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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Liam hold onto each other and rejoice in the knowledge that their daughter, Beth, is alive and they both have known her all along. Liam promises he will tell her everything as much as he knows. They drop by the cliff house and proclaim she is all theirs. Brooke questions Ridge of why he looks worried. Quickly he tells her Liam is trying to find answers and he is starting with the birth certificate and finds Flo never gave birth at the Vegas hospital. Maybe something is wrong with the paperwork, but he prepares her that Liam thinks Beth is still alive and among them. Shauna drops in on Flo at work while she is rumbling through her desk. Shauna wants to know what is wrong. Flo admits she could not wait. Wyatt figured it out for himself. He knows all now. She does not think he will want her in his life now. Shauna assures her she is not going to prison for this. Flo says she knew there would be consequences but nothing prepared her for the conversation with Wyatt. It is over. And now Hope’s whole family will be angry at her as well they should. Hope can’t quit crying with tears of happiness and shaking off disbelief. Brooke is shocked that Liam thinks Beth is alive. And he also thinks Phoebe is Beth so of course this upsets Steffy. It was a comment Douglas made while spending the night at Steffy’s – he said Phoebe was Beth.

Ridge says but Hope is with Thomas now. There is no Liam or Beth. Brooke won't listen to anymore. She tears off saying she wants some answers, so should Ridge. Shauna tells Flo just to tell the Logans that she begged her not to tell because she was so afraid for her. Liam goes into the nursery and brings Beth out as Hope reaches out with her longing hands. She cries more when Beth calls her mama. Hope holds her to her heart and she and Liam kiss with Beth between. Shauna demands that Flo get out of here. Flo says she is not going to take her well meaning advice about this anymore. She has no intention of running until she talks to Hope. Brooke, followed by Ridge, rushes to see Flo at the office. Brooke wants answers. She reminds her that the Logan's and Forrester's have given her a new life. Now they want answers. Either she gave birth or she didn’t. When Flo admits she is not the mother, Brooke demands to know who is. Is Liam right, is Hope the mother? Flo says yes, Phoebe is Beth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen showed Ted her true identity. She warned him that he couldnít live now that he knew her identity. He and Tony fought over the gun and Ted died. Jack was glad that Eli took the job. He told Eli how he and Eve were getting a divorce. Eli wondered if he was going to get back together with Jennifer. Jennifer talked to Abe about what happened with Jack and Eve. Abe couldnít believe it. Jennifer thought Jack would never get his memory back. Jack told Eli that he and Jennifer wouldnít be getting back together. Stefan was trying to get to Nicole when Hope stopped him. She wanted to know what happened. He said for her to ask Ted. Kristen wondered why Tony had to kill Ted. He thought that they could bring him back to life. Kristen told him that they couldnít get any more serum. He wanted to call the police, but she tried to stop him. Stefan tried to convince Hope that Kate, Ted, and Nicole were setting him up. He told her that Gabi gave him the idea before she betrayed him. Gabi told Brady how she pulled off her revenge on Stefan. She explained what she did. Kristen told Tony that they couldnít tell the police anything. She reminded him that DiMeras are guilty until proven innocent. Tony didnít like the idea of covering up a murder. Tony wanted to know what to do now. He thought someone might have heard the gunshot. Eli told Jack how he got a call from Stefan about being framed. Jack wanted to go see Kristen and Tony. Kristen and Tony heard Tedís phone ring and they let it go to voicemail.

Eli went to see Nicole and saw Tony. He wanted to talk to her about the kidnapping. Abe and Jennifer continued to talk about Jack until he walked by them. Abe went up to Jack to apologize for what happened with Eve. Jack thought he was rubbing it in his face. Brady reminded Gabi how he had the same plan with Eve until he fell in love with her. Gabi assured him that she wouldnít fall for him. Hope was shocked that Tony was alive. Stefan told her that the only way he could get his company back was to clear his name. He didnít expect her to believe him. She did believe what he said. Tony let Eli in the room. Kristen dragged Tedís body out in a trunk. Tony told Eli that Nicole was taking out the trash. Tony noticed the bloodstains on the floor. Stefan was determined to solve the case on his own. Brady didnít think that Gabi would last at the company. She let him know that he shouldnít underestimate her. Tony managed not to let Eli see the stains on the floor. Jack didnít tell Abe much about Eve. He didnít feel like sharing his personal information with him. Abe offered to help Jack find a new commissioner. He told Abe that Eli was offered the job. Eli noticed that Tony was nervous when he put him on notice. Eli wanted to be tough on crime. Eli congratulated Tony on his marriage. They talked about how Nicole moved on so fast after losing her daughter. Kristen took Tedís body back to his room. Jennifer joined Jack and Abe and thought Eli was a great choice for commissioner. Jennifer thought he was a different person with Eve. Jack was going to be the person he is right now. Jack walked out of the room. Abe believed that Jack was feeling regret for what he did. Jennifer didnít think so, but Abe thought he did. Gabi warned Brady that she would take his company down the same way she took down Stefan if he kept underestimating her. Kristen made Tedís place look like a robbery. She found the money in his room and took it. Kristen took everything out of his apartment and left. Eli and Jack talked about going to see Ted. Stefan went to Tedís apartment and noticed him on the floor. Ted turned his body over and saw that he was shot. Stefan looked around the room. Stefan went back to the body. Tony tried to wipe the stain off the floor. Brady knocked on the door looking for Nicole. Tony wanted to know what his intentions were with his wife. Kristen put a scarf on her head. She threw the necklace out and dropped a bill on the ground. Hope saw the bill and told her that she dropped it. Stefan wanted to know who killed Ted. Stefan had the gun in his hand when Eli and Jack showed up.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola invites Summer to her and Kyle's co-ed Bachelor/ Bachelorette party and tells Summer that they may never be friends but she doesn't want them to be enemies. Summer tells Lola she will go to the party and invites Theo as her date. Kyle warns Theo not to tell anyone about what happened in New York. Abby is angry with Mariah for planning the party for Kyle and Lola without consulting her but decides to be a team player and invites Nate to be her date for the party. Nate brings dinner over to Devon and Elena's place and talks to them about Abby giving him mixed signals and they both advise him to give Abby time since she has been hurt by other men in the past. Nick arrives at the park and tells Christian that Uncle Adam was only joking when he told him that he is his real l father but Adam tells Christian he wasn't joking. Nick tells Monique the nanny to take Christian to Crimson Lights and get him some cookies. Nick and Adam then start a long argument in the park about how each of them is hurting Christian and Adam calls Nick the world's doormat. Adam also tells Nick that he will take Christian away from him and make sure that he forgets all about him. Nick then starts to punch Adam just as Sharon arrives to witness the whole thing because Adam had texted her earlier to come spend some time with him and Christian. Nick arrives home and tells Chelsea the whole story and they realize Adam set the whole thing up and Nick played right into Adam's hands. Nick persuades Chelsea to bring Connor home and he promises that together they will protect Connor and Christian from Adam. Adam tells Sharon that Nick beat him up because he got jealous when he saw Christian playing with him at the park. Sharon patches up Adam's cuts which leads to kissing and making love.

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