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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope asks Douglas to repeat what he just said. He says again that Beth is alive. She is. Hope tries to persuade him this is like his own mother who died but alive in his heart. Douglas says no, she really is alive. Steffy tells Thomas that she is happy to keep Douglas and loves the way Hope has opened up to him and vice versa but Thomas needs to be honest about his relationship with Hope. She reminds him that Hope married him and they have the rest of their lives together but he needs to be patient. She knows he is not happy with no honeymoon but let Hope have some time. It will work out. And in one of their many tirades Zoe tells Flo that she needs to blow this off and settle down. Despite threatening Flo, Zoe says Thomas has done nothing to Hope. Flo says he needs to be stopped. Someone needs to step up. Zoe once again says Flo is not going to say a word. Hope has moved on. She has made a new life with Thomas and Douglas. But Flo says again that will not be as happy as she and Liam would be with their baby Beth. Hope cries that Beth is dead. She wishes she could hold her again but she is not coming back. She has to rush out. Douglas tells Liam that he thought she would be happy. Thomas and Steffy come in and he wants to know where Hope is. Liam says she is waiting in the car. Thomas says their honeymoon will be starting but he’d like one last word with Douglas. Still within earshot of Liam, Thomas quietly tells Douglas to obey Steffy and have fun with the girls but above all do not mention what he thought he had heard earlier about Beth. Douglas promises he won’t say a word. Thomas and Hope enter their hotel room. He says it is not a week in Paradise but it is all they need for now. He has not even put the bags down when he wants to pull her into his arms. She says they need to take a little more time. He says fine, no more distractions, just the two of them, husband and wife giving each other their undivided attention. He kisses her and says he wants her so much.

Steffy tells Douglas that Kelly and Phoebe are napping but they can all play later. Meanwhile Liam listens as Douglas asks about Phoebe being adopted and what that means. Steffy says yes it just means that she did not come from her but she loves her just as much. Douglas says then she has another mother and does Steffy know who that is. Thomas takes off his shirt but continues kissing Hope until she finally pulls away and says she is not ready yet. He says that is okay; they have the rest of their lives. But she has to get rid of all those thoughts swirling around in her head. She does not know how amazing it will be to let go of that pain. He’s her husband and wants to help her so just trust him. He starts in on the kissing again. Douglas asks again if Steffy knows who Phoebe’s mother is. Steffy says yes and it is no secret but they do not talk about it as to not hurt her. Alone with him, Liam tells Douglas that he is very smart for asking all those grownup questions about Phoebe and adoption. But he knows it would hurt Hope to say Beth is alive when she isn’t so he is wondering why he said that. Frustrating Liam, Douglas repeats because it is true.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen went to see Tony. He was surprised to see Nicole. She revealed herself to be Kristen. He was shocked. She wanted him to help her get DiMera from Stefan. Jack begged Eve not to destroy the real serum. They argued back and forth about it. He tried to tell her that he loved her to keep her from destroying the serum. Gabi suggested that she and Stefan get married. He wasnít sure that was a good idea at all. She continued to convince him that it was a good idea because the board would still have a DiMera in charge. She thought she could fill in as head of the company until he could be reinstated. Kayla and Jennifer talked about what happened with Henry. Jennifer told her how Jack agreed to take the serum. Jack kissed Eve to keep her from destroying the serum. Kristen continued to convince Tony to go after Stefan to stop him from destroying DiMera. Gabi asked Abe to marry her and Stefan. He agreed to marry them if they went through with it. Jennifer thought that Jack didnít like her, but Kayla thought he would remember her. After Eve pulled away from the kiss, she destroyed the serum. He yelled at her for destroying it. She realized the real Jack emerged.

