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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope comes downstairs at Brooke’s house dressed in her gown and robe. Solemnly she glances down at her wedding ring. Not far behind Brooke walks down to her and says it is late. She shouldn’t be up this late. But she knows the wedding was a mistake and Hope obviously has a lot on her mind. Meanwhile Liam is texting away and Steffy comes in. She says the same thing as to why he is up so late. She too says she knows what is probably on his mind so they need to talk. He says yes and wants to know what she knows about Flo Fulton. Over at Wyatt’s, he puts his phone away and Flo says there is something he needs to know. He says okay; she can tell him anything. She replies it is not that simple. He probably will never want to speak to her again. He assures her she could not do or say anything to make that happen. But she has to tell him and they can deal with this together. Brooke continues to tell Hope that Thomas is not the right person for her and she does not want this marriage. Time will not heal that. Hope says she knows Brooke does not approve of her decision but she made vows and promises today. Brooke says yes maybe to Thomas but really to Douglas. Hope says still she is now Mrs. Thomas Forrester. But tonight she is sleeping alone. Liam tells Steffy that he really does not know Flo but she missed the wedding ceremony and then acted all emotional so he wonders if Steffy can tell him more about her. Steffy says only that they owe her a lot. Without her they would not have Phoebe. Flo makes Wyatt promise that he will listen with an open mind. He says of course and they can handle this together. She gets a text though from Thomas who basically tells her she is making a big mistake if she tells the secret now. She tells Wyatt that she is stressed but he won’t understand. Her life is full but maybe it is too much. He keeps pleading for her to just tell him. She says he says that like nothing will drive him away. He tells her again that it won’t, let him help. She even says she thinks maybe she ought to go back to Vegas. As they argue back and forth, Brooke tells Hope that she does not love Thomas and she does not have to stay married to him. She can always get an annulment. She can call Carter the first thing in the morning and have the papers drawn up. Hope says no, she is not going to do that. Brooke counters that she is not in love with Thomas and just wants to be with Douglas but she can be the mother figure in his life without being married to Thomas and being Douglas’s mother. Hope says Douglas is not the only reason. She knows Brooke saw how Phoebe looked up at her today and called her mama. All she wanted to do was pick her up and squeeze her tight but that would not have been fair to Steffy. She has to move forward and make some boundaries and quit thinking that should be Beth. Steffy talks to Liam and says Flo is Hope’s cousin and she is dating Wyatt but that is about all she knows. It’s probably difficult for her but it does not seem that she wants to be friends. They discuss that it is difficult; different for every person but even Shauna has never been interested in seeing her own grandchild. Steffy wonders why Liam is asking all these questions. She assures him that Flo signed the adoption papers months ago and has no right to take Phoebe from them. Liam says but she is the bio mom and they need to know all they can and he just feels there is more to Flo than they know.

