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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Logan sisters fawn over baby Beth. Donna suggests they will have to go to the toy store soon and let her pick out anything she wants. Katie adds and charge it to Grandpa Bill. Hope happens to mention the last time they welcomed a Logan into the family – it was Flo and she still cannot believe she did that to her. Shauna slips into the cabin followed by Flo who does not want to go. Shauna tells her she needed to explain to Hope what happened and she will accept it because she is family. The gardener said Hope was at the main house and the door was unlocked so they are not doing anything wrong. Hope returns home soon and Shauna hears her coming and sneaks out the back door but Flo runs to the bedroom. Hope is holding and listening to Beth coo when Flo walks out startles Hope. Flo tells her she got in because the door was unlocked. Hope says she does not want to do this in front of Beth so Flo should leave. Meanwhile Shauna walks in on the Logan ladies. Katie assures her they know the whole bloody mess so do not even try to redeem what she and Flo have done by knowing the truth and not reporting it. Too late, but Shauna says she is so sorry. And Flo is at the cabin now to talk to Hope. When Flo does not leave, Hope tells her she is going to put Beth down, Flo stay here. Then she rails into her how she did this to her own flesh and blood, how could she? She had months and months to tell Hope and show her where her baby was. Katie tells Shauna that she has taken enough from Hope and Flo has no right to be there to dump more on her. Katie says this disgusting secret has been exposed and there is nothing Flo can say now to explain her part in it despite her wanting to blame it on Reese and Thomas. Brooke adds and if Flo does one thing to upset Hope they will pay for it. Shauna says she won’t. She only wants to see Hope with Beth and try to explain. Katie says there is no way she can.

Meanwhile Hope is reliving when she first met Flo at the Bikini Bar and how they then found out they were related through Storm being her father which she did not know at the time. But she did know about Beth being Phoebe now and adopted by Steffy and yet months and months went by and Flo said nothing. She let that despair go on, even encouraging her to have another baby by Liam. When all she had to do was tell her the truth and all would have been right. She will never forgive her for that. She says her whole world was turned upside down. Flo tells Hope that when she explains she will go and never bother her again. Hope listens as Flo goes down that old path again. It was Reese. He was a friend who needed help and she had no reason to know he was this kind of person to do something so horrible. Hope says again that Flo had plenty of time once she knew the whole story to report him and plead innocence on her part but she did not. She kept perpetrating the lie. Flo cries that she knows she deserves to go to prison for what she did. And she hates herself for hurting Hope who she has grown to love. And despite all the terrible things she has done she will always cherish being a Logan. She knows it is crazy for her to be here right now but she asks if there is any possible way that Hope can forgive her. Hope turns her eyes; she can barely look at Flo. Flo says she will spend the rest of her days trying to make it up to Hope if she can. Hope says nothing and Flo asks again if there is any way in her heart that she can forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony ran into Anna at the pub. She told him to forget it if he wanted to get back together because she was marrying Roman. He didn't believe her so she kissed Roman. Gabi wanted information from Rafe about Stefan's case. He wondered why she cared so much when she married him to get revenge. Rafe walked away so she tried to look at the files. Xander was prepared to tell John and Hope who was responsible for Ted's murder. Kate tried to talk Kristen into working together. Kristen didn't want to work with her. Kate kept trying to convince her that they should work together. Rafe caught Gabi snooping through his files. She wanted to know about the mystery woman in the file. Xander kept trying to make sure he had his immunity deal before he said anything to John and Hope. John was getting annoyed with Xander. Kristen got a call from Mr. Shin. He gave her one more chance to convince him that she should run DiMera Enterprises. Stefan overheard the call and tried to stop him from making Kristen CEO. Kristen was trying to leave her room to meet Mr. Shin, but Kate tried to stop her. Ben and Ciara were under the bed while they were talking. Anna continued to convince Tony that she and Roman were together.. Roman said they broke up so Tony was confused. Tony reminded her how Marlena told him she was heartbroken that morning. Anna wanted Tony to divorce Kristen, but he told her why he couldn't do it. Tony asked Roman if he really was going to marry Anna. Gabi asked Rafe about the mystery woman. Rafe didn't want to tell Gabi anything. Gabi continued to question him about the woman, but he still wouldn't tell her anything. John told Xander that he and Hope couldn't grant his immunity. Hope warned him that the police may suspect him, but they wouldn't be able to help him. Xander warned them that there was a killer on the loose. He told them to help him get the DA to give him a new deal to get the killer off the street. Stefan tried to convince Mr. Shin that Kristen wasn't the one to run the company. Kate still kept trying to convince Kristen that they could work together. Kristen told her that she was doing what she was supposed to do. She told Kate she made a mistake going to her. Kristen walked out of the room. Kate wondered who would help her now. Ben and Ciara came out from under the bed and offered to help her. Ben and Ciara told Kate why they were in Kristen's room. Kate warned them to get out of Kristen's room. Ben told her how he knew Stefan didn't kidnap her. Ben suggested that she work with Stefan against Kristen. Kate didn't want to hear it and threw them out of the room. Roman decided to stick with Anna's story. Tony knew Anna didn't love Roman the way she loved him. Tony told her that he was suffering while he was gone. He told her that he would fight for her. She said the only way she would be with him was if he divorced Nicole. Kristen looked for Mr. Shin, but he was with Stefan. Mr. Shin wanted proof that he was set up. Mr. Shin reminded Stefan that Gabi was going to take down the company. Kristen left a message for Mr. Shin. Gabi seemed excited that Stefan wasn't going to go to prison. Rafe wondered why she cared. Rafe thought Gabi was in love with Stefan.

