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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope calmly tells Flo that she is not sure what she can say. She thought her baby was dead and Flo had a part in that. Now she is saying that she wants forgiveness. Flo says yes. She loves Hope and wants to prove to her that she can be trusted again. Liam goes to Wyatt’s and he tells Wyatt that Bill and Justin are coming over; he hopes he does not mind. Justin tells Liam that Bill filled him on the details and he cannot believe that doctor pulled all of this off. Liam tells them he does not know the details yet but he understands they will pick up Reese today and he will be charged. Bill says great. Now they just need to get Flo and have her arrested and they can rot in their cells. Flo tells Hope that is not an excuse but Thomas knew everything and he threatened her life. Hope asks what about before Thomas. He did not know all of this months ago when Flo did. Flo admits he did not but still asks Hope to forgive her. Gritting her teeth Hope says no, hell no! Not now, not ever. The banter escalates with Flo nothing more to say than she wishes it had not happened and she was never pretending to be friends with Hope. She actually loved her and was happy to be a Logan. Crying by now, Hope says she does not want to hear about Flo’s struggles. She could care less. She was handed a dead baby and told her it was Beth. And not to mention Steffy how much she has suffered too. She had a baby she raised for almost nine months just snatched from her and Kelly will no longer have that close sister anymore. Shauna tells the group that she does not know Hope all that well but she hears she has a very big heart. And when she hears Flo’s story she thinks she will agree. Katie interrupts and asks how does a story that “I sold your baby and lied about it for months” go over. Shauna says she was only helping her friend and when she realized it was wrong it was too late. They all remind Shauna that Flo signed false papers. Brooke says maybe she did not plan this but she went along with it so she is guilty. Shauna says there is one person and one person only to blame for all of this and that is Reese Buckingham. Ridge says there is more than enough blame for several of them. And by the way, Reese was arrested today. And since Shauna is from Vegas, what are the odds of her daughter not getting arrested today. She begs him not to let her be arrested. She’s their niece. Brooke steps forward and says she stole her granddaughter and then she sold her and lied to all of them about it. She’s a thief just as Ridge said and that is all she will ever be to Brooke. Hope tells Flo that what she did was vile and despicable. And now she stands and wants forgiveness. And no she does not remotely understand for asking or she would not be standing here. And here she thinks she is the victim. Flo starts to move closer and Hope tells her don’t. It was she and Liam that were the victims here and Steffy. Hope loses is and says for months and months Flo lied and made out like she cared for Hope. And so much for being family; even that could not make her do the right thing. Uncle Storm would be so proud of her. So she does not want to hear of her struggles or how many times she was intimidated or bullied. It does not matter. Flo chose silence. And all of this for some jerk at the blackjack table who had gambling debts. And he put a dead baby in her arms and told her it was hers. And that is who she aligned herself with and gave her loyalty. Hope slaps her hard. She gives her the evil eye and points her finger at her and says that is what she deserves. Bill declares that Flo will spend time for this. Liam tells Justin that he wants to put this behind him but he will testify. Wyatt says he doesn’t pretend to know her anymore but he does not think she is faking remorse or will fight this. Liam tells Wyatt that he will always hate Flo for what she did but he knows how Wyatt cares for her and his feelings are not going to be as clear cut as his. Wyatt reminds them that he values trust and honesty and Flo knew that. He says he loved her and always will but there is no part of that in his life right now. Not after what she has done.

