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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Will comes to the cabin and knocks on the door. Since he knocked Hope knows it is not her mother. Will answers that he is the Baby Inspector. He comes in and is closely followed by Katie and Bill who is holding the world’s largest life-sized teddy bear. He has a good reunion with his first born, Liam, and hopes Will growing up with a father around from the beginning will be better. Aside from the others, Bill tells Liam that he took all of this very hard but he did not want to add to Liam’s problems so he said nothing. Liam tells him he was fine. And what a difference a day makes. Bill admits that he always collected people and things. And his relationship with the man upstairs was always sort of complicated but he did not want to take it for granted so he said a prayer. Well maybe not a prayer, but a request that all would be right with Beth. Liam says prayers are good and his prayer was answered. And grandfathers are important so he is glad Bill is here now to keep Liam in check as his dad. Bill says he has one more thing he needs of Liam……does he have to ask to hold his granddaughter. Liam is grinning from ear to ear and turns to Hope with the others and goes and gets Beth and brings her to Bill who too is now grinning. While Beth wiggles and giggles, Bill claims it is good to welcome another Spencer. Liam admits it is and he will always be in Beth’s life. Brooke and Ridge are at the office and she asks if he has called the police about Flo. He replies no and she says she thinks it is because of Thomas. If what Flo, Zoe and Xander did and they are guilty then Thomas is too. He tells her that he has the driver’s license so Flo is going nowhere. They want to wait and see if Zoe shows up at work today as Flo did not.

Zoe looks up and there is Xander. She is surprised he is back. He says Maya called him to let him know Hope had her baby back and he had to come back and make sure all the details were correct. He convinces Zoe they have to go meet Ridge. They can do that together. Brooke and Ridge are surprised too that he is here; they thought he was in London. He says he was and repeats again that Maya called so he needed to come back. In the conversation he spills Thomas’s name a number of times of knowing about Emma finding out, he has proof of him following her on the road. Xander says he tried to call off the annulment paper signing but Thomas blocked his way and would not let him back in the house. Thomas wanted Hope free of Liam so he could move in. Zoe and Xander face Ridge and Brooke. They grill her pretty good of why when she first met Flo and found out some details why she did not call the police then. She explains she did not want her dad to go to prison. Ridge says that is where he belonged. She says her dad finally cared for her which he had not most of her life. She admits Flo wanted to tell so many times, to Hope, to Wyatt and others but Zoe and others always stopped her. They all had their own reasons. Ridge says okay none of that matters now. He has to decide what is going to happen to Zoe and Xander now. He gets a phone call telling him that Dr. Buckingham has been caught and in custody. He relays this to Zoe and Xander and says he does not know the extradition laws but hopefully that will work out and he will be back in the States to sentence him. He tells Zoe that she and Xander did not participate in the crime so all they really did was lie. You do not go to prison for that. But he does not want to see their faces in this building again; they are terminated. With voice cracking, Xander says they understand. He knows how many people they hurt, the Forrester’s and the Logan’s and he is truly sorry. And he is sure his family will be ashamed as well. Brooke says the Avant’s are their family too. Maya was Hope’s sister-in-law but that did not seem to matter. Meekly Zoe says Xander said nothing because of Thomas’s threats and because she asked him not to. Ridge tells her she better start taking care of herself as he knows her dad will try to blame it all on someone else. She says she knows how hollow this sounds now but she is so genuinely happy that Beth is back with her mother.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anna talked to Marlena about what happened with Tony. Marlena tried to explain to her that his marriage was in name only. Anna was worried that Nicole didn't feel the same way. Brady wanted to know why Xander was calling Kristen. Xander had left her a message warning her that he was going to send the police her way if she ignored his call. Kristen managed to talk herself out of answering Brady's question. They ended up talking about her meeting with Shin to run DiMera Enterprises. They ended up making love again. Ben talked to Ciara about investigating Nicole. He was going to break into her room to see if he could find anything. Marlena continued to convince Anna that Tony was only helping Nicole get the company. Anna told her how Tony planned on staying with her until she got everything. Anna wanted Marlena to talk to Nicole. Marlena told her what happened when she did talk to Nicole. Marlena suggested that she talk to Tony. Kate wanted Tony to talk to Nicole about Kristen. Tony didn't think it was a good idea to stir things up with Kristen. Tony advised her to stop digging. She didn't want to keep looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Kate wanted to go talk to Nicole since he wouldn't do it. Brady told Kirsten that Marlena's heart was in the right place when she tried to talk to her. Brady wished her luck with Shin. They left the room. Ciara advised Ben not to break into the room because he had a record. Ben told her why he had to break in the room. He was going to do it anyway. John and Hope went to see Xander. They wanted to talk to him about Ted. Xander told them that he was cooperating with the police about Stefan. Hope warned Xander that his deal would be null and void if his testimony was wrong. John told him that he was the last person to see Ted alive. Brady talked to Chloe about Nicole. He thought that his relationship with Nicole would work this time. Kristen listened to Xander's message. She left him a message basically saying that he was paid to kill Ted. Anna ran into Kristen outside of the pub. Anna told her she was the woman who stole her husband. Marlena went to see Tony. Ben broke into Kristen's room, but Ciara was already there. 

