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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam stands at the crib and listens as Phoebe calls him Dada. Douglas right behind tells Liam that is Beth. Liam is bewildered. He says that is Phoebe. Douglas retorts that Phoebe is Beth. He looks at Douglas and says that is impossible. Douglas says that Phoebe is Beth. She is alive. Thomas asks Hope how does she think it makes him feel for her to be thinking of Liam. He is her husband, not Liam. She says you cannot just chose those things that easily. He says she can. She just needs to move on and put that in the past; then a life with him. He assures her that he is not upset with her. He knows she wants to take it slow and that is fine. He says he actually prefers it that way; it is more romantic. And what is more romantic that room service for two with music ad candlelight. Hope nods yes. He grabs the menu and says there is no hurry; they have all night. Flo rushes home to try and find Wyatt. When she realizes he is not home she texts him that it is important that she see him. Shauna walks in saying she was concerned about her. Flo tells her not to start; she cannot keep the secret any longer. She tells her a few more things about a dangerous Thomas who blew up the car of Hope’s brother. He is that kind of guy. And no she cannot change what she did, but she can change her actions as of today. She is going to give Hope back her baby today. She wants to tell Wyatt because she loves him and trusts him and wants him to hear it from her first. She does not know what will happen between them then but she knows he will help Hope and Liam. Finally they will know their little girl is alive. Liam gets down on his hands and knees to look eyeball to eyeball with Douglas and says he wishes this were true. Douglas says it is true. Liam asks if he dreamed it. Douglas says no, he heard it. Liam questions who would tell him such a thing. Douglas remembers his dad telling him not to tell but he does tell Liam; it was his dad. Thomas is getting ready for room service when Vinny calls. He says he heard that Thomas got hitched so congratulations. Thomas says he will have to cut the conversation short as room service is at the door. Vinny says okay but he has a little gift for him that he and the lucky lady will enjoy. Liam and Douglas come out of the nursery and Steffy asks if everything is all right. Liam says not exactly. She tells Douglas that he should not make up lies again. Douglas says he didn’t. She says she and Liam need to talk so Douglas can run up and play video games for a little while. He turns to Liam and says he hopes he is not mad at him. But his mommy taught him to always tell the truth. It took her a while to learn that, but it is important. Alone with Liam, Steffy says maybe he did it for attention. He asks if she heard any of the dialogue on her monitor. She says no, she was on her laptop with e-mails. Slowly he walks her through it, Douglas staring at Phoebe, saying Beth was alive and finally that she is here. Phoebe is Beth. Then she really is confused when Liam says Douglas said his dad told him that. She thinks maybe he misheard it.

Liam gets a phone call before he can respond. It’s from the hospital that he has been trying to reach so he tells Steffy he needs to take this. From a Dr. Cortez he learns that no one named Flo Fulton gave birth around the date that Liam gave her and it was not her as she was out of the country then. He needs to get this information from Ms. Fulton himself. He relays this to Steffy. The doctor’s name is on the birth certificate but Flo lied. Thomas pays the guy for room service and with a wink asks him to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Hope notices he ordered champagne. Thomas says of course; it is a celebration. Thomas pours the champagne and hands it to Hope. He says Beth is looking down on her and wants her to be happy and have that joy of being with Douglas and him will bring her. He gets another phone call which he says is work. Hope tells him to go ahead and get it as she could use a little time herself. She takes a deep sigh and says move on but all she can see is Liam. Steffy is unbelieving and combative with Liam. Perhaps there was a clerical error; does not mean Flo lied. He says Wyatt thinks she never gave birth and the hospital verified that she was not a patient there. Steffy blurts out then Phoebe was born somewhere else. Liam has a pained look and says…….Catalina. He gasps that Douglas was right……Beth. He heads directly to her room. He whispers Beth before he picks her up as Steffy watches. He crumbles as he strokes her face, crying a little as she calls him Dada again and he says yes he is her Dada.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi and Stefan wondered who Nicole was marrying. Gabi thought it was Brady, but Abe assured them that Brady wasnít the one she was marrying. Kristen thought about her conversation with Tony. She wondered where Tony went since he wasnít in his room. She decided to call the police until Brady stopped her. She wanted Brady to go outside while she called the police. Kristen called Tony to find out where he was. She threatened him if he didnít come back to the room. Will and Hope met with each other. He apologized for the way he spoke to her about Ted. He wanted to write an article about the kidnapping. He asked her if she was sure that Ted was an innocent victim. Ted went to Dougís Place and demanded Chloe give him back his necklace. She didnít want to give it to him He told her that it could be evidence in a trial. Ted told her that he gave the necklace to Xander. He told Chloe that sheíd be an accessory to a crime by keeping the necklace. Gabi continued to question why Nicole wanted to get married. Ben wondered if she was doing the same thing Gabi was doing. Brady came back in the room and wondered what the police said. Kristen told him that he was right not to call the police. Tony showed up so she wanted to know where he was. Hope asked Will if he was trying to imply that Ted was involved in his kidnapping. Will explained why he felt that way. Will told her that he thought Ted was lying to her. Ted was listening to them. Gabi was upset to find out that Nicole could be getting married. She wondered if Nicole went after Theo. Tony explained to Kristen and Brady that he went for a walk. Tony lied about rescuing Kristen from the explosion. Brady wanted to know if anyone else made it out of the explosion. Brady wanted to know if Kristen made it out alive. Tony said heíd seen her.

