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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam sits drinking coffee and keeps hearing the words Flo said to Thomas if Hope knew the secret she would never have married him. She is going to tell her. Steffy catches Liam while he is still pondering about Flo. He says it is strange if Flo gave birth in Vegas and now living in L. A. so shortly afterwards. Thomas greets Hope as Mrs. Forrester and takes steps toward her to kiss her but she pulls back. Liam tells Steffy that he realizes now just how little he knows about Flo or the adoption process so he would like her to walk him through that. Hope tells Thomas that the door is unlocked and anybody could walk in. He says they are married and doing no wrong. But he gets it, they are in her mother’s house and Douglas is just down the hall so they will take it slow for now. Ridge catches a moment to see Flo about some fabric and ends up talking about Thomas. He knows some of the Logan women do not like Thomas but he is a good guy. He gets that from him. Thomas tells Hope that he did not have time to get them to Paris for a honeymoon but he has some plans for tonight. She asks if Douglas is going. He says that would defeat the purpose. She wants to know what purpose. He cannot believe she said that. She asks if he has asked Brooke and Ridge or is Thomas just assuming they will agree to take care of Douglas. He quips that he did not know he had to ask his wife’s permission to give her this surprise. She slips out by saying she wants to be sure that Douglas ate his breakfast and then she is going to work. He says okay but only half day, then he expects to spend the rest of the day and night with her.

Thomas then texts Flo and reminds her of her drunken stupor but she will lose more than her job and good life if she breathes a word that Beth is alive. He looks around and sees Douglas at the door. He apologizes for not knocking but Hope told him to brush his teeth. Thomas explains that Douglas knows what a honeymoon is. That is going to be tonight and it will only be one night and Douglas can go spend the night with Aunt Steffy and the girls. He tells him to go get his clothes and be ready. Douglas asks why did Thomas say baby Beth is alive. Thomas adamantly says he didn’t. Douglas says yes he heard him on the phone. Thomas shuts the door and tells him that he misheard. He would never say anything that hurtful so Douglas is not to mention that again. When Douglas tries to say he did not misunderstand, he heard his dad say it, Thomas grabs him by the arm. Douglas tells him that he is mean. Thomas says he is disappointed in Douglas. He has given him a new life, this great house to live in, all the food and toys that he wants, even a new mommy. Douglas says Thomas never mentions his mommy. Thomas says because she is gone but he has Hope now. He wanted that. But if it is not what he wants, then Thomas and Hope can go live in New York and Douglas can stay here. Douglas says he loves Hope but she is not his real mommy. Thomas orders him to drop all this talk about Beth being alive. Douglas is not to say her name again to him, Hope or to anyone. This conversation is over. When he leaves, Douglas looks into the mirror and says Beth is alive, Beth is alive, Beth is alive. Liam keeps looking at the papers and hearing Wyatt say that it sounded like to him that Flo never gave birth. He calls a number hoping he can verify some information about a private adoption and even gives Flo’s name and wonders if they can find information around a certain date when she gave birth. He explains he only has a duplicate as the original adoption papers have been locked away not to be seen by the public. The lady explains she cannot give out confidential information. Hope runs into Flo at work and they discuss the wedding Flo did not get to see. Flo says she is surprised as she realizes now that Hope does not love Thomas and she wonders why she would do something she really does not want to do. Hope says sometimes you do things to make others happy. She cannot give Liam a baby or get Beth back but she does have a wonderful son now and that will be enough.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was at the DiMera mansion. She wanted to know how his meeting went with Kate. Gabi said she knew Kate wasn't going to admit to what she did. She suggested coming up with a plan. He was glad that somebody was looking out for him. Gabi and Stefan wondered if Nicole had something on Ted and Kate. Stefan thought Nicole didn't have much of a motive. Gabi wondered if Nicole would move up in the company if Stefan were out the way. Stefan thought he should fire Nicole. Gabi didn't think it was a good idea. She thought they should keep her and expose her. She said they would clear his name. Stefan got a call telling him that he was suspended as CEO. He had the title, but didn't have the power to fire Nicole. Kristen went to see Brady wearing the Nicole mask. He brought up that she was wearing the wrestling mask when Gabi went to see her. He said her behavior has been different. She said she was emotional since Holly died. Kristen said she was crying and didn't want that witch to see her crying. Brady wanted to know where Kristen got the mask. She said Xander gave it to her. She said he was a fan of Mexican wrestling. Brady was disturbed by the conversation. She wanted him to help her take over DiMera since he wouldn't sleep with her. She said she would be CEO of Titan. He said you have to be family to be CEO. She said what would happen if she said she could be a DiMera.

Jennifer wanted to know what was going on with Jack. He kept staring at her. She said she was going on a date with Henry. Jack was shocked, but thought it was great. He remembered Henry. He told her that he gave her back her press passes. Eve wanted to get rid of Xander. He wouldn't leave. He loved her desperation. She thought about asking him to switch the serum. He gave her the real serum. He wanted to give Sarah a serum to forget Rex. When he left, she burned the diary. Jack told JJ and Haley that he took the serum. JJ didn't believe him. Jack said he wasn't lying. JJ told him there wasn't a guarantee. Jack wanted to know his family. JJ was surprised that Eve helped him with it. Jack said Eve didn't want to deny him his children. Jack said he didn't tell Jennifer.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael and Willow run into one another at the Metro Court where they discuss the fact that it is Jonah and Wiley’s birthday. They both are trying to make peace with the fact that they don’t get to spend the day with their own children. Chase tries to learn more about Finn but Finn is still reluctant to talk. Chase finds his way to the Metro Court where he admits that he loves Willow. Robert tells Finn to stay out of the Cassandra case.

Sonny and Carly go to see the doctor together for a the baby checkup. They learn that they will not know what is going on with the spinal disease until later on in the pregnancy. Jason and Michael discuss the possibility of building a treehouse for Avery. Nelle calls twice for Michael. Joss grieves the fact that Oscar’s lock was removed from the footbridge. Cam goes and finds it in the trash for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate, Abby, Devon and Elena celebrate that Devon and Elena are an official couple by having a dinner party at Devon's penthouse and once Nate takes Abby back to his place Abby is ready to make love. Ana gets a call from Jett telling her that he is in the hospital waiting on test results so she and Elena go to be with him. Billy takes Kevin's advice and decides to talk to Sharon about his dreams about Delia and the strange things that have been happening when he is awake. The judge decides to give temporary custidy to Victiria until Adam or Nick can prove that one of themn can be a good parent to Christian. The judge gives both of the brothers supervised visitation to both men. Nick says a painful goodbye to his little boy and gives him to Victoiria. Michael tells Kevin to take advantage that Adam is concentrating on the custody fight and return home and join Chloe and Bella and use their new identities to find a new place to l/ve far away from Adam. Billy visits Delia's grave and promises to get help for whatever is happening to him. Billy hears Delia's voice saying "poor daddy".

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