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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope keeps saying she is sorry and Liam tells her to stop. She tells Beth that even when she called her Phoebe she looked so familiar. Steffy comes in with Kelly, saying the appointment took a little longer. Ridge keeps questioning Zoe and Flo and asks if the doctor who signed the adoption papers knew about this. Shauna chimes in that Flo did not know. Flo tries to explain by time she found out it was only a name. She did not know Hope until later. Ridge tells Shauna do not take a step toward the door. She retorts that she is going nowhere without her daughter. Liam gets a phone call and tells Hope that it is her mom. He tells Brooke now is not a great time for her to talk, but Hope takes the phone and says she is at Steffy’s and she just got in. All is fine. She will see her soon. Steffy says the girls need to go down for a nap but Liam says they just woke Phoebe up so he’d like her to stay for a few more minutes. Ridge tells Brooke that if Steffy is home then he is going over there. He tells Shauna and Flo they are not going anywhere.

Steffy says she has been trying to get in touch with Thomas but cannot reach him. Hope asks if Douglas is okay. Steffy says he is on a play date but was acting a little strange as well as Hope. Then she says she has vibes that things are not exactly normal here. She asks Hope to put her daughter down; she is holding her differently that she normally does. And Hope is supposed to be on her honeymoon and Liam charged off to see Flo. So something must have happened. Liam says yes Flo lied. She is not the baby mama; she was doing a favor for a doctor friend. Steffy says he keeps calling it a baby or the child, she has a name. Hope says yes they know her. Steffy has to sit down, and the more she hears she says she is going to be sick. With all this information they must know who the birth mother is that held a dead baby and yet the doctor kidnapped a well newborn and sold her. It’s on her lips but Hope can’t make herself say the word; she is the mother. Ridge asks if Carter knows any of this. Flo tells him no. The doctor who signed those adoption papers thought he was being honest and doing the right thing. Flo says they both knew they were wrong and argued about it almost every day. She even tells Ridge that Thomas knew. He does not believe it. His son is a good son; he would not do something like this. Flo says yes he knew he would lose Hope the minute she knew Beth was alive before she left Liam. Steffy panics and wants to make some phone calls. Liam says if they can please wait on that; they just need to talk some more. Steffy wants to call her mother but Hope says better not, it was her colleague, Dr. Buckingham, that stole the baby. Taylor knew nothing of this. Steffy says she knew that and she would not care about the money as long as Phoebe is here now. But the more Hope talks Steffy is beginning to slowly put the pieces together yet is still floored when Hope finally says this is her daughter, Beth... and tells Steffy that she has been a fabulous mother and knows her daughter better than she does.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rex talked to Maggie about what happened with Sarah and Eric. He thought Maggie enjoyed what he was going through. He wanted to go upstairs to talk to Sarah, but he found out that she was with Eric. She never came home. Eric and Sarah woke up together. She thought he regretted what happened between them. He told her that he didnít regret it. Rafe went to see Gabi at the DiMera mansion. He couldnít believe she married Stefan. She told him how she took everything from Stefan. Rafe didnít understand what was happening with her. He told her how Stefan was arrested for Tedís murder. She was convinced that Stefan was innocent. Rafe wondered why Gabi cared so much when she cut him off. Kate woke up and realized that Tony was in her room. She and Tony talked about Ted. She was afraid she would be next. Hope and Kayla talked about Ted getting killed. Hope was afraid she would be accused of killing him. Eric and Sarah talked about feeling bad about Rex. They kissed each other. Rex felt that Sarah didnít waste any time being with Eric. He walked out of the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie called Sarah, but she and Eric were making love so she didnít hear the phone. After they made love, they talked about what to do next. They started kissing again until Rex showed up. He asked them about their night. Rafe wondered why Gabi thought Stefan was innocent. Gabi continued to defend Stefan. Rafe wanted to know who framed Stefan. She suggested that he question Nicole. Brady wanted to know why Kristen was being so jumpy. She told him that she was insecure about the scars. She wondered if he enjoyed them being together. Brady said he enjoyed it, but something seemed different.

