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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy cries that they cannot apologize and just take Phoebe away. This is the only home she has ever had and it’s happening too fast. Hope explains that Steffy has been a wonderful mother and they will do all they can to make this transition go smoothly. She is taking Beth home tonight. Ridge says there is no reason it has to be right now. Brooke says too much time has been wasted already. Hope says she is sorry but she and Liam are taking Beth home to be a family where she should have been all along. She is sorry but it is time for Steffy to let Beth go. Steffy cries that she realizes this is a life changing moment for them but it is for her too. Takes a while but Wyatt explains to Sally all the sordid details of Hope’s baby being kidnapped and sold and now a secret between Flo and Thomas that Douglas overheard has proven that Phoebe is actually Beth. So Hope and Liam will have their baby they thought was dead. Sally listens and says in reference to Flo that no one is perfect. Wyatt says that is why he had to come see her and say he is sorry for dropping her for a secret much less worse. He realized he had been unfair. He is sorry how he handled things and how quickly he moved on with Flo. She wonders if this is him now wanting to lower the bar and wanting to take her back. She reminds him they are in Los Angeles and there are plenty of Prince Charmings out there so the chances of her having pity on him and taking him back is…….He says he did not come here with any expectations. He just wanted to talk to her the way they used to. Ridge holds onto Steffy as she tries to speak. She says that she only knows this baby as Phoebe since the day she brought her home and she can’t just turn a switch. Liam looks pained. Ridge asks if they can’t just take a few days before they have to take Beth. Steffy can’t believe that Zoe’s father could do something like this. Liam says he really was a terrible man thinking only of himself. Liam says and Flo knew all along and claimed to be Phoebe’s birth mother and signed a bunch of phony documents. Brooke adds and not to forget Thomas. He knew too and never said a word. Liam tells Steffy that he knows her heart is breaking as his is breaking for her as well. And he is sorry as Beth is doing so well. She is the person she is because of Steffy. Beth is so happy and curious and that is all Steffy. But he adds Hope was robbed. She never got the chance to raise her daughter or to teach her or love her and she blamed herself for that when she thought she could not deliver Beth alive. And it put her in a deep depression which will take time to heal.

Liam tells Steffy that he cares for her so much and how they move forward in this defining moment will be huge. Hope adds that it is time for both of them to put their futures together for the best possible futures for both of their daughters. It is time for them both to take charge of their lives again and she is starting now. Steffy cries that Phoebe has been hers since the beginning and she and Kelly have literally changed her life. She’s given them both all her love and affection. And she would give her life sacrificing it for them. But she was not prepared for this. She is not prepared for this now. She wants to fight it. She tries to smile through tears and says she loves them too much. Beth cries and Steffy says “Beth”, and that is Hope’s baby. She needs to be with her mom. She needs to be with Hope. Sally tells Wyatt that IF she were to even consider taking him back he would have to wine and dine her filet and champagne and there would have to be oodles of spa treatments. He says and that probably would be in Hawaii. She jokes it would be like boot camp and she would make sure he suffered for it. He says fine but if it puts that smile on her face like right now then it would be worth it. He gives her a hearty hug which she returns. Ridge tells Liam they will find Reese Buckingham and have him arrested. Hope says they are still one big, blended family. Always have been and always will. Steffy comes back and places Beth in Hope's arms. She tells Beth it has been so wonderful to see her grow up but it is time for Mommy to let her go. This is not goodbye as she will always see her but she has to give her to Hope now. She hands her to Hope and slowly she, Beth and Liam go out the door. Steffy falls to the floor dissolving in Ridge’s arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony was upset with Kristen because she wouldnít let him be with Anna. He called her out for being with Brady, but he couldnít be with Anna. She reminded him how he was married to Nicole. He said he was married to his own sister. He told her that he was supposed to reunite with Anna after she got DiMera Enterprises back. She told him it didnít happen yet so he couldnít be with Anna. Anna went to the pub and saw Kate and Roman hugging. She thought they were back together. Kate told her how Roman was comforting her. Kate thought Anna was back because of Tony. Brady looked at a picture of him and Kristen. Chloe wondered why he was looking at Kristenís picture if he was with Nicole, He told her how he couldnít stop thinking of Kristen. Stefan went to see Ben to ask for his help. He wanted Ben to investigate Ciaraís mother. John talked to Marlena about Tony being alive. They talked about Tony and Nicole getting married. Marlena was surprised that he married Nicole when he loved Anna. Anna told Roman and Kate that she was finally ready to let go of Tony. Chloe didnít understand how Brady ended up with Nicole. Brady told Chloe what happened with Nicole and Eric. Kristen reminded Tony that she was the reason why he was still alive. She told him that she was going to have the company and Brady. He told her how he wanted Anna too. She told him how he couldnít leave. He was going to leave anyway. She threatened to kill him if he left. Ciara wanted to know why Stefan wanted Ben to investigate her mother. Stefan explained why he wanted Hope investigated. She thought he could have done it too. John and Marlena continued to talk about Tony and Anna. Marlena wanted to call Eric, but John wanted to go get something to eat and then talk to their sons. Chloe didnít understand why Tony and Nicole were married. Brady explained everything. He also explained how he ended up in bed with her. Brady didnít understand how he could be in bed with Nicole and think about Kristen. Tony tried to get away from Kristen. She wondered if she was going to kill her the way he killed Ted. She reminded him that he would be in jail if it werenít for her. Anna told Roman and Kate how she wanted a proper resting place for Tony. Roman told Anna that Tonyís ashes werenít in the urn. Kate told her that Tony was alive.