Ted went to Hope and Willís table so she mentioned the article that Will was writing about him. She didnít want him to question Ted at the time. Will left the table when she told him that they would talk later. Tony told Brady that Kristen wasnít alive. He reminded him that he said he just saw her, but he covered his tracks. Kristen asked Tony to help her bring Stefan down. Abe couldnít believe Gabi would suggest that Nicole would marry Theo. He let her know that Theo wasnít the one who she wanted to marry. Stefan wondered who else it could be. Abe said there was one more DiMera she could ask. Kristen and Brady told Tony about what Stefan was doing to the company. Kristen told him how Stefan was ruining the company. Kristen told him how she could save the company. Tony reminded her that she wasnít a DiMera so why would she care about the company. Kristen told him why she decided to go after the company. Kristen told him that she needed him to marry her. Abe suggested that Nicole found Stefano to marry. He also suggested Peter even though he disappeared after he got out of prison. Gabi was sure that Nicole could find him if she wanted to look for him. Kristen continued to convince Tony to marry her. He finally backed down and agreed to marry her. Brady wanted to call Abe, but she didnít think there was enough time for that. Brady left to find a Justice Of The Peace. Kristen wanted to know what Tony was up to. Ted didnít understand why Will thought he couldnít be trustworthy. Hope reminded him of what he did to Will and Sonny. She wanted him to be honest with her. Ted showed her the necklace that he had bought for her. He told her that he wanted her to wear the necklace. Kristen warned Tony to be on his best behavior. Tony wanted her to say thank you for what he did for her. He didnít know why she brought Brady with her. She told him why Brady was there. She was starting to get mad at him when he reminded her that he had a lot of dirt on her. She backed down and apologized for the way sheís acting. He told her that what she wanted was immoral and disgusting. She told him that Stefan was destroying their family. Tony believed she was only looking out for herself. Kristen told him that she could get him back with Anna. Brady came back while they were talking and wanted to know what they were talking about. Kristen explained things to Brady. Brady told her that a Justice Of The Peace was on his way to the hotel. Ted tried to convince Hope to wear the necklace. She thought about Willís warning to her. Ted asked her if she would wear the necklace and she said she would wear it. Gabi and Stefan and Kristen and Tony got married at the same time.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael and Sasha show up at Sonny's casino in PR. Michael goes to check on a reservation. Sasha is left alone and Cassandra walks over. She introduces herself as Sandy. Sasha explains that she is Nina's daughter as they talk about Crimson. Michael walks back over and recognizes her. Finn goes to Wyndemere to warn Nina and Valentin that Cassandra has been spotted in Italy then went missing again. Jax and Hayden show up. Valentin drugs their drinks but Nina serves them as Finn shows back up unaware who has drank what. Hayden goes snooping and is caught.

Alexis and Diane discuss Neil together. Diane demands to know the last time that Alexis had sex. Alexis thinks it might have been a year or so ago but she had a sex dream a while back. Sonny tells Neil if he ever needs anything to ask him. Neil and Alexis end up in an elevator together and the power goes out. Maxie and Peter discuss that Jax could be up to no good possibly. Drew goes to his office where he finds out that the flash drive has been stolen. Sam and Jason think it was Shiloh. Shiloh meets with Cabot who he wants to transfer Drew's memories to Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christine considers Michael's idea of stepping down as DA so he can take over the job when she talks to Paul about it he tells her he is also considering stepping down as police chief. Rey tells Nick he can't continue the investigation on Adam because it has ruined his life and caused his break up with Sharon. Nick is disappointed that Sharon allowed Adam to get in her head again and he thanks Rey for all his hard work. Theo tells Kyle that he will keep a certain incident in New York that Kyle helped clean up a secret but they must remain friends or else he will tell people the secret. Jack advises Adam to use the visitation with Christian as a chance to get to know him so that no matter who gets custody he will have built a relationship with his son. Adam tries to ask Victoria for a visitation time nicely but she does her best to ignore his request. Victoria finally tells Adam she will check her calendar and get back to him with a good time for a visit. Phyllis gives Nick all his Dark Horse properties back and explains that she and Victoria worked together to make amends to him for how they both hurt him. Nick appreciates the gesture and tells Phyllis they can start over as of today but she will have to earn back his trust. Phyllis sells the Jabotique buildings back to Jack and he also tells her it is a good first step to rebuild their friendship. Billy tells Jack what he has been going through and he also like Victoria and Sharon advises he get therapy. Billy doesn't think therapy will help because Adam is still alive and Delia is dead. Jack tells Billy Delia would want him to hang on to his happiness and not let Adam ruin his life. Nick tells Victoria that he wants to hang on to a few properties and projects but Newman Enterprises can keep the rest to rebuild the real estate division. Nick wants to return to his quest to find himself which he was doing before everything got out of control. Phyllis tells Adam that he owns a real estate company with no real estate but Adam tells her he knows everything she has been doing. Adam also tells her that she doesn't own the Grand Phoenix hotel property; she owns a hotel in Detroit that is going to be demolished next month all because she didn't read the fine print on the contract. Adam tells Phyllis she can keep the penthouse she designed and Phyllis tells Adam he he has won for now but the game isn't over yet.

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