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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam continues to talk to Douglas that what he is saying is not possible. Beth is not alive. Douglas keeps saying she is; he can prove it. He can take Liam to see her. Liam continues that he can’t because Beth is in heaven kind of like his mom. Steffy comes in and interrupts this baby talk. Thomas keeps trying to kiss Hope while she pulls back and wipes the taste of his kiss from her lips. After several attempts she tells him she is sorry. She knows he has expectations but she just can’t. He tells her that he loves her and this is torture so she needs to try. He wants to know what she is thinking now and is more than disappointed when she truthfully says Liam. The Logan girls meet up with Flo at Forrester and all agree that Hope does not love Thomas the way she does Liam so they can only imagine what Hope is feeling right now with Thomas whisking her away to a hotel so he can have alone time with his wife. Thomas tells Hope that he is her husband and he went to all this trouble to make a very romantic setting and now she tells him she is thinking of Liam. While Douglas goes to check on the girls, Liam tells Steffy that something weird happened and Douglas is adamant about it. He is so sure of himself and that Beth is alive. The gals keep saying they are afraid of Thomas’s expectations of his wife, especially since he has instability issues. Thomas explains to Hope that he did not think one night with her on a quick honeymoon was too much to ask, even away from Douglas. But he cannot say one word without her wanting to think of Liam. He calls her beautiful and sexy and manages to kiss her again with her trying to hold him at bay. Liam tells Steffy that you can imagine Hope’s reaction when Douglas said this and she split. And he wants to be honest with her, the only reason that Hope is Mrs. Thomas Forrester right now is Douglas and Beth.

Douglas is in the babies’ room just staring at Beth playing in her bed. The ladies fill Flo in on many of the things that Thomas has done in the past which could have been fatal. Flo gets up and rushes off. Despite her pulling away, Thomas persists in kissing Hope. He finally tells her that Liam is in her past. He and Beth are not coming back. Douglas looks at Phoebe but he calls her Beth. Steffy wonders why Douglas would say things like that. And then Liam says he is so confident that he can even take him to see Beth although he knows that is not true. Suddenly Liam looks startled and asks where Douglas is. Steffy replies he is with the girls. He finds Douglas talking to Phoebe and asks what he is doing. Douglas says that is baby Beth. He repeats it twice with Liam saying that is Phoebe. Then the baby calls Liam dada and he buckles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Jennifer had a confrontation at the park. Eve let Jennifer know that she wouldnít remember her or the kids. Jennifer told her that Jack would hate her. Gabi wanted Stefan to prepare for their wedding. Gabi tried to convince him that she wanted to be his wife and would take his last name. Rafe overheard her conversation and thought she was crazy. Tony called Kristen to let her know that he wasnít sure he could go through with the plan. He wanted to know how she would explain how she ended up marrying him. Brady showed up at her place and she told him that she thought about the fire. Kristen told Brady that a man pulled her out of the fire. She told him that she didnít know who the man was that pulled her out of the fire. Rafe didnít want to hear that Gabi was marrying Stefan. She admitted that they were getting married. He told her it would be over his dead body. Jack talked to Eli and Lani about hiring a new commissioner. Jack offered the position to Eli. Eve threatened to slap Jennifer if she didnít wipe the smug look off her face. Jennifer wanted to remain dignified, but she didnít want to do that. Stefan went to Ben to get help proving his innocence. Gabi didnít want to listen to Rafe when he told her not to marry Stefan. They went back and forth about whether she should marry Stefan. Rafe wanted to know if she had feelings for Stefan. She denied having feelings for Stefan. He thought she was hiding something from her and wouldnít let her leave until she told him. Kristen showed Brady a picture of Tony when she talked about someone saving her. Brady reminded her that Tony/Andre were dead. Kristen told him how the others were alive. She told him that she could marry one of them to be in charge of DiMera Enterprises. Jack continued to convince Eli to be the commissioner. Eve tried to fight Jennifer until Abe showed up and broke it up. Stefan wanted Ben to be a witness to his wedding. He explained to Ben why he was marrying Gabi. Gabi tried to justify why she was marrying Stefan. Rafe still didnít understand why she wanted to marry him. She didnít want to argue with him anymore because she had to get married. Rafe warned her that her marriage would be a mistake. Brady didnít want Kristen to take over for DiMera for his sake. She said she wanted to do it. Kristen told him that Andre or Tony saved her life. Brady wondered how they would find him.

Ciara thought that Stefan should be careful about marrying Gabi. Stefan thought that Gabi was by his side. He was determined to marry Gabi. Jennifer thanked Abe for helping her out with Eve. Abe walked off and Jack showed up. They talked about his connection with Eve. Kristen called Tony and acted as if she just found him. Tony warned her that he was having concerns about her plan. Jennifer tried to make Jack feel better about trusting Eve. He thought she was compassionate about the situation. She couldnít believe that he turned into a political hack. He was surprised that she called him that. Lani talked Eli into being the commissioner. They talked about planning their wedding. Stefan and Gabi got ready for their wedding. Kristen and Brady ran into Abe at the town square. Abe told her how he was worried about her. She assured him that she was fine. She did want him to officiate her wedding. He wondered if Brady was the one she was marrying. She didnít tell him who she was marrying, but she let him know she would need him. Gabi told Stefan about her conversation with Rafe. He warned her not to be near him. Stefan wanted her to sign the prenup. She tried to get out of it, but she ended up signing it anyway. Jack didnít like Jenniferís opinion about him being mayor. She was surprised that he was offended. He wanted her to keep her opinion to herself. Abe showed up at the DiMera mansion. Abe told Stefan and Gabi that Nicole was getting married. Gabi wanted to know what she was up to now. Kristen and Brady showed up in Chicago to meet with Tony. Brady didnít want to stay when Tony didnít answer the door, but she did. Brady and Kristen went inside the room to look for Tony. Brady found a picture of Tony and Anna.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate tells Victor and Nikki the new treatment for Victor's disease is working so he is ready to move into the next phase but he warns the side effects may get worse which worries Nikki. Victor tells Nate as long as the treatment is working he doesn't care that the side effects may get worse. Nate gets permission from Victor to tell Abby the news and he stops by Society to tell her about Victor's condition. Nate decides to cook Abby dinner at his place to celebrate. Kyle leaves a message for Lola's mom asking her to please come to the wedding because Lola really would miss her if she didn't come to the wedding. Christian tells Billy and Victoria that he misses Nick and he can't sleep so Billy calls Nick so Christian can tell his daddy good night. Calvin's lawyer and best friend tells Chelsea Calvin left her five million dollars and a separate trust fund for Connor. Chelsea doesn't feel its right to take the money since Calvin had other family but Daryl Calvin's lawyer persuades her that Calvin wanted her to be looked after so she wouldn't have to depend on anyone. Chelsea signs the papers to take the money and then tells Nick that she doesn't know what to do now but she is sure that she wants to stay and not run anymore. Billy takes one of Victoria's sleeping pills and awakens at the Chancellor mansion where he sees his car in the driveway and the words stop Adam written on the wall paper where days earlier it said Madame Cordelia. Billy goes home and tells Victoria everything that has been happening to him and admits that he is afraid he is losing his mind. Victoria tells Billy that they will figure out what is going on and get through this together.

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