The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/2/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Liam to back off. Liam tells Flo that she stood around while his family fell apart so she better chime in now and tell the truth. Flo admits that Phoebe is Beth. She never had a child. Dumbfounded Wyatt wants the details of why she is saying this. It can’t be that Beth and Phoebe are twins and Flo says no, Phoebe is Beth. Thomas continues his quest and tells Hope he wanted to touch her hair and her face but she always had another guy until now. He tries to kiss her until she finally pushes him away. He asks what is wrong and she says he is not being patient. He thought she was in the mood but she says then he is not seeing her at all. Douglas tells Steffy that he loves her and she suggests they can call his father and shows him how to touch his picture on her phone and get him. There is a knock at the door so she leaves for a second to answer that. Douglas looks at Phoebe and says he knows her name is Beth. Thomas’s phone rings and he tells Hope not to get it. She says it is Steffy and it could be because of Douglas. He takes it and asks Steffy what is it. But it is Douglas and in the quick convo he says he is fine with Steffy. She and Liam are nice unlike Thomas who is mean. He tells his dad that he told Liam that Phoebe is really Beth. Thomas hangs up; he knows he has to have another plan. Hope wants to know if Douglas is okay. Thomas assures her he is fine but he realizes now he has been going at this all wrong. They need to get out of here. He asks her to go change which she is glad to get out of the lingerie but wants to know where they are going. He says he is her husband, he loves her so just trust him with this surprise. Steffy lets Ridge in and explains that Douglas it not himself. He is saying Phoebe is Beth. Thomas calls and she repeats to him what Douglas said about Beth. Thomas says he needs to go in time out. She says she will not punish him for something he knows nothing about. Hope comes out of the bathroom and Thomas is blown away by her beauty. Later at Forrester she asks him why they are here. He does not understand why she questions everything he does. He loves her and there is nothing he would not do for her. Wyatt cannot believe all he is hearing and asks Liam and Flo to stop. Liam says the truth is like this sometimes. Beth is actually alive. But he wants to know how as he held that dead baby in his arms. She says she had a friend that needed a favor. He wanted her to pose as the birth mother. It was so hush hush that she was not given the whole story. She just assumed it was some celebrity that did not want the public to know and he was bending the rules a little bit to give this child a good life. Liam adds he assumes this friend was the go-between with her and Taylor and then Steffy. She admits yes and by time she realized it was a fraud she was already an accomplice. Liam thinks for a minute and asks then how did her friend get Beth. Flo says he delivered her. But he did say it was not premeditated. It only happened because Hope was unconscious. There was no one else in the room but one other person who also gave birth that night. That baby girl was stillborn. Wyatt jumps in and says then Dr. Buckingham put that dead baby in Hope’s arms knowingly. Flo nods yes. Liam wants to know why. Flo says he owed a lot of money for gambling debts to the wrong kind of people and they were threatening his daughter. Liam is livid that Buckingham would sell his daughter to pay for a gambling debt. Flo says yes and Taylor had told him in passing that she would pay a lot of money for a baby for Steffy to adopt. So when all of this happened in Catalina it seemed like the perfect opportunity so he made the switch. Liam says and Flo knew about it all this time. She cringes that she wanted to tell him many times but she was being threatened. He wants to know who else knew. She spills that Zoe and Xander and her mom knew. Also Thomas and Emma. Emma was going to go to Hope that night of her accident and tell about Thomas. And Thomas told Flo that the same thing that happened to Emma would happen to her.

Thomas tells Hope do not ruin this adventure. He is going to call the chopper. But his phone rings and it is Flo so he takes it and asks what now. She says she does not like his attitude but then blackmailers are rarely cheerful. He asks if they are on speaker phone and then he says he is afraid Liam is on to something and she needs to shut him down. Since they are on speaker, Liam hears Hope and Pam’s voice in the background and Flo asks if he is at Forrester. He tells her to keep her mouth shut or she knows what will happen if she doesn’t. Liam says he knows where he has to go now. Thomas tells Hope to stay here while he directs the pilot. She does but then she locks the door. Flo tries to explain that Wyatt cannot hate her more than she hates herself. He has no questions since everything has been a lie and that about sums it up. She says she knew she would lose him when she told him but just remember that she is still the same woman that he fell in love with. After only a few minutes locked in the office, Hope tells herself that she does not have to go with Thomas. She heads to the door. Someone is suddenly on the other side trying to get in. She opens it anyway. What a surprise to see Liam. He asks where Thomas is. She asks if Douglas is all right. He says more than all right. She tells him Thomas went to meet the pilot as he has a helicopter waiting to take them somewhere. Liam locks the door and says no, she is not going anywhere. He blurts out that they stole from them. They sold her like she was a piece of furniture. Of course she is confused and does not know what he is talking about. Liam declares that everything they thought they lost; they didn’t. She listens in wonderment when he says there was another woman in Catalina in that clinic that night and her baby was stillborn………and Hope held her. She says she held Beth. He says no; Dr. Buckingham lied. He says they are talking about it now because Douglas is right. Beth is alive. She tells him to stop. It was hard enough hearing the doctor tell them but now Liam. He tells her Douglas overheard Thomas say it was true and he has been using Douglas this whole time. He fills her in that Steffy thought she was adopting Flo’s baby but that was a lie too. He called the doctor in Vegas and at no time was Flo ever a patient there. Hope still counters there must be a mistake, but Liam says no; Flo confirmed it. She lied. Thomas tries to get in and calls her name. Liam continues that Hope remembers passing out that night when she gave birth and that is all it took for a thief to do their job. They took Beth and sold her and of course Steffy did not know. Phoebe’s mother is Hope. She says Beth? He says she never died. Meanwhile Thomas is still beating on the door and saying she is his wife and the honeymoon is waiting.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted answers from Ted about the money. He wouldn’t tell her why he had the money. Gabi didn’t believe that Kristen and Tony were legally married. Mr. Shin was confused about what was going on. Sarah tried to explain herself to Rex. Rex noticed the way she was with Eric. He noticed how close they were with each other. Kate wanted Xander to set up a meeting with Kristen so she could stop being afraid. Rex demanded that Sarah tell him about the way she felt about Eric. She finally admitted that she had feelings for Eric. Eric talked to Roman about what happened with Nicole. Gabi and Stefan continued to tell Mr. Shin that Kristen and Tony’s marriage wasn’t legit. Kristen told him that their marriage wasn’t legit either. Gabi told him that she and Stefan were in love. Ted told Hope that he had criminals as clients. Hope told him it could be blood money. Ted wanted to throw the money away. He was about to throw it in the garbage when he saw the basil. He realized that she was just trying to search his apartment. She admitted that she did that. Kate continued to tell Xander about Kristen coming after her. Xander tried to tell her that Kristen wasn’t worried about her anymore. Kristen told Shin how Stefan would end up running DiMera after all if Gabi were put in charge. Gabi said she would strip Stefan of his power.

