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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy looks at Beth and says no. that is Phoebe. Ridge argues with Brooke and says they will deal with Thomas later. Right now he needs to concentrate and see Steffy. Eric praises Sally’s sketches and says they are much faster they he expected. She says she should break relationships sooner. He says she does not have to pretend it does not hurt. And he is sorry that she and Wyatt did not work it out. But there are worse things to get involved in than work. She says she has more going on than just wallowing and maybe she can get into online dating. He says she has many wonderful qualities. She says she just wished it had been Wyatt. Ridge launches into Flo and says she took a baby and sold it. She is messing with people’s lives. And now it is not fair to Steffy. He takes their purses and gets their driver’s licenses. Liam tells a stunned Steffy they can have all the genetic tests she wants done but the guilty parties have already confessed. Beth was here the whole time with her and Kelly and she is thriving. Hope says she had given up on miracles but she is glad Beth found her way back to her. Almost crying, Steffy keeps saying that is Phoebe. She has been raising her and Hope is not taking her anywhere. Liam tries to calm things but Steffy is crying by now and keeps calling Beth Phoebe and it is not fair for Hope to try and erase her. Hope says she is trying to be fair and she would never try to erase Beth from her life. But Steffy has to know that Hope has been separated from Beth far too long. Steffy keeps saying she is not Beth; this is Phoebe. She engages Liam to try and explain to Hope that she is not taking this baby home. He stammers around with his words but tells her they thought they had lost Beth and was told she was dead. But now they have found her but they will not take her completely away from Steffy. They will work something out. Ridge and Brooke come barging in and he runs to Steffy and asks if she is ok. She rails that NO, she is not.

Wyatt knocks on Sally’s door at work and asks if she has a minute. Slowly he says something happened. She asks good or bad. He says a little of both. He has a hard time getting it out that sometimes you don’t know people as well as you think you do. She guesses he is talking about Flo. He says before he tells her he needs to apologize….for the way he ended things with Sally. He was upset that Sally was keeping secrets from him yet telling Thomas. People make mistakes and Sally’s was not that bad. He regrets the way he ended things; he was wrong. She asks what happened to the high school sweethearts reunited. He has to admit that is not happening now. She asks if he is coming crawling back. He says he just knows when all of this happened he could not think of anything more important than seeing her. Brooke tries to calm things down and Steffy says her mind is finally grasping all of this. But Phoebe has always been with her and Hope can still sort of be her mother and just leave Phoebe here in her home. They agreed to always put the children first. Brooke tells her how foolish and unreasonable that would be. Ridge says they are only trying to make this work for everyone. Steffy lashes out once more to Liam to say something; tell Hope she is wrong. Hope still holding Beth tightly says there is no way she is leaving here without her daughter. She’s been kept from her for far too long. And Steffy better not dare try to stop her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan went to the DiMera mansion and let Gabi know that she wasnít going to get away with what she did. Kate wanted to know if her life was in danger and wanted Tony to tell her if he was working with Kristen. Rafe saw Hope holding the necklace Ted gave her. She told him that things were more complicated than he thought. Brady pictured Kristen lying on her back with the Phoenix on her back. Kristen came out of the shower and wanted to know what he was thinking. He told her that he was thinking about work, but she wanted him to be honest with her. Sarah wasnít sure if she could go to work because of what she did to Rex. He wanted her to go to Chicago with him. She thought she should go to work. Roman showed up when she was about to leave. Hope explained to Rafe how she ended up with the necklace. She also told him about the woman she saw who dropped the $100. Brady admitted how he thought about Kristen when Nicole got out of bed. Gabi tried to grab the poker to use on Stefan, but he told her that he wasnít a killer. He wasnít a killer. He told her that he wasnít going to prison. Rex met with Chloe and told her that he was leaving town. He couldnít be around Sarah or Eric. Roman wanted Sarah and Eric to keep their distance from each other. Eric told Roman it was too late because Rex knew she was at his apartment. Sarah left for work. Roman told Eric he should be waiting for the woman he loved to be with him. Eric told him how Nicole married Tony. Eric said he was moving on. Roman asked him if Sarah knew he was only with her because Nicole moved on with her life. Brady apologized for thinking about Kristen. Kristen believed that he still had feelings for her. Kristen kept pushing Brady to admit that he loved her. She wanted to tell the truth too. Rafe and Hope talked about what happened with the woman she saw that dropped the money.

