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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge paces with his phone in hand. Brooke says if Thomas is not going to pick up then maybe they need to go look for him. They need to find him before anything else happens. Hope comes in before they say more but Ridge is not happy that Brooke brought up a few of Thomas’s dangerous positions in the past. So when it comes to her daughter she does not want to see his anger happen again. Hope informs them that Liam is watching Beth at home while he is working and she is going to Steffy’s to get Beth’s things and Liam will join her there later. Ridge asks if she has heard from Thomas since he hasn’t. She says yes by phone and he knows that she is seeking an annulment. That doesn’t make Ridge happy either; maybe really pushing him now too quickly. Hope says she knows he is Ridge’s son but she wants nothing to do with Thomas ever again. Ridge tells Brooke that this is all unraveling a little too quickly and he does not know what they can do without seeing Thomas. She says he is out there just hiding as he knows he did wrong. Brooke says he knows that Douglas is scared of him and that Hope is ending her marriage so no telling what he might do now. Ridge replies that he is not asking everyone to forget but he would like to help and needs to be in touch with Thomas. She says Douglas needs his father and Ridge agrees. That is all Douglas talks about. He says this might sound like Taylor but he thinks therapy for both Douglas and Thomas would be a good idea. She assures him that he will always have her to rely on. Amelia stops by and speaks with them and says she should have told them but Thomas called her and wanted to see Douglas so she took him over after asking Douglas if that was okay and he said yes. Brooke is worried that Thomas is alone with Douglas. Ridge asks where this place is and Amelia shows him the address. He asks her to go back there and go inside and stay there until he knocks. Thomas starts off playing nice with Douglas, calling him Bud. He told him a secret but Thomas says he disobeyed him and told others and he doesn’t know why he did that. Douglas says he is sorry he made him mad but Hope had to know Beth was alive. Everybody has said he did the right thing. And Hope is so happy to have Beth back. Thomas says yeah, well that is the end of them. He hopes Douglas is happy now. Douglas says he misses his old daddy. Thomas is taken aback and asks what. Douglas says he is not like he used to be. He’s different now and he wants his old daddy back. Hope is happy now with Beth and his dad should be happy. Thomas says Douglas is too young to understand but his whole world has been flipped upside down. Douglas tells him that lying is bad for people. And Thomas is not bad; he is good. He is his best friend. Thomas seems to take notice of that. He even gets choked up and says he is sorry as this is not the way he should treat his son. He is his best friend too forever. He got so fixated on Hope that he forgot what was really important and that is Douglas. He squeezes him tightly and says he loves him so much. Douglas says he knows he misses Hope and he knows where she is. Thomas is grateful that Douglas knows and will tell him. He will talk to her and put his family back together.

Amelia soon arrives and Thomas leaves Douglas with her a little longer. Not far behind is Ridge who finds out Thomas has left. He sits with Douglas and says families are important and this is important. He needs to know where Thomas is. Douglas says he thinks he is with Hope at the beach house. Hope spends more time than she should at Steffy’s house, picking up and lovingly touching each stuffed animal and piece of clothing. Suddenly Thomas slips in and she looks up and has a shocked, scared look on her face. He starts nicely enough that he needed to talk to her. Really she did not have to get an annulment. She says she never wants to see him again. Gritting her teeth she says it is OVER between them. He still is not buying it and he moves closer to try and explain. She does not care to hear any more explanations and she tries to get past him but he blocks the door. She tells him that she will always be a part of Douglas’s life but she does not want to hear another word out of Thomas’s mouth. As she maneuvers a way to try and get past, she turns around and runs out the patio doors and ends up running toward the cliff. Thomas follows and with words going back and forth he eventually grabs her by both wrists so she cannot get away. Suddenly Brooke comes from around the house and spies them and runs toward them at the edge of the cliff, only a hedge separating them from the ocean floor below. She runs up and gets between Hope and Thomas. She seems to be telling Hope to run away, get away while she can. Her back is turned to Thomas but she instinctively gives him a shove so he cannot reach Hope. Ridge runs up just as Thomas goes over the hedge, splat! Ridge looks at Brooke with hatred in his eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Marlena made their speeches at the party. While Marlena was talking, Hope told John how Xander was working with Kristen. She told him how Kristen was the mystery woman she saw in the park. He wondered if Kristen could be in Salem. She thought she could be in the room. John thought about different things and put the pieces together. He realized that Kirsten and Nicole were the same person. He told Hope that she was right about Kristen being in the room. Marlena finished her speech and he told her that he loved her. Kristen was ready to go, but John stopped her from taking Brady. John told him how she was behind the kidnapping. John grabbed Kristen and pulled off her wig and mask. The guests were shocked to see Kristen. Anna asked Tony about marrying his own sister. Kristen tried to run out of the room, but Eli and Lani stopped her. John and Hope told her how Xander sold her out for full immunity. Kate said Kristen was the one who kidnapped her and Ted. Brady thought Kate knew she was really Kirsten. Kristen became very smug when she finally admitted to everything. Brady demanded to know why she did it. She said she did it for him. Brady couldn't believe she did it for him. Anna asked Tony why she helped Kristen. He said he agreed to help her. Kristen told Brady how she couldn't let Stefan ruin her family's company. She told him how she wanted to transform into the person he loved. Kristen tried to get Brady to understand why she did what she did. He didn't want to listen anymore. Eli wanted to take her to the station. Kristen kept going anyway. She told Brady that she knew she would have a hard time as Nicole too. Eric interrupted and asked if he was the reason she would have a hard time. She said he was the reason why she had trouble. She thought Eric would keep clinging to her so she had to find a reason to push him away. Eric figured out that she use Holly. Kristen told them everything that happened when Holly was kidnapped. Sarah told her what her mother was hurt because of what she did. Hope accused her of being involved in Holly's kidnapping. Eric thought she killed a sweet little girl. She told him that he was the one to blame just like he was the one who killed her father. Eric went after her and she fell. Kristen crawled over to Marlena and pulled out her gun.

