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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam calls again to the same hospital where he thought Flo might have given birth. The lady says she checked with her boss and can still tell him that she cannot give out that kind of information. Flo talks to Hope and says she cannot help but think Hope is making decisions that is not only going to affect her life but those around her like Liam, Thomas and others for the rest of their lives. Flo says she just wants Hope to be happy and is worried about her. It’s not fair. Hope says she does not even know what that means anymore. Douglas has a wonderful loving father but he needs a mother too. Thomas finds Douglas and says he was a little heated with him earlier and he did not mean to be. But it is very important that Douglas does not repeat what he thought he heard his dad say about Beth being alive. He must never say those words again. It would hurt Hope and Aunt Steffy too. So he wants him to scoot and pack his bag to spend the night with Steffy and the girls. Flo continues to worry about Thomas when Hope gets a phone call from him. He is anxious for her to come home to they can start their staycation and then he will drop off Douglas and be home. She suggests they just meet at Steffy's and she can see Phoebe too so he agrees with that. Douglas has a sad sack face and Thomas tells him it is only over night and even though he likes Liam he won’t see much of him so just obey Steffy. And remember he is not to say a word about Baby Beth. Liam and Steffy get on the subject again of Flo and how things have a way of working out. Steffy mentions that Thomas is going to drop Douglas off so that Thomas and Hope can slip away overnight. Liam calls him a predator. Steffy says come on, they are married now so Liam needs to be supportive.

Zoe comes to see Flo who she has been avoiding. She wants to know what happened at the wedding. Flo says she did not actually see the ceremony and Zoe wonders if Flo has spoken to Hope since. Flo says just briefly but Thomas is taking her to a hotel tonight just for one night of a honeymoon. Zoe says good then maybe things will get back to normal. Flo says not really. At the reception Thomas found her and became super aggressive and then dark and told her to take this secret to her grave. He threatened her and Zoe knows what happened with Emma. She relays about Phoebe at the wedding crawling up to Hope and calling her mama. So the truth could come out without any assistance from them. Thomas and Hope show up separately so Hope has a few minutes with Liam to hold Phoebe. Then Thomas arrives and Douglas hugs Hope. Steffy tells him they are glad he is going to have this sleepover. Thomas can’t help but gloat to Liam that it must have been hard for Liam to see him actually marry Hope and now he is planning a night that will be beyond all others. Liam tells him he is disgusting. He then talks to Hope and says she actually married Thomas who has been using his kid as a battering ram. As they talk back and forth, Douglas is watching them and hears them say the word Beth and that she is not alive. Douglas immediately speaks up and says that is not true. Beth is alive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was upset that Stefan was kicked out of DiMera. He told her that they had to get someone in the family to replace him. She told him that she had a way for him to get his job back. They wanted Abe to tell everyone the truth. When that idea didn't fix things for Stefan, Gabi asked Abe to marry her and Stefan. She said she had to be his wife in order to save DiMera. Kristen told Brady to say that Kristen is Tate's mother since she was the one who gave birth to him. She said he would be able to take over the company. Brady refused to do it. He said that he wanted to have a family with Kristen, but she used him to get back at John and Marlena. Brady told Kristen that he never had a good relationship. He said he wasn't sure if he was over Kristen. Kristen said he wasn't meant to get over her. He let her know what Kristen did to him. Brady and Kristen talked about Stefan. Brady thought her plan seemed personal. He wanted to know if she had anything to do with the kidnapping. Kristen was upset by the accusation. They talked about becoming a DiMera. She suggested marriage. He told her why Stefan wouldn't marry her. He said the other DiMeras weren't an option for her.

Jack tried to stop the fire Eve started. He found out that it was Rolf's diary. They ended up arguing over it. While they were arguing, she told him that she had the diary months ago. He figured out that she was the one who stole the diary. She said she did. He said she was using him to get back at Jennifer. She said she was at first, but then she fell in love with him. Eve told Jack that she took the diary in order to protect him from the memories of the way Jennifer treated him. He said she didn't know what love was. He brought up Paige and said she was using Paige as an excuse. He said he wanted a divorce. She told him that she gave him sugar water instead of the serum. She told him to stay away from the vials before she destroyed them. JJ ran into Jennifer. He told her that Jack took the serum. He said Jack might get his memory back. He said he didn't say anything because he didn't want to get her hopes up for nothing. She said her heart couldn't take it. She didn't think he would change. JJ said Jack told him that he wanted to remember him and Abby. JJ said he believed him. She said that was great, but she had a date.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle and Harmony discuss Willow and her child. Nelle realizes that Willow’s baby is Wiley. Carly is afraid that Michael is going to visit Nelle for the wrong reasons and confides in Jax about it. Jax promises her that Nelle and Michael will not get close again. Ava shows up annoyed that Jax did the article the way that he did. She also confronts Nina.

Valentin goes to GH in order to pick up Obrecht. Nina wants her to stay with them for the time being. Hayden and Jax discuss having dinner at Wyndemere that night with Nina and Valentin. Michael goes to see Nelle in jail.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis and Celeste have a good talk and bond over the fact that their daughters refuse to take their advice and they don't realize that they don't want them to make the same mistakes they made when they were their age. Celeste also talks with Summer and thanks her for saving Lola's life. Summer asks Celeste not to hold Kye's marriage and divorce against him because he only married her to save Lola's life. Summer admits that she took advantage of the situation because she thought that she could make Kyle love her again but that didn't happen because Lola is the one for Kyle and he would do anything for her. Celeste decies to leave before the wedding becaue her children are happy and don't need her so she heads back home to Miami. Victoria spends time with Christian atthe park where she runs into Chelsea and Sharon who tell her some of the things Christian does with Nick so he won't feel like he is away from home. Phyllisarrives at the park and Sharon and Chelsea leave after trading words with Phyllis and Victoria thinks Phyllis knows how to clear a room. Victoria asks Phyllis if she is the person behind Summertime Inc although Phyllis doesn't actually say it Victoria knows that she is behind the company. Victoiria wants to help Phylis bring down Adam and Phyllis tells Victoria she will partner with her on one condition. Victor asks Chelsea to bring Connor home but Chelsea thinks Adam is too much of a threat despite the fact that Victor promises to protect her and Connor from Adam. Rey tells Sharon their relationship is over because despite the fact thathe still loves her he knows that she is in love with Adam. Sharon insists that she doesn't love Adam but Rey thinks she is lying to herself and he doesn't want to go through the same thing he went through with Mia again.

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