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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope do not answer the door, and then he blurts out their daughter did not die. Hope cannot comprehend that. But Liam rants on and on that Beth did not die. She is alive and now they both know why they were so drawn to Phoebe and have this bond. This is their daughter. And Thomas knew and kept it from her. She won’t believe that. He says Thomas took advantage of her grief but Beth is alive and they have their miracle. He asks her to come with him. Just take one look at Phoebe and she will know that is their Beth. Ridge offers to watch Phoebe while Steffy takes Kelly to her doctor visit. She holds Phoebe and says this is her precious little girl and they will ask Flo and get her to explain the discrepancy. This cannot be Beth. He admits it is a little strange that the doctor would not identify Flo. He’s not blaming Liam as it is tough losing a child but they will all figure this out. She says her brain agrees but her stomach is in knots. He hugs her and says Beth is gone but her little Phoebe is right over there. Thomas keeps beating on the door with Liam still explaining to Hope, until Thomas finally breaks in the door. He and Liam have a stare off. Finally Thomas comes charging toward Liam and pushes him and tells him to back off. Hope is his wife now. Hope jumps in between to keep them apart. She asks Thomas if Liam is telling her the truth about Beth being alive and him knowing it. Thomas calls Liam a lying son of a bitch. Liam says tell that to his son. Thomas knocks Liam in the jaw and he falls to the floor. Then he grabs Hope and runs out the door. Flo tells Wyatt that she got in too fast and could not get out. She says she wishes she could do it all over again. She tried to tell some that Beth was alive but Zoe or Xander always came in between. Then Thomas found out and he threatened her that he would destroy her life. She did not know what to do. She begs him for a way to forgive her. She keeps saying she is still the same person he fell in love with. Wyatt reminds her this is his family; Liam is his brother so this affects almost everyone around him. She still cries that she hopes he can forgive her and know how sorry she is. She is glad he found out as now she can breathe again. He says she is not the woman he loved and he sees no way they can stay together and have that baby that she wants now. Flo tells Wyatt that she knows it is not enough but she is so sorry she kept the secret and let everyone think Beth had died. He can’t imagine what kind of person would do that. Thomas knocks Liam down and grabs Hope and rushes her to the roof. She is begging him to let her go. He says no, she has to forget Beth and Liam. He is her husband now and if she gets back with Liam he will only get her in a room and tell her more lies. Wyatt tells Flo that he is questioning everything right now, her integrity and his judgment. She tells him again that she wanted to tell but she knew she would lose him. He says no, she would have been a hero to everyone. She says it does not matter now. She probably will go to jail. She always knew there would be consequences. All that matters now is Hope and Beth.

On the roof Hope finally manages to get away from Thomas. As he pursues her Liam has followed and blindsides him from the back and knocks him down. From there it is a free for all with bodies hurling back and forth and being knocked to the ground only to spring up again. Finally Thomas gets in one last punch and Liam goes down again. With Hope screaming, he tells her that he loves her so much. This cannot be the way it ends; too much is at stake. She says this is not love; and he even hit Liam. Thomas says he deserved to be as he locked her in the room and fed her lies. She backs away and asks who he is. He apologizes and says he is sorry but he loves her so much. She cries then if he does just tell her the truth about Beth. She will not be mad at him. Suddenly Liam is back up and knocks Thomas down but in the next second Thomas punches him in the guts lowering Liam. With Hope yelling for them to stop, both go at it again trading several heavy punches and moving around to where it looks like one might be thrown over the side of the building. Thomas breaks away and leaves by the exit. He calls the pilot who says he cannot land for the wind speed. Thomas does not care about that; just get here. Liam gets up and he and Hope follow as Thomas races down the helipad. Liam catches up and lunges from behind and knocks Thomas flat. Liam gets him in a choke hold around his neck wanting to twist it off as he demands that Thomas tell Hope the truth. When he won’t Hope knows the answer. Thomas has just enough energy to give Liam one last punch with his elbow in his gut. He takes off further down the helipad. Liam is staggering and Hope asks him to stay. She wants to be sure she heard right – Beth is alive. Breathlessly Liam says yes. She did not die despite the fact that Hope thought she held a dead Beth in her arms. She has been here all along. It is not Steffy’s fault but she adopted Phoebe and it turns out Phoebe is Beth. They hold each other tightly and rejoice.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told Tony that she wanted to kill Gabi. She wanted to get what she wanted. Tony didnít think it was a good idea. Gabi told Stefan to get out of her house. She explained to him why she got her revenge on him. She told him how she set out to get everything and it was all hers. Ted tried to call Kate back to get his help with Hope, but she didnít answer. Hope was with Kate in the park and she confronted her about the kidnapping. Xander didnít understand why Sarah was pining after Eric when he didnít love her. She didnít want to hear it and wanted him to get out. Rex confronted Eric about what happened with Sarah. Rex was furious with him because he knew why they werenít together. Eric tried to downplay what happened, but Rex was still upset. Eric tried to explain how he developed feelings for Sarah. Eric reminded him how he helped them get together and how he married him. Rex wanted to know if Eric wanted to sleep with Sarah while he was marrying them. Hope told Kate that Tedís story about the kidnapping didnít add up. Kate reminded her that she told her not to trust Ted. She advised Hope to walk away from Ted. Tony tried to talk Kristen out of killing Gabi because it would be obvious she was the suspect. Ted showed up to tell them that Hope was getting too suspicious of the way he and Kate were kidnapped. Gabi explained why she went after him in the first place. Stefan realized that she tried to ruin his relationship with Chloe. She admitted it and she told him what she had to do to get him to fall in love with her. Stefan thought she was lying to herself and knew she loved him. Eric told Rex that he never acted on his feelings for Sarah while they were together. Rex punched him in the face.