Kristen held Marlena at gunpoint. John wanted Kristen to let her go. Kristen said no to him. Hope told her how she was the one she saw in the park. She thought she killed Ted. Kristen refused to answer the question. Kate thought she killed Ted too. Kristen liked watching Kate tug at Susan's teeth. Will asked her what happened to Susan. Kristen just said that she wouldn't be a problem anymore. John offered to be her hostage. Marlena didn't want him to sacrifice himself. Kristen wasn't interested in him as her hostage. Brady offered himself as her hostage and wanted her to let Marlena go. Kristen didn't believe that Brady would walk into the sunset with her. Marlena didn't want her to take Brady. Brady tried to convince her to take him again. Kristen said she was going to tell him everything. She thought they could be together forever. She didn't think Eli would let them be together. Brady thought they could work something out if she let Marlena switch places with him. She took Marlena with her until Susan hit her in the back of the head. Eli and Lani took Kristen to the station. Brady wanted to go to the station to get some answers from Kristen. The guests were shocked by what happened. Eric stormed out of Doug's Place. Sarah wanted to go after him. Anna wanted an explanation from Tony about why she married Kristen. Eli and Lani took Kristen to the station and wanted her to write a statement. Susan told John, Marlena, Will, and Sonny what happened when Kristen took her to the bathroom. Marlena hugged her and thanked her for her help. Kate told Abe, Roman, and Hope how Kristen threatened to kill her children if she didn't do what she wanted. Anna couldn't believe that Tony knew the truth and didn't say anything. He tried to save the family legacy. Anna told him how Kristen killed people. He said she wasn't the only one. Eric told Sarah that Nicole wasn't the one who blamed him for Holly's death. Sarah understood how he felt. Eric realized that Nicole was dead. Brady wanted to talk to Kristen, but Eli and Lani didn't think it was a good idea. He wanted to persuade her to cooperate. Brady wanted Kristen to admit that she killed everyone. She said he was wrong because she didn't kill anybody. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason watch Danny practice baseball in the park. They have a picnic. They find out that Drew is going to get Andre back in town. Jason doubts Franco as Drew will want his old memories back. Peter gets confronted by Robert in terms of his visiting Shiloh. Robert wants the information for his case against Shiloh. Peter stops Andre from coming to town.

Cam and Trina convince Joss that she needs to go back to school. Joss doesn’t think that she can face it after Oscar died. Carly and Jax argue over the fact that Joss doesn’t want to go to school. Jax agrees that Joss probably does need to move on through going to school. Ava is visited by Kiki who tells her that she cannot move on and that she won’t either. Finn finds out what Sasha has.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa spend the day at the Dive Bar relaxing and looking and Kyle and Lola's reception photos they also talk about why they are perfect for each other. Rey and Celeste have lunch with Arturo before he heads to the airport and Rey tells Arturo it will take some time to rebuild their relationship and asks him to send him pictures of the baby when its born. Adam and Chelsea go back to his place to have a long talk after seeing Nick and Sharon hugging at the dive bar and Chelsea tells him that he is jealous of Nick because despite mistakes Nick has made, he still has the love of his family. Chelsea tells Adam that if he keeps manipulating and trying to control people he will never get what he truly wants which is love. Adam sees Christian playing with Nick and Christian at the park and sheds some tears as they talk about a future dinner with the family. Chelsea tells Sharon Adam also saw her with Nick at the Dive bar and he seemed very hurt. Chelsea also tells Sharon that Adam thinks that she is denying the feelings she has for him and their unbreakable bond. Sharon doesn't respond and that leads Chelsea to think that Sharon has deeper feelings for Adam then she is willing to admit to herself. Michael asks Rey to arrest someone and be discreet and call him when the arrest is made and he has brought the person back to town. Michael arrives at the police station and gets punched in the face by Kevin who is upset with Michael for arresting Chloe and tearing apart his family.

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