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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna and Katie sit with Brooke and Ridge discussing the joy after all they thought had happened that Hope has her Beth back. And they can welcome her into the family. Quinn and Eric come in and said Ridge filled them in and they are shocked but ready to meet this new person. After only one night, Hope tells Liam they have the missing piece of the puzzle. She changes Beth into a new dress for this special occasion of meeting her family. Vinnie asks Thomas how he slept. He replies to remind him to buy Vinnie a better couch. But right now all he can think of he should be with Hope. He feels like a caged animal. Vinnie reminds him his dad keeps calling. Thomas tells him he is not interested in talking to his dad. And yes he is amped over all of this but not from Vinnie’s stash. The conversation gets around to where is Flo now that the truth is out. Brooke says she can’t go far as Ridge took their driver’s licenses. Quinn jumps up and says this is for family so tell Hope and Liam she is happy for them but she has to go. Eric says they need to find this Dr. Buckingham and make sure he spends the rest of his life in prison. Ridge says he will; they are looking out for him now. Hope and Liam go to the main house where all can meet Beth and they fawn over her without Hope letting go of her. Thomas tells Vinnie that he is the only one that really loves Hope. He has to find her and she will understand. She has to. No one cares how he feels, what he has gone through. Vinnie says he is sorry. He knows he lost Caroline. Thomas dismisses it that Caroline is dead/

Thomas continues that he was ratted out by his own son. That little……..oh he admits he does love him but no one cares how Thomas is feeling now. Hope is his wife, she is his! He loves her more than Liam ever will. Ridge does not love him. He only wants to reach him to tell him he did wrong. He tells Vinnie that he needs to find Hope and explain to her, touch her, feel her and just a little bit of time will not stop him from what he wants. Voices are cracking and tears flowing as all tell Hope and Liam they are so happy they found Beth. Douglas even comes in and Hope tells him how much she loves him and thanks him for bringing Beth back to them. Ridge even lightens things up by mentioning this hot grandma here. Brooke says Beth is a gift and a blessing to all of them. Liam says it is a source of pride to know his daughter will always be surrounded by these strong, dynamic women starting right here with her mom. Hope kisses Liam and says it means so much to have their angel back with them, their Beth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and Melinda had a run in at the park. They argued over what happened with Haley. Melinda told Jack about the scathing article that his ex wrote about him in the newspaper. Eve wanted Justin to be her lawyer in her divorce case. He reminded her that Jack was his brother-in-law. He didn't want to do that to Adrienne. Eve asked him if he would do it if she said he raped her. Haley talked to Tripp about taking sedatives so she could sleep. She didn't want to think about Claire coming after her. He thought she should tell JJ about it so he could help her. She didn't want him to know because she didn't want to keep being the damsel in distress. Tripp offered his bed for her to use, but she was hesitant about that. He explained that he would be on the couch. She seemed okay with it when he told her he would sleep on the couch. Jennifer talked to JJ about Jack. She told him how Abe thought Jack wanted to be like himself, but Jack didn't think he did. Jennifer thought Jack would be mad after he read the article she wrote about him. Jack walked up to Adrienne and Kayla and demanded a retraction. He was livid when he found out what Jennifer wrote. Adrienne wanted him to calm down. Eve tried to justify being raped by Jack. Justin wanted to know if Jack actually raped her. Eli and Lani went to see Julie at Doug's Place. Julie was mad at them for not telling her that they were engaged. He apologized to her for not telling her. Lani showed her the ring. Julie said there was one thing he could do to make it up to her. Justin demanded to know if Eve was telling the truth about being raped. He told her that there were a lot of women who were raped and aren't believed because of people who lie. She broke down and said she was the victim and lost everything. Jack wanted Adrienne to stop attacking him in the paper. Jack stormed off and ran into Jennifer. JJ went home looking for Haley. She ended up falling down the stairs. 

Eve admitted that she wanted things to be different with Jack. She started to feel sorry for herself. Eve thought she was meant to be alone for the rest of her life. He hugged her, but Adrienne walked in the room. Jack and Jennifer argued over her article. Jack called Jennifer out for never being wrong. Jennifer believed that the old Jack was inside of him even though he didn't want it to be. Julie wanted to throw an engagement party for Eli and Lani. They agreed to the party. Melinda went to Doug's Place and talked to Julie about Haley. Haley told JJ what happened when she fell. He wanted to take her to the hospital. Adrienne couldn't believe that Eve had the gall to show up at her house and ask her husband to represent her. Adrienne and Eve argued when she told her that Jack fired her for no reason. Justin realized that Eve had a point about Jack. Jack told Jennifer that he was moving on with his life and she should too. Jack couldn't believe that Jennifer would write the article that she wrote. She said it was the truth. Julie asked Eli and Lani when they wanted their party. Julie was willing to cancel the party Chloe had booked for their day. They didn't want her to do that. JJ wanted to know why Tripp was half dressed when Haley was in his bed. Tripp assured him that he didn't do anything with Haley. Tripp wouldn't do that to him. Kayla asked Haley about her fall. Kayla wanted to know if she was on medication. Tripp wanted Haley to tell the truth. Tripp ended up telling that the pills he had were for Haley. Adrienne couldn't believe Justin considered taking Eve's case. He told her how Eve basically got Jack elected. He thought she should be compensated. He felt like Jack fired Eve over a personal reason. Adrienne couldn't believe he would do that to her brother. She wasn't happy with him. Eve was prepared to walk away, but Justin stopped her from going. Melinda ran into Jack and Jennifer while they were arguing. He offered Melinda a raise to be the DA. Melinda accepted the job. Jennifer walked away from Jack. Kayla couldn't believe that Tripp got pills for Haley. JJ wanted to know why she was taking pills. Haley and Tripp explained what happened. Tripp blamed himself for what happened. JJ agreed that it was Tripp's fault. He told Tripp that he could have killed her. Kayla took Tripp out of Haley's room. They talked about what happened. While they were talking, Kayla realized he had feelings for Haley. He admitted that he did have feelings for her. Justin told Adrienne that he decided to represent Eve. Eve went to Jack and put him on notice. She told him that she hired an attorney and she was suing him for wrongful termination. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola decides not to invite her father to the wedding because she wants a drama free wedding day. Ashley arrives for Kyle's wedding and to finalize details of the merger. Abby wonders if her mom will be moving back to town and she tells her that they will be seeing more of her but she isn't moving back to Genoa City. Jack checks on Victor's health and tries to persuade him to help Adam make peace with Nick. Victor tells him that he has tried to do that many times but Adam has forced him to choose between him and his other children and he has chosen Victoria, Nick, and Abby. Adam is served with a restraining order that also doesn't allow him visitation with Christian anymore. Abby tells Ashley she bought the Grand Phoenix and she will be working with Phyllis but Ashley worries that all this work won't give Abby time for a personal life. Nate and Abby talk and decide to take their relationship one day at a time. Nate gets Elena an interview for a surgical resident position at the hospital and she gets the job. Devon advises Adam that he should compromise with Nick for Christian's sake. Adam figures out that Victor got the restraining order and confronts him. Adam reminds Victor that he allowed him to be raised by another man in Kansas when he was a little boy. Adam thinks Victor wishes that he had fought for him when he was a little boy. Victor tells Adam he put him first and avoided a custody battle. Adam is hurt when Victor tells him he is sorry he gave him another chance and tells him to go back to his old life. Adam tells Victor he better get ready for a fight because he won't give up until he has both his children with him.

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