Brady told Chloe how Nicole had scar tissue similar to the tattoo that Kristen had on her back. He thought it was strange. John and Marlena showed up and had questions about Tony and Nicole. Tony told her that Anna would find out that heís alive and he couldnít be married to someone else. Anna was surprised that Tony was alive. She thought they were lying. Stefan told Ciara that he didnít think that Hope killed Ted. He wanted Ben to investigate something Hope said. He explained the story Hope said about the money. Stefan wanted Ben to find out who the woman was that Hope saw in the park. Tony couldnít believe that Kristen threatened to kill Anna. Kristen told him to sneak around with Anna. He didnít want to have an arrangement like that. Anna refused to believe that Tony was alive. Anna wanted to know if Roman saw him. He said he didnít, but Kate said she saw him. Kate told her how he spent the night with him. Anna was ready to go after her. She told her that she would never be with him. Anna wanted to know why he would stay with her when he had a lot of friends. She told her that he was married. Kristen kept telling Tony that he could be with Anna, but not in public. He told her how she would never want to share him. Kristen changed her mind about him seeing her and wanted him to stay away from Anna. She thought Anna would open her mouth. She told him that she would eliminate her if he did see her again. Tony couldnít believe she would murder the woman he loves. She said she didnít want to do it, but she wouldnít have a choice. She threw up in his face how he was the murderer. She reminded him that he would be in jail if it werenít for her. She planned on going to the police if he didnít do what she wanted. Marlena told Chloe about having an anniversary party at Dougís Place. John was shocked when Brady told him how he slept with Nicole. Brady told John that things with Nicole could be different this time. Stefan, Ben, and Ciara talked about who the woman Hope saw could be. Stefan thought he knew who she was. Chloe asked Marlena if she could talk to Nicole. John warned Brady to be careful with Nicole. Anna couldnít believe Tony would marry Nicole. She thought Nicole planned it to get back at her. Kate told her it had nothing to do with her. Anna wanted to know where they were and they finally told her. Tony realized that Kristen never cared about him being with Anna. She told him that she cared about the family. Tony didnít believe her and wanted to leave. Stefan told Ben and Ciara that Nicole was the one Hope saw. Ciara thought Hope would have recognized her, but Stefan reminded her that she said the woman looked familiar. Stefan said he couldnít investigate it so he needed Benís help. Ben agreed to help him. Anna ran into Tony at the town square. John went to Chloe to plan a surprise for Marlena. Marlena went to Kristenís room to see her. Kristen thought she was Brady until Marlena called out to her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Carly show up at the home with Stella for Mike and Yvonne's wedding. Mike thinks that Sonny is the priest. Stella sees Marcus and he brought her favorite dress to wear. Stella and Marcus go to have a meal together. Mike and Sonny discuss the wedding as strangers. Sonny tells Mike he forgives him. Stella finds out her relative wants to meet her after all.

Julian and Kim meet with Lucy about selling their properties. Kristina finds out and it angry at first. Alexis goes to therapy with Kevin only to find out that he is treating Neil and can't work with her as well. Cam is still upset over what happened and tells Joss and Trina. Elizabeth waits for Franco to wake up. He does but he is clearly not Franco anymore.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Phyllis and Abbey are going over the lounge design at Society when Theo appears. Phyllis learns about Summer and Abbey’s run in the prior night, Phyllis warns Abbey that she doesn’t want a catfight at the opening, Phyllis thinks Abbey is just jealous of Summer. At Adam’s, Chelsea watches on as Adam bonds with Connor. He then goes into the kitchen and Adam thanks Chelsea. He asks her to let Connor live with him. Chelsea is stunned and tells him that he is practically a stranger. Chelsea won’t allow her son to be used as a weapon. Connor appears and senses the tension between them. Later Adam has a business proposition for Devon and offers to sell him the Grand Phoenix. Meanwhile, Victor is in his office and has a dizzy spell. Nick arrives and they discuss Victoria’s successful plan. Nick also credits Phyllis with helping Victoria get the real estate back. Nick tells Victor that he wasn’t happy with how he acquired the real estate and hopes to open the slate clean. Victor assures him it is all wiped clean.

The two discuss Victor’s treatment and then on to Nick’s hitting Adam because Adam told Christian that he is his father. Victor regrets bringing Adam back to town. He tells Nick he will handle this and it’s better if he doesn’t know his plan. Later Victor orders someone on the phone and tells them his grandson’s future depends on it. Later Abbey arrives and fills him in on what happened with Summer and how she is now working with Phyllis. Victor wants her not to turn her back on Phyllis but Abbey is more concerned about Adam. Back at Nick’s house Connor argues with Chelsea about not telling him his dad was alive. Nick arrives and later questions Chelsea whether she is going to run off again. Chelsea assures him she won’t. Back at Dark Horse Phyllis wraps up a meeting with Theo when Adam arrives. He asks who her boy toy is before filling her in on his reuniting with Connor, Adam then reveals that he offered the deal to Devon and tells her to leave. She reminds him he is just a guy with money and nothing else. Adam informs her that he intends to be on top of the world with both of his sons.

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