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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is adamant that Thomas needs to be cleared. He was not involved in Emma’s accident. The Sgt. says his office has added information that he was seen and it’s unusual but Thomas has not bothered to explain. Ridge says his son has had some issues in the past but the Sgt. cannot call him a murderer. Brooke speaks up and says she is concerned with Thomas too since he has vanished and won’t come forward. Under questioning Brooke admits they both are afraid Thomas could be dangerous. Yet Ridge claps back the Sgt. is only going on speculation. Sgt. Sanchez says if Thomas has done nothing wrong then they have nothing to worry about. So just call him when Thomas reappears. Brooke tells Ridge this is really strange behavior that Thomas does not get back to them. She needs to know that he is not going to be a threat to her daughter. Justin tells Hope and Liam that he will get the annulment papers started and done properly. He is sorry for what they went through but looks happily for what lays ahead. Liam tells Hope they have no idea how Thomas will react when he hears about the annulment papers. He will try to see her again. He will not give up without a fight; he is not a rational person. The minute he finds out she is ending the marriage could send him over the edge. Thomas is still on a quiet rampage. He needs to see Hope and explain to her. And it cannot be on the phone. He needs to see her in person. It’s all Liam’s fault. He is filling her head with a lot of lies and nonsense. But Hope is still his wife and that will never change. Vinny tries to get him to calm down and just work on calling Hope until she picks up her phone. Brooke tells Ridge that Thomas should have checked up on Douglas so that alone is strange. Ridge says he admits Thomas screwed up but he is trying to do something about that. Brooke says she knows Thomas and his lies and manipulations and she is very worried for her daughter’s safety. No telling what he will do when he finds out that Hope regrets marrying him and is fixing that now….what he might do.

Liam goes berserk when Hope says she is going to call Thomas and tell him it is over and about the annulment papers. Liam says that is Justin’s job, not hers. She wants it to be over quickly. Thomas keeps on talking to himself that everything he has done, he has done for Hope and their family. They were happy and they will be again as soon as he explains. Brooke keeps harping to Ridge to try again and again to reach Thomas. She knows he will eventually pick up. Liam tries to take the phone from Hope but she insists. She is going to call Thomas. Thomas is ecstatic when her call comes through. He keeps calling her his wife and that he needs to see her. She cuts to the chase and says she only called to tell him she has seen a lawyer and is drawing up annulment papers. He tries to talk her out of it. She says no. She tells him to just go home and face his family. And he needs to see Douglas as he still thinks his dad is mad at him. And the last thing she tells him she does not want to speak to him again EVER! She hangs up on him. Moody Thomas stands and says they were married until death do they part.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric talked to Roman about his feelings for Sarah. Sarah let Chloe know that she wouldn't be going to the party because she got into a fight with Eric. Chloe was surprised since she just left Rex for him. Brady talked to Nicole about Kristen being alive. He thought she would know the answer to that. Gabi was surprised that Stefan saved her from Kristen. Stefan wanted to get out of the cellar and get Kristen. Gabi was determined to find out why he saved her. Stefan said he was a decent person and that he would have saved a dog. Eric told Roman what happened when he got mad at Brady for being with Nicole. He told Roman that Sarah got mad about what he did. Nicole wondered why Brady would think that she knew about Kristen. Brady told her how Xander was still collecting money when Kristen was supposed to be dead. Brady thought Kristen found her way out of the fire the way she did. Brady reminded her how she remembered Tony saving her. He asked her if she saw Kristen. Kristen wanted to tell Brady something. John and Marlena debated on whether they should tell Brady about Nicole being involved in Ted and Kate's kidnapping. Tony showed up while Brady and Kristen were talking. Brady mentioned how John and Marlena were having a party. Kristen told Tony he would have to take her. Brady told them they had to worry about Eric being at the party. Anna went to the pub and told Roman and Eric about running into Tony. She was upset that he was still married to Nicole. Eric told her that the marriage was in name only. Anna decided to move on with her life and advised Eric to do the same. Sarah and Chloe talked about how Nicole changed. Sarah was worried about the way Eric reacted to Nicole being with Brady. She didn't think Eric was over Nicole. Stefan and Gabi went back and forth about having feelings for each other. John wasn't sure whether he and Marlena should tell Brady the truth. He said that Brady loved Nicole. Marlena thought they should warn him so he could be on his guard. John wanted to find out more first before saying anything. Kristen didn't want Eric's temper dictate her life. Kristen wanted to sneak off with Brady at some point during the party. Brady left to plan the party. Tony warned Kristen that she was playing a dangerous game. Someone knocked on Kristen's door. Eric went to see Kristen.

