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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam continues to look at Beth and with Douglas smiling Liam tells Steffy that this is Beth……she is alive. At the same moment while Thomas is meeting his friend, Vinny, Hope opens her purse and takes out Beth’s ultrasound. Wyatt rushes home and wants to know what is wrong. Flo says it is Thomas and not like he might think. Vinny hands Thomas a packet of three pills and says it is his honeymoon, this is all to the good. Thomas hesitates but puts them in his pocket. He goes back to Hope and wants to start their celebration. She suggests they have time now so they could go down to the spa. He says that would be nice if they could give each other massages like couples do. He states again despite saying earlier he would go slow and take his time, he now wants to be with her as a married couple. He hands her a pretty shopping bag and thinks what is inside will look good on her. She opens it and it is a frilly almost nothing. He asks if she will try it on for him although he knows she will look good in it. She goes to another room to change. When she returns from the bathroom, Thomas has had time to put the pills inside a magazine on the bedside table and time to take Hope’s phone out of her purse and put it on mute and puts it in a faraway desk drawer. He takes off his shirt and wants to proceed. Flo tells Wyatt that before she starts she wants him to understand all that she has been through since she came to L.A. She got involved in something she is ashamed of. Then she met him who she had never stopped loving. He tells her not to hold back; just be honest with him. She will not lose him no matter what she says. Sadly she tells him it involves Thomas, Liam and Hope.

Liam tells Steffy that he is not having a nervous breakdown. He believes Douglas and that his dad told him Phoebe is really Beth. And Flo…..she knew all along and that is the secret Thomas was threatening her not to tell. It all makes sense now. Steffy counters his every word. Hope held that dead baby and she is sorry but Beth is gone. That is Flo’s baby in there. Liam says there is only one way to find out; he is going to see Flo. Liam bolts into Wyatt’s just before Flo can admit anything. Liam looks like he could throw darts at her. He says he knows the secret now. And he hopes she remembers what she has put he and Hope through, losing their marriage, losing their baby. He knows she was never pregnant. Wyatt looks on in horror. Douglas wants to make sure Steffy is not mad at him; he wants to stay the night. She says no she is not mad, that will still happen after his play date with the girls. A baby cries and Douglas says that is Beth. She corrects him and says no, it is Phoebe. Wyatt rails at Liam for jumping to the wrong conclusions about Flo. As they argue back and forth finally Flo jumps up and says Liam is correct. She never was pregnant. Liam says they both know the answer but just say now who gave birth. Flo finally admits it was Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi and Kristen were wondering why they hadnít heard from Mr. Shin since they were both married. Stefan liked the way that sounded. Kristen sent Brady to get the car. She celebrated that she would be in charge. Tony slipped and called her Kristen and Brady heard the end of it. Kristen got a call about Shin going to Salem. Gabi was worried about what Nicole was going to do. Stefan assured her that things would go well for them. Stefan admitted that his feelings for Gabi grew while they got married. He thought she felt the same way. She didnít answer because he cut her off to talk about them taking their vows. Will talked to Sonny about whether Hope was suspicious of Ted. Will believed she might be investigating Ted on her own. Ted suggested that Hope go to his place. Ted wanted to plan a meal together. Stefan wanted to know how Gabi felt about him. She avoided answering the question. Kristen and Tony were at the town square and ran into Eric. He found out that Tony was alive and that he and Kristen were married. Eric couldnít believe they got married. Eric wanted answers. Kristen told him what happened in Nashville. Kristen told Eric she didnít remember anything until yesterday. Gabi and Stefan were about to go upstairs when Mr. Shin showed up. Eric wasnít happy when he found out Brady knew Kristen married Tony. Eric blamed Brady for allowing her to get married. Brady tried to apologize to him, but it didnít work. Eric pushed him through the doors at the town square.

Rex and Sarah showed up to stop the fight with Eric and Brady. Eric explained what happened with Brady. Eric wanted to go home, but Sarah didnít want him to be alone. Rex looked like he wasnít happy with it. Ted and Hope went to his apartment. Mr. Shin told Stefan how the board made their decision. Sarah continued to convince Eric to go with her and Rex. Rex finally agreed that he should be with them. Ted left his place so Hope started investigating his room. Brady talked to Kristen about what happened with Eric. Tony warned her about flirting with Brady. Kristen told him why she couldnít be together. He suggested that she tell who she really is. Kristen explained why she had to wait. Mr. Shin let Stefan know that the board decided he had to step down. Mr. Shin told them that they were going to look for a successor. Gabi told him that she could do the job because she is a DiMera. Hope looked around Tedís apartment and found money hidden in a drawer. Stefan and Gabi tried to convince Mr. Shin that their marriage was legit. They told him that she would do a good job running the company. Gabi told him that she was the only Mrs. DiMera available. Kristen walked in and said she was a DiMera too. Ted came back home and saw how Hope found his money. Rex and Sarah were in bed together. He told her that he loved her and she said she loved Eric. He wanted to know what she said. Brady ran into Eric and wanted to talk, but he had nothing to say to him. Kristen told Shin that he had another choice to make because sheís a DiMera too. Stefan told her there were no more DiMeraís left to marry. Kristen brought Tony into the room. She announced him as her new husband.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael and Sasha talk with Cassandra on the island about how Michael might know her. Cassandra claims to have done business in PC. Cassandra suggests having breakfast with them in the morning. She later calls someone to move her. Michael and Sasha make love together. Carly wants to call Michael and Sasha. Sonny tells her no. Dev gives away caviar and champagne during a black out and Sonny offers him a job working in the coffee business.

Alexis and Neil got stuck together on an elevator during a blackout and sing together in honor of Neilís late daughter. Laura goes to visit Lulu who is drunk out of her mind. Hayden is drunk out of her mind and tells everyone the truth at dinner. Finn says he has moved on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Nate have a great romantic dinner but Abby leaves suddenly when Nate suggests they take a vacation to the grand canyon together. Abby tells Nate she just wants a fun casual relationship and taking a trip together makes thins more serious. Elena arrives home from visiting Jett and Devon gives her a first edition autographed copy of her favorite book by Toni Morrison. Nick wants to restart New Hope his affordable housing project and Devon is very happy to help with the project they even plan to do something in memory of Neil. Elena arrives home from work sad because she was unable to save a patient on the ambulance and Nate and Devon both talk to her until she feels better about her awful day at work. Sharon tells Mariah about her break up with Rey and Mariah tells her the same thing everyone else has told her that she should stop helping Adam because he will only hurt her and choose the real love she has with Rey. Nick even goes a bit father when they talk because he tells her she will have to choose between Adam and everyone else that cares about her. Mariah and Tessa celebrate the fact that her video has reached one million likes they toast to their dreams coming true.

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