Eric talked to Roman about “Nicole” marrying Tony. He was upset with Brady because he didn’t stop it from happening. Roman mentioned how close he was to Sarah. Eric didn’t like the fact that both of the women he wanted were with other men. Roman suggested that he take a break from women. Sarah tried to soften the blow with Rex. She explained how she fell for Eric more after what happened with “Nicole”. She told him how she couldn’t fight her feelings for Eric. Ted realized that Hope didn’t trust him. She told him that the details from the kidnapping didn’t add up. She told him how Will saw the footage of the docks and didn’t see Xander take him. Ted didn’t understand how she could take his necklace and not trust him. Gabi tried to convince Stefan to go through with what she wanted. She thought that Kristen had Shin where she wanted him so they had to do what she suggested. Kristen continued to talk to Xander about Kristen. He warned her that Hope would be after her and that she should watch out. Hope tried to justify why she had to investigate Ted. He told her she was afraid to love again. She denied that. He said he loved her. She wanted him to tell her the truth. Gabi wanted to know if Stefan would agree to what she wanted. He finally agreed to it. He told Shin that he agreed to let Gabi have everything. Mr. Shin decided to make Gabi the new CEO. Kristen was not happy about it. Kate thought Hope would investigate her too. Kate gave up and decided to stay away from everyone. Ted told Hope that he loved her, but he couldn’t tell her. She took off the necklace and left the apartment. Kristen tried to appeal to Mr. Shin, but he didn’t change his mind. Kristen and Gabi ended up arguing until Tony broke it up. Tony and Kristen left the mansion. Shin warned Gabi not to mess up or she would be out too. He left the mansion. Rex wasn’t happy about what happened with Sarah. He asked her if she was in love with Eric. She finally admitted that she was in love with Eric. Rex walked out of the room. Eric went home and found Rex in his apartment. Rex thanked him for ruining his marriage. Kristen was determined to kill Gabi. Stefan was happy things turned out the way they did. She thought about when she talked to Kate about destroying him. Stefan wanted to celebrate her getting the job. She told him to get his things and get out of her house.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sasha and Michael go to breakfast with Cassandra who has drugged a grape fruit that Sasha is eating. Sasha leaves and the two make their plans for the rest of the day. Jason and Elizabeth have breakfast with Jake. Elizabeth gets angry at Jason for not being happy about the mention of Franco. Jake wants to spend more time with Jason. Drew and Curtis discuss what Shiloh wanted the flash drive for.

Hayden and Finn talk about the other night. Hayden hopes he never sees her again. Finn runs into Cabot at GH. Sam goes snooping through Shiloh’s motel room. Shiloh is served with a restraining order. Shiloh kidnaps Sam.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer thanks Phyllis for giving the Dark Horse properties back to Nick and gives her a hug the first breakthrough in their relationship. Victor goes to tell Summer about his illness and promises that he will fight to live and that his new treatment is working. Victor is about to get into his car in the Jabot parking garage when he gets dizzy and when he can't reach Nate he calls Jack for help Jack helps him upstairs to his office where Nate is waiting on them. Nate tells Victor his blood pressure dropped because of his new medication and suggests that he get a driver if he has to go anywhere. Adam is upset with Victoria because she keeps stalling his visits with Christian so he tells Sharon that when he sees Christian he will tell him that he is his real father. Sharon calms him down and persuades him not to do that because it will hurt Christian. Adam is walking through the park when he sees Nick and Victoria playing with Christian. Victoria leaves with Christian so he won't see Nick and Adam argue with each other. Nick tells Adam that his new mission in life is to take everything that is important to him away until his life is ruined. Adam tells Nick that he is going to enjoy this game and welcomes Nick's challenge. Billy has a very good session with his new therapist in which he tells her the details of Delia's accident and why he hates Adam. Billy tells the therapist that he feels that if he lets go of the guilt he feels for his part in the accident he would dishonor Delia. Billy arrives home and takes a sleeping pill and then unmakes the bed to get inside. He sees Delia's favorite doll.

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