Stefan put Gabi on notice that he would take back what he owned and that he would destroy her. He was about to admit that he had feelings for her, but he refused to say it. Roman was with Rex and they talked about what happened with Eric and Sarah. Kate walked in while they were talking. Rafe warned Hope that she had to turn in the necklace to Eli. Hope wanted to confide in him because she trusted him. Hope explained to Rafe how she got into Tedís room. Hope wondered if it was a coincidence how the necklace and the money were missing. She thought the mystery woman destroyed the evidence. Tony walked in on Kristen in bed with Brady. He wanted to have a minute with Kristen. Hope and Rafe continued to talk about Tedís death. He wondered if she thought Gabi was behind his death. Stefan told Gabi that she lost her control over her, but he didnít lose it over him. Hope told Rafe that she thought Gabi was right about Stefanís innocence. Brady decided to leave Kristenís room even though she wanted him to stay. Brady left the room so Tony and Kristen kept talking. She told him that was about to tell Brady the truth. He thought she was out of her mind. Kate thought Sarah was the one who should quit her job. She also reminded him that the town was small. He told her that he was leaving. Rex told Kate and Roman that he was going to Chicago to see Emily. Kate tried to talk him out of going, but he wanted to talk him out of it. Stefan wasnít convinced that Gabi didnít love him. He was sure that she did. She said she only felt content for him. She warned him that he would end up like Ted. Hope and Rafe continued to talk about Tedís death. Hope was convinced that Stefan was innocent. She knew that a woman went to Tedís place the night he was killed. Tony told Kristen what Kate told him. He told her everything that Kate said. He warned her that the walls were closing in them. Tony wanted to go back to Anna and she could be with Brady. Kristen didnít want him to do that. Eric and Sarah met up at the town square. They talked about Rex leaving town when he showed up. Sarah wanted to talk to Rex, but he stopped her. He loved her and hoped that Eric would betray her too. Rafe called Gabi to let her know that Stefan might be innocent. Stefan met with Hope at the park and wanted to know if she killed Ted. Hope told him that she knew he might have done it. Kristen told Tony that he had to get used to not seeing Anna. Anna showed up at the pub while Kate and Roman were hugging.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco is brought to GH where he has not woken up yet. Cabot tells Drew that his lawyer will be in contact for his trial. When Franco wakes up he will know why he thinks he will be ok with testifying on his behalf. Cam talks with Drew about everything. Lucas has to check up on Shiloh. Shiloh is taken away in handcuffs and Cam tries to hurt him but Drew stops him.

Lulu finds out that Dante is not going to get better anytime soon. Lulu understands and later tells Maxie that she is not giving up on her marriage. Robert thinks that Peter is responsible for all of this. Willow reads a text wrong and thinks that Chase was admitted to GH. She shows up and sees Shiloh going to jail.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola puts an end to the cat fight between Summer and Abby and the shoving match between Kyle and Theo by taking the microphone and telling everyone to stop what they are doing and put their differences aside to enjoy the party. Summer, Theo, and Kyle apologize to Lola and promise no more fighting tonight. Kyle wants to see Lola happy on her wedding day so he wants to go to Miami and bring her mother back but Jack offers to go and not come home without Celeste. Devon gets called away on business so Elena goes to talk to Nate who is even more confused by Abby. Elena advises Nate not to chase Abby but pull back and let her chase him . Nate takes Elena's advice and turns down Abby's offer of a dance and tells Nate he has to take Elena home. Nick tells Victoria how he fell right into Adam's set up at the park. Victoria thinks they should consult a child psychologist about the best way to tell Christian the truth. Victoria tells Adam that he shouldn't tell Christian the truth or she will tell the judge that he tried to tell Christian the truth without preparing him and then he provoked Nick into a fight. Adam tells Nick and Victoria that he filed assault charges against him and that he won't rest until he sees him in jail. Nick tells Rey his side of the story and Rey tells him he will slow down the investigation as much as possible but he can't break the rules or he will lose his job . Jack warns Summer that Theo is a trouble maker but she tells him she can handle Theo because they only have a casual relationship. Theo and Summer leave the party and get stuck in the Athletic club elevator where they have sex. Chelsea tells Connor Adam is alive and Connor insists on seeing his father tonight. Chelsea calls Nick to tell him that she is going to take Connor to see Adam and he worries that Connor's reunion with Adam will make Adam fight harder to get custody of both boys. Connor and Adam have a heartwarming reunion and Connor wants to spend the night so Chelsea agrees that they will both spend the night at Adam's place.

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