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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Douglas makes plans to go to the zoo. He asks about his dad and Ridge says he does not know where he is at the moment but he does know that he loves him a lot. He is sure he will be home soon. Ridge is annoyed with Brooke and lets her know he thinks she is being too harsh on Thomas. She actually said Douglas would be better off without his father. She says Thomas is in trouble now so she meant psychologically. Liam questions Hope on her calling Thomas. She says she got her point across that she is seeking an annulment. But she also asked questions about Douglas that she thought Thomas might clue her where he is. The guest from hell… Vinny complains that Thomas is not neat enough. He even has a list of grievances. He has taken to wearing Vinny’s clothes, eats up all his pickles in the fridge and other groceries. Thomas reminds him that he moved in with only the clothes on his back. He pulls out his credit card and tells him to go buy more clothes and groceries. At some point Thomas calls his son a brat and Vinny does not like that at all. He advises Thomas to make things right with his son. To himself, Thomas says he and Douglas have some unfinished business. Liam tells Hope with the family dynamics between Eric and Ridge and Brooke he does not want to get in the middle and start a family feud with the Spencer’s, Forrester’s and Logan’s. Thomas picks up his phone and calls Amelia who is watching Douglas in his room. Thomas schmoozes her by saying he misses his son. And yes newlyweds do have their problems and he is not home right now. He is staying with a friend and he noticed on his calendar that Douglas is staying with her today. He wonders if she would have a problem bringing his son to him for an hour or so. She agrees to that. Douglas is smart and alert enough that he picks up that she is talking to his dad. But he is anxious to see his father and he tells Amelia he will go with her. Liam is working on his laptop so he cannot go with Hope to clear out the rest of Beth’s things while Steffy is not home. Before she leaves he asks her nicely if Thomas calls again please do not answer it. He hands her the key and says he will join her in a bit. She tells him not to forget Beth. He quips she will be 30 years old before that happens. Amelia drops Douglas off to see Thomas and she leaves.

At first Thomas is nice enough to his son. He asks if they are treating Douglas good. Hope promised to love and take care of him always and here she has another man… Liam… who Douglas now actually likes better than his own father. And he even told Liam that Phoebe was Beth. He asks if Liam is back at the cabin now. Douglas says probably and with Beth. Thomas figures that is why Liam hates him so, because of Beth. And Liam wanted to take Hope away from Thomas and Douglas let him. A man should live with his wife but she is living with another man and his own son likes him better than his own father. He gets down on his knees and asks Douglas if he knows what an annulment is. Douglas shakes his head no. Thomas explains it is like a time machine when two people marry it takes them back in time. It takes the love and promises they made to each other and erases them. Hope was his wife and Thomas picked her for his mother so how could Douglas do this. He just opened his mouth and blabbed that Phoebe was Beth after he specifically told him not to. Thomas’s voice escalates louder and harsher with each word. Douglas says he is sorry but he always told him to tell the truth. Thomas says the truth can be dangerous and in this case sent Hope away. Scared, Douglas does what abused children do…..he puts his hands in front of his face to defend himself.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan showed up for the surprise party and almost ruined it when John and Marlena saw her. Will and Sonny talked about whether Xander was helping himself to Kristenís money. Will thought Kristen could be dead, but Sonny reminded him that he was why it was possible she could be alive. Hope wanted to talk to Kate about the kidnapping, but she gave her a hard time. She didnít want to cooperate with Kate. Abe talked to Brady about Nicole marrying Tony. Brady explained the reason why Nicole married Tony. He told Abe that heís with Nicole. Tony didnít want Kristen to do anything drastic to ruin the party. Kristen promised not to cause trouble at the party. Tony went to get dressed and she put a gun in her pocketbook. Sonny and Will talked to Brady about how they could find out if Kristen was alive. Eli, Hope, Abe, and Lani talked about Xander not making a deal with the police yet. Roman and Anna arrived at the party. Anna told Brady that she and Roman were engaged. Eric and Sarah arrived at the party too. Eric and Brady wanted a truce for the night. John and Marlena were about to go inside to the party. They realized that they surprised each other.

John and Marlena were surprised that they were able to keep the parties from each other. Kate went after Susan and tried to pull her face off. Brady, Sonny, and Will pulled them apart from each other. Kristen told John that she promised to make Brady happy this time. Susan told Tony, Kristen, Will, and Sonny how she ran into her sister when she was in Salem the last time. Roman and Anna told Marlena how they were pretending to be engaged. Kristen told Tony what happened when she ran into Susan. Kristen wanted Susan to stop talking about it. Abe talked to John and Marlena about Nicole and Brady dating. Marlena wanted to know what he thought about it. Abe felt that nothing she did surprised him anymore. Susan talked to Brady and Kristen about him coming on to her. Kristen wanted to take her to the bathroom. Sarah wanted to talk to Tony because of Rolfís serum and the masks he made. Brady interrupted them to talk about John and Marlenaís dance. Kristen took Susan to the bathroom and pulled her gun out on her. Tony went to Anna while she was admiring her ring. They started arguing and then they kissed. Eli got a call that Xander told the police he was working for Kristen. Kristen wanted to tell Brady something important. He wanted to wait for the toast. Tony apologized to Anna. She wanted to know if he was ready to leave Nicole. He told her that he couldnít do it. She stormed off from him. John made a speech at the party. Marlena made her speech too. Hope told John that Xander was working with Kristen. He started to put the pieces together about Kristen. John figured out which one was Kristen. Kristen was ready to leave the party, but John stopped her. John pulled off Kristenís wig and mask.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Maxie have wine in the park with Dustin who is their ride share driver. Peter meets with Shiloh at Pentonville. Nelle overhears everything. Shiloh threatens to expose Peter for his involvement in kidnapping Drew and Jason. Peter agrees to help him after Maxie informs him that she loves him. Lulu and Dustin have fun together. Finn tries to get a hold of Anna after talking with Curtis and Hayden.

Curtis tells Elizabeth that he found Andre. Elizabeth and Hayden tell Aiden that Franco is going to be away for a while. Ava talks with Kevin about her dream she had about Kiki and he tells her it is probably her mind talking. Franco and Ava have a drink together and they talk about Franco.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola and Kyle's plans to go snorkeling get rained out so they make love and then talk about how their future will be although their visions of the future are a bit different they are always happy. Phyllis asks Chelsea for a loan to buy a stake in the Grand Phoenix and Chelsea tells Phyllis she will think about it and get back to her later. Chelsea talks to Abby and tells her that she wants to take Phyllis's place and be manager of the Grand Phoenix and also have the stake in the hotel she offered Phyllis. Abby agrees and then they break the news to Phyllis who has smoke coming out of her ears and wonders why Abby decided to team up with Chelsea. Abby tells her that Victor overheard her talking to Adam about her plans to squeeze her out of the hotel. Phyllis goes to Victor's office to tell him that when she is done with him he will have nothing and his life will be ruined. Victor tells her to bring it on because he is always ready for a fight. Adam spends along time trying to persuade Sharon to marry him telling her that they have a strong connection because they are just alike and have a dark side. Sharon tells Adam no again and he tells her to go back to her boring life. Sharon runs into Nick at the Dive bar and he tells her that Adam is wrong because she is not like Adam at all she is a kind and compassionate person. Adam and Chelsea both arrive at the Dive bar and see Nick holding Sharon.

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