Rex wanted Eric to hit him back. Eric wouldnít do it so Rex called him out for his high and mighty behavior. He reminded him about what he did to Brady and him. Ted tried to warn ďNicoleĒ and Tony about Kristen. Kristen told him to leave it alone. Stefan was convinced Gabi wanted to be with him. Gabi tried to downplay her feelings for him. He didnít believe her. He was convinced that they shared more than just sex. Eric tried to convince Rex that he was done hurting people, but Rex reminded him how he hurt people. Rex finally walked out of his apartment. Hope wanted answers from Kate. Kate told her that she couldnít say anything. Ted wanted to team up to take Kristen down. Kristen warned her that she didnít want to do it. Stefan and Gabi continued to go back and forth about whether she loved him. He reminded her about the prenup she signed. She planned on dragging out the divorce for years. Stefan continued to yell at Gabi. She wanted him out of the mansion. Kate denied being afraid, but Hope figured she was afraid. Kate advised Hope to stop asking questions and walk away from Ted. Kristen told Ted that she would get everything she wanted. She reminded him to stick with the story if he valued his life. Ted refused to live that way. She told him he had to do it. He wanted to go to the police. He thought she might be gone. She didnít think he shouldnít take that chance. He was about to leave when she took off the mask. Stefan was determined to get everything that Gabi took from him. He was convinced that Gabi loved him. He was determined to make her feel the same pain he felt. Ted was surprised to see Kristen. She tried to warn him to leave it alone, but he wouldnít do it. Tony and Ted fought over the gun.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Phyllis offers Adam $10 million for the Grand Phoenix to be paid in installments. Adam refuses and counters with $15 million. Phyllis heads to the elevator and runs into Michael who refuses to divulge his business with Adam. Michael informs Adam that he filed a petition with the courts for Adam’s first visit with Christian for today. At Nick’s, he learns that Chelsea’s money from her late husband is now in her account. She wonders what to do with the money and knows that her business wouldn’t be the same without Chloe, at Society Kyle is furious when Theo proposes a bachelor party. Kyle tells Theo that he hurt Lola just because he wants him back as a party buddy. Phyllis soon arrives and verbally spars with Kyle over crushing Summer. Later Theo informs Phyllis his plans for the Grand Phoenix launch party. Phyllis is impressed but warns him about Summer. The two soon are complaining about what Kyle did to Summer.

At Chancellor park Adam is approached by Billy who confronts hum about knowing what he us up to with breaking into his house to leave Delia’s doll. Adam denies it and later phones Nick to inform him of the court order for him to see Christian. He tells Nick that he intends on telling atheists boy that he is his father. Mariah and Kyle chat at the coffee house about Phyllis and Summer. Mariah advises him to forget about them. She then offers to throw him a bachelor party combined with a bachelorette party for Lola. Kyle is intrigued. Meanwhile Adam plays soccer with Christian and shows him a few slick moves. Shortly after Adam tells Christian that Connor is his brother and that Adam is his father as Nick approaches.

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