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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope can’t believe it as she holds Beth. This is their beautiful baby. They both squeal with delight. But then she wants to know how. Brooke tells Shauna to shut up. There is no protecting her daughter any more. Ridge asks if Phoebe is Beth and Flo nods yes. He wants her to explain. Before she says a word, Zoe opens the door to come in. She sees the group and says she will come back. Ridge says no, come on in as they were just ready to talk about her dad who is responsible for all of this. They know the truth. Zoe first denies it; she knows nothing about this. Upon questioning she admits her life was in danger and that is why her father stepped in and did what he did. Brooke tells Flo that saving her own butt was more important than telling the truth about her daughter’s baby. She wants more details how Hope held that dead baby and Dr. Buckingham convinced them her baby was dead. But he ended up with a live baby. And they wonder if Steffy knew. Flo says no. By time she got involved it was a done deal just posing as the birth mom. Ridge remembers seeing Taylor with a case full of money so she was the go between. Zoe apologizes and says her dad hated himself for it. Brooke says she cannot believe Flo did this just as a favor. Shauna nods for her to tell the truth. Flo says she is not making excuses but Reese did give her a little money for her part. She threw it back at him but that does not matter now. Brooke continues to rail at Zoe and Flo for knowing all the details and willfully and knowingly keeping all of this from Hope whose heart had broken into a million pieces when she thought Beth had died. And then months went by and Brooke worried about her, right up to the time her marriage to Liam split. Flo and Zoe had time then to speak up and tell the truth.

Liam also has to explain to Hope how all of this happened and how Taylor was involved when she had innocently told Reese that Steffy was looking to adopt and viola – he came up with the perfect baby girl. And one more thing she needs to know. Around the time that Emma found out, Thomas was involved. Hope is aghast that he knew too and did not say a word. Liam says that is why he went after him so hard today. That is the selfish bastard he knew he was. Ridge picks up the phone and calls someone to find Dr. Buckingham and arrest him. Zoe begs them to go easy. He was desperate as the thugs would have killed her. Shauna says please go easy on Flo; if they want to blame anyone, blame her for Flo not telling them the truth. Brooke says not to worry, all of them will pay for this, she guarantees it. But right now all she can think of is her granddaughter and she tells Ridge they need to go tell Hope. Hope remembers lots of little things along the way. None of this should have happened and Beth was living right under their noses. Her marriage to Thomas should not have happened. She tells Liam that she loves him and he repeats he loves her too. Happy faces as they look at Beth and she says “welcome to our family.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told Tony about getting rid of Tedís body. She told him how she took him back to his apartment. Eli took Stefan to the police department to question him about Ted. Sarah saw Ericís face and knew Rex did it to him. She blamed herself for what happened. She wanted to know where they were supposed to go from there. He wasnít sure what to do. Sarah reminded him how he was still in love with Nicole. He explained what happened with her. Eric knew she didnít want to talk about Nicole. He knew she was wondering if they could be together. Brady talked to Kristen about what happened when Gabi got control of DiMera. Brady told Kristen how Gabi seduced Stefan and took the company from her. Hope met with Eli to tell her about Ted being dead.

Hope and Eli talked about how Stefan was going to see Ted. Stefan was brought in the office and he denied killing him. Kate ran into Tony at the town square and she thought he was Andre. He explained how he was Tony. Brady continued to tell Kristen about Gabiís plan for Stefan. Kristen told Brady they could rule Salem and prove what they were capable of doing. Sarah wanted to know what was stopping them from being together. Eric didnít think they could be happy together. She believed they could be. She admitted that she loved him. Hope told Stefan how he wanted to find out the truth from Ted no matter what. He reminded her how she thought something was up with Ted too. She thought he was trying to accuse her of killing Ted. Eli wanted him to be taken away. Sarah continued to pour her heart out to him. She begged him to put his happiness first. Eric and Sarah kissed. Tony told Kate how he married Nicole. He explained how he married her in name only. Kristen wanted to be with Brady. Brady gave in to temptation and kissed her. Hope told Eli how she talked to Ted about the kidnapping. She told him how she found the money at his apartment. Brady and Kristen were about to make love. She texted Tony to let him know that she was with Brady. Tony told Kristen that Nicole was with someone else and wanted to buy her a drink. Eric admitted that he loved Sarah. They went in his bedroom. Hope saw Tony and Kate together. Hope told Kate about Ted being murdered. Stefan told Eli how heís being framed for Tedís death. He was sure that Nicole was involved in it. Kristen stopped making love to Brady to tell him about the scars on her body. Brady understood so she turned out the light. Eric and Sarah made love.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam wakes up in the hospital and admits she is not alright to Jason. Jason tells her that Shiloh is at large. Finn and Elizabeth show up and explain to them that Cabot is in town. Jason and Sam seem worried. Shiloh and Cabot hold Cam hostage and plan on doing the memory mapping on him.

Franco is told by the medium he needs to take the drive. Scott calls and tells him to go find Cam whose car has been reported. Franco finds Cam with Cabot and Shiloh. Laura tries to convince Ava that Chelsea is a fraud but Laura calls her herself. Nina and Valentin decide to get married. Sasha passes out. Jax and Hayden try to figure out a way onto Nina's good side.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis asks Devon, Nick, and Nikki to help her buy the Grand Phoenix but they all say no to her and she becomes very frustrated because she doesn't want Adam to keep the hotel. Chelsea is nervous because Connor arrives home tomorrow and she has to find a way to tell him that Adam is alive. Adam calls the police to report that Nick assaulted him so Rey takes the call and goes to Adam's place to take a statement. Adam tells Rey what happened and that Sharon witnessed the whole thing and Rey is shocked and hurt to see Sharon at Adam's place. Sharon confirms that she saw Nick punch Adam then Rey leaves and tells Adam someone from the department will be in touch with him. Billy is at the Chancellor mansion when he gets a text from Victoria asking him if he wants to come home and watch Spiderman. He lies and says he is at the office and has a lot of work to do. Billy asks Delia to send him a message about what she wants him to do and he will do it. Billy spends hours at the mansion pacing and talking to Delia begging her to tell him what she needs him to do eventually he falls asleep and has another nightmare and awakens when he hears Delia say "Daddy I am so cold". Victoria sends another text telling Billy that "Spiderman has nothing on him you have always been my superhero almost finished." Billy texts Victoria and tells her he is finally making progress then he sees "stop Adam now" and tells Delia that he got her message loud and clear. Sharon tells Adam that sleeping together was a mistake and to not follow her and stay out of her life. Adam tells Sharon that no matter how hard she tries they will end up together because they are meant to be together.

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