After the one slap, Flo asks Hope if she would like to do that again. She will not stop her. Hope says no, she does not want to hurt her. She’s already done that all by herself. Hope says but she does want her to leave. Flo says okay, she will give her more time. Hope says no, she meant she wanted her to leave her life for good……never to see her again. Flo keeps harping on the past and wishes she could go back. Hope says what she would like to go back to is when her good doctor friend stuck that dead baby in her arms. She’d like to spit in his face and tell him to go to hell. She would have liked to raise her daughter from day one and she wonders if Flo knows what she took from them. …….every cry, every lullaby, every smile. Steffy got all of those firsts and Hope can never get them back. And she will have to go the rest of her life knowing what Flo did……….her uncle’s bastard……not a cousin, not family. Ridge, Brooke, Katie and Donna with Shauna lagging behind go charging to the cabin and want to know from Hope what lies Flo is feeding her. Bill tells Justin as soon as he hears who the judge is in this case he wants to make sure those two are put away a long time. Liam says he cannot get that involved. It seems Ridge is going to make sure Flo pays. Hope tells her mother that Flo had tears and excuses, not that it mattered. Brooke lights into Flo that she should have been so happy that she was part of this family. Stormie was such a good man, always sacrificing for his family. But Flo is nothing like that. She is cruel and mean. She thought she had Storm’s eyes but all she can see now is his shame. Bill asks what are they waiting for. He will do nothing illegal. Just wants to make sure those two are put away for a long, long time. Let’s be sure they get Flo arrested. Liam says Ridge is on it. Shauna speaks and says Flo feels horrible for what she did. Donna says how hard is it to say your baby is alive. Flo goes into her routine again that everything she wanted to tell someone bullied her to not tell. She knew Beth was safe so she let these people stop her. Katie says maybe when Liam and Hope were signing papers and breaking up, maybe then was the time to speak up and fix it. Flo says yeah, but they can’t go back now. Flo tells Hope again that she is so sorry and she let everyone down. There is a knock at the door and Ridge lets Sgt. Sanchez and an officer in. Says he was surprised to get his call. Ridge tells Shauna there was a criminal on the property so he called the police. Shauna tells Flo not to say another word until they get her an attorney. Sgt. Sanchez says she can get one at the station; for now she is under arrest. Shauna bursts out again arrested for what. He says kidnapping for one. Shauna argues that she is innocent of that. He adds and for falsifying documents and for posing as the child’s birth mother and that is fraud. As the officer cuffs Flo, Ridge says she made a mistake all right and now she is going to pay for it. All the way out the door Shauna is begging them not to arrest her daughter; she just got caught up in this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah told Maggie that she and Eric were finally together. Brady went  to see Eric and he didn't want to see him. Gabi and Kristen fought each other and she pulled off Kristen's wig and mask. Gabi recognized her and she warned her what she was capable of doing. Sonny and Will talked about evidence that was found in Xander's room. Eric was upset with Brady for allowing Nicole to marry Tony. Eric wanted to know why she really married Tony. He told Eric that she wanted to control DiMera Enterprises. Gabi put the pieces together and realized Kristen was pretending to be Nicole. Gabi realized that Kristen tricked Brady into falling for her. Gabi was sure that Brady would hate her once she found out the truth about her. Kristen warned her that she was going to get everything she wanted as soon as she got her obstacle out of the way. Kristen told her that she was the obstacle in her way. Sarah wondered if Maggie was happy for her, and she told her that she was happy. Eric didn't understand why Brady was okay with Nicole's plan. Eric was sure that Nicole would come back to him. He didn't think he would be with Nicole, but Brady said he was with Nicole. Sonny broke into Xander's briefcase and they found different things in the briefcase. They found what looked like diamonds as well as a picture of Sarah and a bank book. They were convinced he was working with someone else. Sonny knew how to access the bank account. Gabi continued to tell Kristen about how she pulled off her plan. Gabi warned her that she would go through a lot in jail. She picked up the phone, but Kristen warned her not to call the police. 

Eric wasn't happy about Brady and Nicole being together. Brady didn't want him to hear it from someone else. Eric asked if he was sleeping with her, and he admitted that he did. Eric yelled at him for being with her. He thought he took advantage of Nicole. Brady told him how Nicole came after him. Eric started shoving him when Sarah showed up. She demanded to know what happened. Sonny came up with the code to the bank account. Will and Sonny found out that Xander was rich. They saw how someone was giving him money. Sonny made a phone call. Gabi and Kristen started fighting again. Gabi tried to call the police when Kristen hit her in the back of the head. Stefan walked in on Kristen and Gabi. He stopped her from going after Gabi. He knocked Kristen on the floor to keep her away from Gabi. He went to take care of Gabi. Kristen got up and hit him in the head too. Brady wanted to know why Eric was upset about him being with Nicole when he's with Sarah. Sarah wanted to know the answer to that question too. Brady told Eric that he was there to invite him to the anniversary party. After Brady left, Sarah asked Eric if he was in love with Nicole. Eric told her that he was only concerned about her. She wanted him to make a decision and walked out of his place. Sonny and Will found out that Xander was getting money from Kristen in an offshore account. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Kyle and Lola revel in their married bliss and that “we did it”, “we’re married”. At the reception Celeste pulls Rey aside and tells him his father is here at the wedding. Adrian soon approaches and Rey tells him he isn’t seeing Lola. Adrian feels he has owned up to his past. Arturo feels they should tell Lola and let her decide. Elsewhere Celeste wants to speak to Lola and Kyle alone and ends up telling them she was wrong about Kyle. Lola and Kyle are both pleased at her news. Meanwhile Billy becomes snide when Ashley and Jack start discussions of the merger and he stalks off. Victoria apologizes and follows Billy who suggests that he just leave. He can’t stop thinking of how he will never walk Dehlia down the aisle. He assures Victoria he is ok but decides to leave.

Mariah announces the bride and groom as Summer looks on uncomfortable and wistful. Phyllis promises to throw her a superior wedding. Later Kyle and Summer agree to start with a clean slate. Summer, still emotional rushes off. Theo arrives with Zoe, the girl who almost died on Theo and Kyle’s watch. Kyle is furious. Zoe assures that she is fine as Kyle continuously apologizes. Kyle accuses Theo of trying to ruin his wedding and orders him out. Theo refutes that this was a peace offering. Adrian approaches Lola who is stunned to see him. He wanted to see her on her big day. Lola later returns to Kyle and tells him she just couldn’t deal with her father today. At Crimson Billy watches Adam and Michael shake hands. Billy approaches Michael after Adam leaves and tells him he smells a rat. Billy arrives home to find Victoria has been looking for him. They later discuss Michael running for DA which Billy finds curious.


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