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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope sits and talks to Beth and that she will never take things for granted again. It is the way now like it should have been. Liam overhears it when she says she is going to fix it. She tells him she will have questions about Phoebe and the adoption but for now she wants to concentrate on their future. Ridge keeps trying but can’t get a hold of Thomas. Brooke tells him now that Flo and Reese are in custody the police will be questioning anyone who knew about Beth and that will include Thomas. Ridge says he knows and he wants to help Thomas through this but he can’t if he cannot find him. Douglas comes in and says his dad is still not home. He thinks he does not like Douglas anymore now that he told Beth’s secret. Brooke says they are not mad at him. Ridge says he did good; they are very proud of him. He tells Brooke later that Thomas is away trying to get his head on straight. And once he does that he will come back for Hope and Douglas. Justin drops in on Hope and Liam. He tells them how sorry he is that all of this happened but he is here now to do whatever they need to get their life back in order. He has talked to Carter who is also sorry for his part in all of this. Liam says he was not at fault. Justin says unless Steffy pushes back he thinks the paperwork will all go okay. Hope says she just wants to make sure the birth certificate is legitimate and ironclad. Hope gives her condolences for his loss of his niece, Emma. He says it was awful and he is just throwing himself into work to try to forget. That is why he is helping Carter. Liam fills him in on so much that Thomas has done, manipulating his own five year old son and then Hope to marry him. Hope wants to make sure she gets out of that. Thomas is holed up with Vinny and Thomas’s nerves are on end, helped by the faulty air conditioning and only a fan to cool them off some. And he grumbles that he feels like an idiot, like some college roomie on Vinny’s couch. He rants that he has to get back to Hope; get her away from Liam who has such a smug face. He says Vinny has no idea what he went through to get Hope and he did not even get a wedding night.

Brooke and Ridge end up saying different things. She says she knows sometimes it seems she is the only one with something at stake. She knows he does with his son too. When she calls Thomas dangerous he disagrees with her. That is not his son. He had nothing to do with Emma’s death. At that moment there is knock on the door and it is Sgt. Sanchez who needs to ask them a few questions. Brooke invites him in and first he asks if Thomas is there; he has a few questions for him. Ridge goes through that he is not here now and no they do not know when he will return. He doesn’t always check in with them. Brooke wants to know if Thomas is in trouble. Sanchez says that depends. They are re-opening the Emma Barber accident. Brooke asks why and the Sgt. replies that new evidence has come to light of a not so friendly spat on the night she died. Ridge tells him that Xander is wrong. This is his son they are talking about and the Sgt. seems to be implying he could be a murderer and he is not. Vinny tells Thomas that he needs to calm down; he has never known him to be like this. Thomas says yes of course, he is right. He just needs to get to Hope, get her away from Liam and talk to her. She would not like to see him stressed like this. He said his vows and he meant them – to death do they part. And that is the way it will be. Anything else is unacceptable. Alone he vows that Hope is his.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Brady how Xander got money from Kristen. Sonny knocked on the door so Kristen put Gabi and Stefan in the tunnels. Brady told Will that Xander worked with Kristen in Nashville. Will asked him why Xander would still get money from her if she was dead. Stefan woke up and realized he was in the tunnels with Gabi. Sonny was determined to get inside of the DiMera mansion. He walked in, but didn't see Kristen put her mask and wig back on. Tripp talked to Kayla about his feelings for Haley. She felt sorry for him that she didn't return his feelings for him. He didn't want Haley to know that he had feelings for her. Sonny wanted to know why Nicole was at the mansion. Kristen didn't want to answer all of his questions. He wanted to know where Gabi was and she got nervous. Stefan checked Gabi's pulse and noticed that she was still breathing. He went to the door and realized it was locked. Gabi woke up so he asked if she remembered how she got in tunnel. She thought she saw Kristen, and Stefan confirmed that she was alive. Brady tried to come up with an explanation for Xander having money from her. Will told him that they had to consider the possibility that Kristen was still alive. JJ couldn't believe that Tripp got drugs for Haley without telling him. JJ wondered why Haley was able to tell Tripp about her anxiety and not him. Kayla wondered how Tripp would handle living with JJ and Haley. Will wondered if Brady believed that it could be true. Brady wondered if Maggie really saw Kristen. Sonny called Will so Brady told him about the surprise party for John and Marlena. Brady told him about their party. Marlena told John how she went to see Nicole. She told him that their conversation didn't go well. She told John how Nicole was seeing Brady and didn't think it was a good idea. John wondered what she thought about Nicole. Marlena thought she was unstable and didn't know what she would do. John admitted he was keeping something from her. Kristen told Sonny that she didn't know where Gabi was. Gabi's phone rang, and Kristen tried to get it. Unfortunately, Sonny grabbed it first. Kristen was able to get out of why it was on the floor. Stefan and Gabi talked about Kristen being back to get the company. He told her what happened when Kristen attacked her. Gabi told Stefan that Kristen is Nicole. 