Rafe wondered how Gabi really felt about Stefan. Gabi reminded him what Stefan did to her and wanted to know if he wanted him to pay for what he did. Rafe hoped it all worked out for her. Ben and Ciara met with Stefan and told him that Nicole was involved in the frame up. Kristen waited for Shin, but realized that he wasn't coming. She was convinced that Gabi was why he didn't meet her. John and Hope talked about whether they should give in to Xander's demands. Hope wanted to take Xander to the station to see what they could do for him. Tony went to see Kristen, but she saw Kate in the room. Kate wanted answers about Nicole. Tony had his own problems. He told her what happened with Anna and Roman. Kate thought he was better off without Anna, but he didn't agree with her. Anna thanked Roman for his help. He was sure that Tony would divorce Kristen. Roman wanted to know what she would do if he didn't divorce her. John and Hope took Xander to the station. Rafe wanted answers from Xander. Ben and Ciara told Stefan what happened with Kate. Stefan was determined to get the truth. Gabi went to the DiMera mansion and thought about her conversation with Rafe. She considered getting in touch with Stefan until Kristen showed up demanding to know if she was with Mr. Shin. Kate called Xander to set up a meeting with Kristen. Rafe told John and Hope that Xander was with Melinda talking about what he knew. Gabi and Kristen went back and forth about Mr. Shin. While they were talking, Gabi assumed that she killed Ted. Mr. Shin met with Kate at Doug's Place. He offered her the position at DiMera. Gabi told Kristen everything. Kristen tried to deny it, but Gabi thought Hope could identify her. John and Hope talked about the case when Ben and Ciara told them that they knew something about it. Rafe told Stefan how Xander was changing his story. They ended up talking about Gabi. Rafe knew they had feelings for each other and thought they should move on from what happened. Kristen and Gabi ended up fighting until her wig and mask came off. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason finds Franco at the Floating Rib. He knows who he is. He recognized him in a newspaper back in high school. He researched their parents. Jason explains that there is a lot he doesn’t actually know correctly. Drew doesn’t care. He begs for money to get out of town. Chase and Willow watch this. Chase walks up to make sure nothing is wrong. Franco punches him when called by his actual name. Chase has him arrested.

Finn informs Hayden about Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Cam decide to comfort one another when Hayden shows up and tell her she is moving in and not taking no for an answer. Joss and Dev learn that Dev is actually well educated. Sam tells Sonny and Carly what is going on. Sam learns about the vow renewal.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy remembered finding Delia’s doll in his bed. Victoria arranged for Nick to have a supervised visit with Christian. Kyle got an ominous text from Theo asking if he had any final wishes. Abby, Mariah and Tessa joined Lola as she got ready for the wedding. They had a heart to heart and vowed to be friends forever. Lola let Rey know how grateful she was for him stepping up as a father figure. Jack brought Celeste back to Genoa City, and she and Lola made amends. Kyle got cold feet because none of the Abbotts had ever had a successful marriage. Traci and Ashley calmed his nerves by giving him sage advice. Summer decided it was important to go to the wedding because she’d always care about Kyle. She hoped they’d both find happiness even if it wasn’t with each other. Phyllis accepted Summer’s invitation to be her plus one. Nate, Elena and Devon were wedding guests. Celeste and Rey walked Lola down the aisle. Celeste noticed Adrian, Lola’s father, lurking outside the wedding, and she ordered him to respect Lola’s wishes and leave, but he secretly stayed. The wedding went smoothly, and Kyle and Lola became husband and wife.

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