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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she had things taken out of storage and the cabin will be ready for Hope and Liam to bring Beth home. Ridge says he feels like he should have stayed with Steffy. Brooke says she does not think she wanted him to. She will have Kelly. She tells him she is sorry for what Steffy is going through now but she can’t help but be happy for Hope. She won’t go down to the cabin; this is their time. Hope, holding Beth, goes into the cabin with Liam. She says she has a million things to do and she is going to do all of them with nobody else……well besides him. He says they will do it together. Brooke asks Ridge if he has heard from Thomas. He says no but he will leave another message. The friend’s mother drops Douglas back to Brooke. He asks if his dad is there. Brooke tells him no, but they are trying to find him. Douglas says he is mad at him for telling a secret. He hopes Brooke is not mad at him too. She says no, not at all; in fact she thanks him as now Hope knows Beth is alive. And it was all due to him telling. Hope tells Liam that she’s up to sharing with her mother, her aunts and those who cared so much. He says there will be time for that soon. She asks if he is thinking of Steffy and Kelly now. He says some but he really was thinking about Thomas and what he might do now. He basically tried to kidnap Hope and he could not allow that. Hope says she wants Liam to know that even with a wedding ring on……..she could not do it. Liam is relieved.

There is a knock at the door and Hope wonders if it could be Thomas. Liam thinks not as he would not bother to knock. When he opens the door it is Douglas. Liam invites him in and Hope lights up with a big smile. She thanks him for telling so she could get Beth back. They are all happy now. And she will also always take care of Douglas; both she and Liam. Ridge talks to the police but they still have not found Reese. He tells Brooke that he owes her an apology. She tried to tell him about his own son and he did not want to listen. But Thomas does use people to no good. Brooke says that is behind them. He did not succeed and now Beth is where she belongs. It isn’t long before Brooke pokes her nose in, can’t wait to say hello to her granddaughter. Liam thanks her for getting the groceries and putting everything back together in the cabin. Brooke takes Douglas back with her. Hope and Liam sit and she remarks that she is going to kiss every skinned knee that Beth ever has. Liam says he thinks someone has had a very full, exciting day and it is time for bed, but neither can put Beth down and they cuddle as a family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anna ran into Tony at the town square. He was happy to see her, but she slapped him. Brady got a text from Kristen telling him to come over right away. Marlena showed up at Kristen's place. She thought it was Brady until Marlena spoke. Kristen picked up her gun to shoot her. Anna slapped Tony two more times for not telling her that he was alive and for marrying Nicole. Will and Sonny questioned Xander about Ted's murder. Marlena continued to knock on the door until Kristen opened it. Marlena wanted her to talk about Holly. Kristen let her in the room. Marlena talked to her about how many emotions she would experience. Kristen blamed Eric for why she lost her child. Kristen snapped at her for trying to "analyze" her. Marlena reminded her that she hooked up with Brady considering their history. Kristen said she loved Brady. Marlena asked her why she married Tony. Anna told Tony how she mourned him for 10 years. She was upset that he couldn't make a phone call. Tony tried to explain what happened. She was mad that he touched Kate and married Nicole. He told her how much he loved her. She wanted to know how she could marry Nicole. He told her how Nicole needed his help to get DiMera Enterprises. She told him how he died for that company. She advised him not to get sucked back in with the DiMeras. He told her how Stefan was ruining the company. He thought the company needed to be sad. Anna didn't understand how Nicole could save the company. He told her how she could save it. He also told her how he saved her life and felt responsible for her. Anna didn't understand how he could marry Nicole. He told her that he would always love her. They kissed each other. Will and Sonny asked Xander questions about Ted. Will just wanted a quote from Xander. Will wanted to know who killed Ted. He said he had an idea of who did it. Kristen told Marlena she married Tony to get Brady. Marlena didn't understand how that made sense. Marlena told her that she was going to hurt Brady the same way she hurt Eric. Marlena thought she needed clarity. Kristen warned her to butt out. Kristen grabbed for her gun.

Tony told Anna that he loved her more than ever. Anna thought a part of her knew he was alive. He apologized to her. She wanted to be with him and told her to divorce Nicole. He didn't think he could do it. Hope met John at Doug's Place. She told him about what happened the night Ted died. She needed John's help to find Ted's killer. He agreed to help her. They talked about who could have killed Ted. Hope told John that she suspected Nicole as his killer. Kristen threatened to call the police on her when Brady showed up. He saw Marlena in the room. Xander told Will and Sonny that they were the killers. They denied doing it. He thought Kate might have done it, but Will shot that idea down. John and Hope continued to talk about Nicole possibly being the killer. She told him that Nicole worked with Xander to kidnap Ted and Kate. John wasn't sure if Nicole was capable of murder. Kristen told Brady that Marlena was leaving. Marlena wanted to make time to see her. Brady and Kristen started to make out after she left. John told Hope how he was planning a surprise anniversary party for Marlena. Anna didn't understand why Tony couldn't get divorced. He explained why he couldn't leave Nicole. Anna insisted he divorce her and walk away. He wished he could, but he couldn't. He told her he had to see it to the end. She wanted to know how long it would take. He wasn't sure, but he had to be with her until Nicole became CEO. Anna told him there would be serious repercussions between them. Brady stopped kissing Kristen because everything felt familiar, but it felt different. He wasn't sure why it did. Will figured that Xander was hiding something and he was going to find out what it was. Sonny wanted to help him. Anna thought Tony could get out of the marriage, but he couldn't do it. He begged her to be patient with him. Anna told him that she waited 10 years and wouldn't wait any longer. She walked away from him. He was upset with Kristen for what happened with Anna. Kristen didn't want Brady to keep analyzing what's different about them and enjoy it. They began to make love. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny pretends to be a reverend at Mike's wedding to Yvonne. Carly is in attendance and Michael sneaks in after being with Sasha in isolation. Sonny and Carly decide to renew their vows. Nina is worried about Sasha and Jax finds out. Hayden thinks this is the perfect time to snoop on Wyndemere and does so on her own.

Laura meets with Chelsea who tells her about Amy. She also tells her that her son is in danger. she calls Lucky and he says he is fine. Chelsea meant her other son. Julian and Ava talk about him leaving town. Chelsea tells Ava that Julian isn't going anywhere. Stella decides to go visit her cousin in London and spend time in Europe. Franco is told he is not Drew and is shown a mirror.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis talks to Devon about helping her buy the Grand Phoenix hotel but he tells her he will not do business with her because he can't trust her. Phyllis then goes to Abby who agrees to buy the hotel and make her the manager but only if Phyllis puts in a twenty percent stake. Abby gives Phyllis a week to give her the money or she will buy the hotel and find another manager. Lola gets a heartwarming letter from her father and struggles with the decision of whether or not to invite him to the wedding. Anita finally admits to Chelsea that she and Daryl Calvin's lawyer kept five million dollars from Calvin's off the books shady businesses. Chelsea gets upset and tells Anita to return to Baton Rouge. Anita later sends Daryl to return the money and Chelsea is so touched that Anita returned the money that she gives some of the money to Daryl for he and Anita to share. Adam is upset that Victoria told him Christian had a fever but later sees Christian in the park with Nick, Victoria, Johnny, and Katie. Christian hides when he hears Nick and Adam arguing and Adam finds him and returns him to Nick and Victoria.

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