Sasha has bird flu. Nina gets a text from Cassandra showing her with Michael and Sasha. Jax and Hayden know they need to get into Helena's trophy room to find the real will of Mikkos so the rightful heir is restored.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Nate interrupted the special breakfast Devon put together for Elena on her first day at work. Nate and Elena ran into each other after work and discussed her first day at the hospital. He told her she’d make an excellent surgeon. When Elena went home, Devon wanted to discuss her day, but Elena kissed and began to undress him instead. Adam overheard that his family was having a meeting, and he crashed it. Victor and Nick told Victoria, Nikki, Abby about the restraining order barring Adam from seeing Christian. Victor wanted everyone to be prepared, because he thought that Adam was going to retaliate. Adam showed up and told Nick that he was withdrawing his petition for custody of Christian. Adam said he was doing it because it was best for Christian, but none of the Newmans believed him. Adam vowed to destroy the Newman family. Phyllis told Adam how Abby cut her out of the hotel, thanks to Victor. Phyllis and Adam connected over their mutual animosity toward the Newmans, and she told him she wanted to help him bury the Newmans. Kevin was arrested for punching Michael, but Michael didn’t press charges. Kevin was enraged at Michael until Michael explained he had a plan to get Chloe out of legal trouble. Michael said that he’d charge Chloe with setting the fire, and he’d pretend to put up a good fight in court, but in the end, he’d agree to let Chloe off on probation and mandatory outpatient therapy. Chloe and Kevin were grateful. Chloe got out on bail, and she reunited with Bella and Esther at the Chancellor house. Billy snapped at Victoria when she expressed concern about his sleeping habits. She noticed him chewing gum, which was unusual for him, and he got irritated with her. Billy said he was going to work, but instead he let himself into the Chancellor house to look for Delia. He mistook Bella for Delia and scared her. He learned that Chloe was out of hiding, and he was happy about it. He also chewed more gum. Victoria told Nick that Billy was having nightmares and insomnia. Nick comforted Victoria.

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