Kristen wanted Tony to marry her. He wasnít thrilled with the idea of marrying her. Jennifer and Kayla continued to talk about Jack. Jack was beyond upset with Eve for destroying the serum. He told her that their marriage was over, but she tried to convince him that they could still be together. He didnít want anything else to do with her. Gabi tried to convince Stefan to marry her. He wanted a prenup in order to marry her. Tony told Kristen that their marriage would be incestuous and that would be a scandal. She explained how they would get out of that. Tony said he wouldnít marry her. Gabi tried to get out of the prenup because she didnít think there was time. Tony told Kristen that he was still married to Anna. Kristen told him that he was declared legally dead so the marriage didnít count. He still wouldnít marry her because his heart belonged to Anna. Eve saw Xander and she told him what happened with Jack. She knew her marriage was over. Jack showed up at the hospital and saw Jennifer. Gabi agreed to sign whatever she needed to sign to get him to marry her. Kristen begged Tony to agree to go through with her plan. She insisted that the plan was temporary. She wanted to be cleared and then reveal her identity. She told him that he could be free too. Kristen threatened to take away her protection if he didnít agree to help her. Jack told Jennifer and Kayla how Eve injected him with a placebo and destroyed the serum. He told them how Eve admitted that she destroyed the diary. He let them know that he planned on divorcing Eve. Jack hoped that Kayla had the original notes that she used, but she didnít have anything. Kayla thought there was a chance. She suggested calling the lab that he used. Jack called the lab, but he turned up empty. Later, Jack and Jennifer confronted Eve about what she did. She had the lab shut down and she bragged about destroying the evidence. Jack decided to fire her. Gabi was willing to forget her idea since Stefan took long to decide to marry her. He agreed to marry her. Tony didnít think she was so cold hearted that she would leave him in the cold. She wanted him to do what she wanted. Tony agreed to marry him. He wanted to know how she would explain how she ran into him. She had everything figured out.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Willow goes to Charlies to tell Julian that he is welcome to see Wiley whenever he wants going forward. Lucas invites them both to the birthday party. Sasha and Carly are the first guests. Shiloh overhears Bobbie talk about it at GH. Michael goes to visit Nelle in jail. She lies about dreaming about Jonah. Michael tells her that he is never going to see her again. At the birthday party, Shiloh shows up. Michael beats him up and literally throws him into the elevator.

Shiloh meets with his lawyer who tells him he can either plead guilty and do 14-20 or spend life in prison if he says he is innocent. Shiloh decides to go after Drew's memories. Drew and Franco talk and Drew ends up getting his war medals that Oscar sent away from. Ava and her psychic talk. Everyone from Connie, AJ, and the real Wiley want to talk with her. Kiki not so much. Kiki is angry she gave her heart to a serial killer. Ava goes to seak with Ryan.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At Adam’s, Michael tells him he destroyed the photos. Adam is angry and tells that the photos guaranteed him custody of Christian. Michael warns him against going after Chloe and Kevin and tells him he is going to run for DA. He tells Adam he will convince Christine to step down sooner and alludes that there is something in it for him . Sharon arrives at Rey’s. They agree they miss each other and Sharon argues she was only helping Christian. The two argue back and forth about Adam and Rey announces they are done. Meanwhile at the coffee house, Billy assures Victoria he is more than okay about Christian. Later Billy runs into Sharon and admits he is still having a tough time, and Sharon tells him she will have plenty of time to listen to him as she and Rey broke up.

Kyle brings some of his stuff back to the apartment and Lola assures him her mother won’t be back. They talk about how Kyle has grown up since New York and also about Celeste missing the wedding. At Dark Horse Phyllis informs Victoria that all assets have been transferred back to Nick and Phyllis asks if she can be the one to tell Nick. At the Society bar, Adam spots.Rey drinking in the daytime. They argue about Sharon and Adam tells Rey that Sharon will come to him. Rey responds with ‘sooner than you think’ and leaves. Later Victoria arrives to see Billy talking to Sharon and she leaves. At Nick’s, Chelsea’s attorney arrives to tell her he is about to make her a very rich woman.

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