Ciara told Ben how she was able to get in her room. Ben wanted her to leave. Ciara told him what they could do if they get caught. They started searching the room. Chloe told Brady why she wanted Marlena to talk to Kristen. Chloe didn't want Brady to get hurt. Brady was sure he wouldn't get hurt. She wondered why he was thinking about Kristen. Ciara and Ben kept searching the room until she heard something. Someone opened the door. John and Hope talked to Xander about his prints being on the money and the necklace. Xander said a lot of people had the necklace. John said he had the only set of prints found on the jewelry and the money. Marlena told Tony he was free to be with Anna and she really wanted him back. Tony gave her an excuse as to why he was with Nicole. Marlena asked him if he loved Anna. He told her that he loved her. She suggested that he be with her. Anna and Kristen had a run in about Tony. Anna told Kristen that she was going to kill her and make Tony a widower. They were about to fight when Roman stopped it. Tony let Marlena know that he had to stay with Nicole for now. He wanted her to tell Anna that he loved her, but he couldn't be with her right now. Marlena suspected that something happened to keep him from Anna. Kate called Kristen to meet with her. Kristen agreed to meet with her. She had to text Shin to let him know she would be late. Ben and Ciara hid under Kristen's bed so Kate didn't see them. Brady talked to Chloe about not wanting to make another mistake at love. Xander realized that Hope and John didn't have any authority. He told them he had to make a call, but they were willing to wait. Marlena went back to the pub to let Anna know about her conversation with Tony. Anna figured that Nicole was going after her because she helped EJ kidnap Sydney. She knew Nicole wasn't going to let Tony go. Tony thought about what Marlena said to him about being with Anna. Xander heard Kristen's message and decided she wasn't throwing him under the bus. He wanted to talk to John and Hope after listening to that. He wanted to make a deal. Kristen went back to room and saw Kate there. She noticed that her room was a mess. Kate told her that she didn't do a thing. Ben and Ciara were still hiding under the bed. Tony went to the pub to tell Anna something. She told him it was too late because she was going to marry Roman. Kate admitted that Stefan wasn't the one who kidnapped her and Ted. Xander told John and Hope that he was willing to tell them what they wanted to know. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Sam are informed by Robert that Franco has Drew’s memories now and that there might not be a way to reverse it. Jason admits that he wouldn’t wish what he had to go through even on his worst enemy Franco. Franco finds Kim in the hallway and remembers Drew’s memories of her. He starts kissing her and she stops him. Elizabeth and Drew explain what is going on to her. Franco goes to the Floating Rib for a drink. Maxie and Peter realize what has happened to him. Jason shows up and Franco looks angry.

Obrecht finds Hayden at Wyndemere and threatens to call he police on her. Hayden offers her a date with Jax. Jax is worried about Hayden but also Nina and Sasha. Valentin demands more information on Cassandra but Robert makes something up. Robert tells Finn that Cabot is offering to tell Anna what memories were her own and which were Alex’s in exchange for freedom. Brad tries to change Wiley’s birth records.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon and Rey have a long talk over coffee and he tells her that he is afraid Lola's marriage won't last and she will get hurt. Rey also tells Sharon he is nervous about giving Lola away and his toast at the wedding. Kyle leaves the apartment. to stay at the pool house because he wants to be traditional. Lola has a case of pre wedding jitters and Mariah and Tessa have a long talk with her and calm her nerves. Summer persuades Theo to tell her Kyle's secret from his time in New York. Theo explains that they had a big party one night and an under aged girl named Zoe got so truck she passed out so he and Kyle drove her to the hospital entrance and left her there. The next morning her father came to their place and told them that he was going to put them in jail. Kyle offered the man one hundred thousand dollars and he took the money so they didn't go to jail. A short time later Kyle came back to Genoa City. Summer notices how much of an angry jerk Theo is being despite the fact that Kyle saved him from jail and decides to end their relationship. Summer is walking by the park and notices Kyle making last minute preparations to make sure everything is perfect for tomorrow. Kyle reminds her that both he and Lola want her to be at the wedding so she promises to come without Theo. Summer warns Kyle that Theo is very angry with him and he should watch his back but she doesn't tell him she knows his secret. Lola walks by the park and ruins Kyle's surprise but since she is already there they decide to dance before saying good night. Mariah and Tessa tell Theo that he should return to New York because nobody wants him to be in town. Theo texts Zoe and invites her to Kyle's wedding.

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