John told Marlena how he knew Brady was with Nicole. She said that Nicole was only married to Tony in name only. John confessed that he and Hope were working on a case together about Ted. He was afraid that Brady was involved with it. Brady and Will talked about Susan being at the party. Brady was afraid that Susan would get the wrong idea about him if he asked her to the party. Gabi told Stefan how Kristen was wearing a mask. She mentioned the fight she had with Kristen and the mask fell off. He thought it was crazy. Gabi mentioned how she acted different as well as how she became attached to Brady. Kristen wasn't sure what to do with Gabi and Stefan. Tripp wanted to switch rooms with Haley so she wouldn't have to sleep in Claire's room. He wanted Haley to be happy, but Kayla wondered about his feelings. She told him that he deserved to be happy. She was going to be there for him. Haley explained why she didn't tell JJ about her hallucinations. She didn't want to always be rescued. He told her how strong she was. JJ wanted to be there for her. Tripp walked in on them kissing. Will told Brady that he wasn't Susan's type. Brady thought about Susan trying to kiss him. Sonny came back and told Will and Brady that he ran into Nicole. Sonny mentioned how Nicole said she was working with Gabi, but she wasn't there. Stefan told Gabi that Ben and Ciara were under Nicole's bed while Kristen was talking to Kate. Stefan couldn't believe he didn't see how Kristen pulled off her stunt. Brady called Kristen and wanted to know about her being at the DiMera mansion. He wanted to meet her to talk. John and Marlena talked about Ted and Kate's kidnappings. Marlena wanted to talk to Nicole again, but John didn't want her to tip her off. Stefan tried to get the door open. Gabi wanted to know why Stefan saved her life if he hated her. JJ told Tripp that he and Haley should move out of the loft. John wanted Hope to help get to the bottom of the kidnappings. Marlena wasn't sure Hope could figure out what was going on with the kidnapping. He wanted to focus on their anniversary. Sonny and Will talked about Gabi's phone being on the floor. Sonny told him how Gabi didn't respond to his texts. Gabi wanted to know why Stefan stopped Kristen from killing her after everything she did to him. Brady wondered if Kristen was still alive. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Lola enjoy the first day of their honeymoon and spend the day looking at wedding pictures on their phone and later they make love. Rey almost comes to blows with his father until his mom stops him and asks him to leave her alone to talk with his father. Adrian asks Celeste for another chance but she tells him that its time he accepted he isn't a family man. Rey and his mom console each other by reminding themselves that they will each find the right person someday. Zoe is a big fan of Summer and tells her that she wanted to come to the wedding was to meet her. Zoe tells Summer she is grateful to Kyle and Theo for bringing her to the hospital when she got so drunk just because she wanted to be liked by the people at the party. Zoe tells Summer she really likes Theo and Summer tells her not to worry because her relationship with Theo was a casual one and if she likes Theo she can have him. Michael wins the unopposed election for District Attorney and tells Lauren he only ran for DA to take Adam down and he will explain everything to her in a few days. Phyllis advises Adam to let go of the hatred he feels for everyone and start a new life. Adam meets Sharon at the park and she is shocked when he asks her to marry him.

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