Gabi was sure that Stefan came back to the mansion for her. Kristen didn't want to hear Eric say how she was supposed to be with him. Eric wanted to tell her how he felt. He told her that she was the love of his life. He let her know that he prayed that God would bring her back to him. He told her how he had moved on, but his feelings for her were strong. She told him how her husband was there and that her boyfriend just left. He thanked her for giving him what he wanted. John and Marlena continued to talk about keeping the truth from Brady. Eric went home and apologized to Sarah for everything. Gabi continued to get Stefan to admit that he had feelings for her and that was why he was at the mansion. John saved the wedding cake from their wedding and wanted to share it with Marlena. Eric apologized again for what happened with Nicole. He admitted that he went to see Nicole to make sure he didn't feel anything for her. He told her that he didn't feel anything at all. He was able to tell Sarah that he was over Nicole and wanted to be with her. He wanted her to be a part of his future. Tony thought he heard Eric's voice. Kristen told him how she thought Eric was finally over her. Tony told her that she was close to getting what she wanted so he wanted a divorce. He told her that Anna would marry Roman if he didn't leave her. She told him that he couldn't leave yet because Gabi was still in control. She told him how she had a fight with Gabi and her mask came off. She continued to tell him the story and Tony was shocked that Stefan knew the truth too. Tony thought their plan was over. Gabi and Stefan continued to talk about their feelings. Stefan threw his shirt at her and they ended up in each other's arms. Roman wanted to back out of Anna's plan, but she didn't want him to do that. She wanted Roman to put the ring on her finger. He wouldn't do it so she did it herself. The ring got stuck on her finger. Roman wanted to know how far she planned on taking her plan. Roman thought she wanted to get married. She assumed it wouldn't go that far. Kristen told Tony that Stefan and Gabi wouldn't tell anyone who she is because they were locked up. Tony couldn't believe she locked them in the same place she locked up Ted and Kate. Kristen pulled out her gun and said she would get rid of them the same way he got rid of Ted. Stefan and Gabi gave in to their feelings and started making out. Marlena got ready for their date when Susan showed up. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Shiloh has Peter come to Pentonville so he can inform him that he knows that he worked for Helena to get him to town. He will tell Maxie is he doesn't help him get out of jail. Drew finds the stolen money in the back of Cam's car that he planned on selling. Cam decides not to sell the car anymore. Franco tries to talk with Kim as Drew but Kim doesn't want to deal with him right now. Drew decides to go back to the Middle East to give the money back.

Elizabeth gets guidance through Ava's psychic Chelsea. She needs to stay close towards her husband. Ava thinks that Franco is lucky he doesn't remember his past. Maxie and Lulu go on a girls night together. Sonny finds out that his employee was trying to sabotage Dev working at the warehouse.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon offers Theo a job running LP but he turns it down because he wants to run powers communications but Devon doesn't like that he is talking badly about Mariah saying that she is too green and he could do the job much better. Devon tells Theo that he can offer to help Mariah and be her second in command but only if she offers him the job. Theo offers his help to Mariah but she figures out he is after her job and tell him that she has decided to take his company from him since he doesn't seem to want it anymore. Billy gets in an argument with Ashley and Jack because he thinks Ashley will stab Jabot and the family in the back the first time she doesn't get her way. Phyllis tells Summer if she wants Theo back she should make sure it on her terms and tells her to be smart and not let him manipulate her. Jack and Victoria are worried about Billy and Victoria tells Jack that she thinks Billy doesn't want to get rid of his nightmares because it makes him feel closer to Delia. Jack and Celeste have lunch and talk about their family and their failed romantic relationships. Victor overhears Phyllis telling Adam that she plans to squeeze Abby out of the hotel and become the sole owner. Victor advises Abby to find another partner in the hotel because Phyllis is toxic. Abby thanks Victor for telling her what Phyllis is planning and insists that she can handle it. Abby tells Victor that he has given her a lot to think about and she will consider getting another partner. Adam and Sharon have a very long talk in the park where he tries to persuade her to get married and after being left alone to think Sharon goes to Adam's place to give him an answer to his proposal. Theo tells Summer he is getting revenge on Kyle for her because he only married her to save Lola. Theo also tells Summer that is the reason that he brought Zoe to the wedding he thinks Summer likes having him on her side after hearing all of this Summer gives Theo a kiss.

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