Kate told Tony that she was afraid because of the kidnapping. Tony wanted to know who kidnapped her. She told him that Stefan was the one who did it. Tony wanted to help her, but she had to trust him. Kate admitted that Kristen was the one who kidnapped them. Kristen made it seem like Brady thought it was different for them because of Eric. She told him that she belonged to him. Hope thanked Kayla for listening to her. She offered to pay for lunch, but Hope wouldnít hear it. Hope put a $100 bill on the table. Kayla wondered about the money so Hope told her about how she found it. Gabi continued to defend Stefan to Rafe. Rafe was still confused about why she chose to defend him. Gabi told him how she felt about Stefan. Sarah apologized to Rex for the way he found out about them. Rex told them how he got drunk with Xander and they talked about how high and mighty Eric was being. Eric tried to stop him, but Rex continued to go off on Eric. Tony didnít want to believe what Kate was telling him about Kristen. Kate told him how she has Kristen and Stefan after her. She wanted him to help her. Gabi continued to deny her feelings for Rafe. Rafe didnít believe that for one minute. Rafe was glad that her heart was still working after what she went through. She told him that she was thinking clearly about him. Rafe wanted her to be careful with Stefan. She reminded him that she took everything from him so he would want to go after her. She didnít think Stefan would hurt her. Rafe wanted her to take care of herself. Rafe admitted that he was glad Ted was out of Hopeís life. Hope thought about the mystery woman who dropped the money. Kate wanted Tonyís help with Kristen. He told her that he didnít know how he would get in touch with Kristen. Kate figured he was lying, Sarah wasnít looking forward to going to work because of Rex. Rex told Kayla that he was quitting. Hope looked through the garbage at the park and found the necklace Ted gave her. Rafe saw Hope by the garbage and wanted to know what she was doing. Kate told Tony how she wasnít the only one who saw Kristen. She explained how Maggie saw her. Kate thought that Kristen and Nicole teamed up. She wanted to know if he was working with Nicole and Kristen. Brady suddenly thought about the tattoo on Kristenís back when he made love to her before. He jumped in the bed because of it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco finds Cam at Cabotís warehouse and demands that Cam be let go. Shiloh is not going to do that. Cabot doesnít want to do this procedure on a child. Shiloh doesnít care he has gone to far at this point. Franco is able to get them to switch him out for Cam. Elizabeth keeps calling Cam looking for him. She is unable to find him though until Jason gets his location through Spinelli.

Jason tells Sam to stay in bed. Sam finds it hypocritical for Jason of all people to tell her what to do. Jason knows but doesnít care. Drew and Curtis go looking for Lucy who sold a house to Cabot. Lucy remembers and is able to tell them were. Sasha is admitted to the hospital with a rare flu that they cannot figure out what it is. She ends up in isolation.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea is thrilled when Connor returns home and she tells him she wants to move to Genoa City and Connor wants to know why she wants to move back to Genoa City. Chelsea is also shocked when Anita turns down her offer of a million dollars and tells her money isn't everything. Anita insists that she just wants to be a good mother to her and a good grandmother to Connor. Chelsea knows her mother is hiding something but can't ask more questions because they are interrupted by Connor. Anita thinks Chelsea should be with Adam and not Nick but Chelsea makes it clear that she and Nick are just friends. Kyle and Lola's friends and family gather for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Billy and Sharon don't feel like being there so they go to Crimson Lights to talk and Sharon tells Billy that Rey found her with Adam and Billy thinks Adam has cast a spell on her because that is the only way she would be with him. Billy tells her everything that has been happening with him since he saw the therapist and he also tells her that he thinks Delia's spirit is trying to tell him something important. Rey welcomes Kyle into the family and Jack tells Lola that she has a back up father in him starting today. Kyle stops Theo from speaking because he thinks he is going to reveal what happened in New York and then he takes Theo aside to talk. The audience discovers that Theo did something to a girl that caused the girl to almost die and then Kyle paid off the girl's father. Abby is angry with Summer because she brought Theo to the party knowing that he and Kyle are fighting. Abby accuses Summer of trying to hang on to Kyle although he doesn't love her and never will love her. Summer throws a bucket of ice on Abby's head causing a little cat fight which Mariah breaks up before it goes too far.

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