Wyatt remarks to Flo that she just moved in with him and he loves her and feels things are just getting started so she can’t move back to Vegas. She is conflicted and says she does not want to but……she loves him and wants her life here but she does not deserve it. She wants him, their life, she wants to get married and have a baby, things she has never done before. He immediately picks up on that and asks why she said those words that she had not done before. She covers by saying because she is not Phoebe’s mother now and being with Steffy is the way it had to be. It was painful but she signed the adoption papers and handed her over to Steffy and hoped she would have a good life. He says he is sorry if he was insensitive. She says no, sometimes it is just easier to try and forget it. She does not like to remember what she did. Then she says she needs a minute alone. She will go take a shower and get ready for bed. Wyatt says he will be there for her. Steffy tells Liam the same, time to call it a night. If he wants more about Flo he should ask Wyatt. Brooke tells Hope that Phoebe can be a reminder of the child she still could have. They were born about the same time. Hope says it is more than that….something she cannot put into words that draws her to Phoebe. Hope says she has to look past losing Beth and just be a mother to Douglas. Brooke says or she could take it as a reminder that she could still have that child that she wants with a man that she loves. Hope repeats what she always says that is not an option. She will not lose a third child, so she will cherish the one she has in Douglas. She knows he was brought into her life for a reason and that is why she has to get past losing Beth. Liam calls Wyatt and asks if he has had time. Wyatt says he questioned Flo and he can tell that she is having a hard time but he could not push her further. She has these events in her life and it is overwhelming to her. And strangely enough it seems to involve Phoebe. Liam is interested in what this means. Wyatt says it is almost like she never gave birth herself and says it is hard and she just has to forget about that. Liam says okay but what does that have to do with the secret she has with Thomas. And he definitely heard Thomas tell Flo to go back to Vegas and he was really yelling at her. Wyatt says she did not mention Thomas at all. Liam gets excited and says maybe she is afraid of Thomas and what he may do. Liam keeps glancing around to make sure Steffy does not overhear him. He says Thomas has a secret and Wyatt has to make Flo open up about it. He has a feeling it is big! Hope lies on the couch looking again at her ring but thinking of Liam and their vows, looking at the Beth ultrasound and him rubbing her baby bump. Her mouth trembles and a tear rolls down her cheek before she turns out the light to go to sleep. Liam says one last good night to Phoebe and then goes quietly directly to the desk and gets a locked box and brings it over to the dining table. He quickly opens it and take out his phone and starts making copies of the adoption papers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wanted to go out with Henry. Unfortunately for her, he wasn't interested in going out with her. Sarah and Rex decided to move out of Eric's place. Jack and Eve talked about him taking the serum. Haley had a nightmare about Claire trying to kill her. Tripp heard her screaming and comforted her. JJ ran into Jennifer at the hospital. He talked to her about what Haley was going through because of what Jack did to her. Jack explained his reasons for taking the serum to Eve. He told her that he loved her and the serum wouldn't change that. Eve apologized to him for her reaction. She let him know that she was in no position to judge him. Sarah and Xander talked about moving out of Eric's place. Sarah and Rex were moving to the Kiriakis mansion. Rex talked to Eric about why he and Sarah were going to the Kiriakis mansion. Rex told him how he's still hurting over what happened with Nicole. He wanted him to know that he and Sarah supported him completely. Xander was surprised that Sarah and Rex were moving to the mansion when Maggie doesn't like Rex. Sarah told him that Maggie doesn't hate him anymore. She felt it was none of his business. Tripp continued to make Haley feel better about her nightmare. Jennifer told JJ about Jack revoked her press pass. She also told him about the argument they had about him not taking the serum. JJ thought Jack was a coward. She let him know that Jack wasn't taking the serum. Jennifer told him that she needed closure and wanted to move on with her life. Jack thought Eve was going to divorce him. Eve decided to stop being insecure and support his decision. She intended to fight for him with all she had in her. She talked to him about the memories she had of Paige. She wanted him to have his memories of his children too. She loved him and didn't want to lose him. He assured her that he wouldn't lose him. Jack showed her the box that the serum was in. Haley had a vision of Claire stabbing Tripp in the back. She thought Claire was back and going to kill them. Tripp realized she had PTSD. Eve noticed that the serum wasn't FDA approved. He said the serum was untraceable. Jack told her that there were instructions for administering the serum.

Sarah told Xander how he almost killed Kate. He said it wasn't his idea. He told her that it was "her" idea. She wanted to know who he meant. He admitted it was a slip and he wanted to help put Stefan away. Sarah refused to believe that he was a hero. Sarah told him that Victor and Brady wouldn't like what he did to Kate. Jennifer met with Henry to talk. He wasn't too thrilled to talk to her. She told him about Jack and everything that happened. She told him Jack wanted nothing to do with her. She wanted to know if he would reconsider her off. She didn't want anything serious with him. He wanted to know if he was a rebound for her. Eve helped Jack with the serum. Xander wanted to know what to get back on her good side. She wanted him to move out. He told her that he got rid of Titan's rival. Rex showed up and saw Xander and Sarah talking. Rex said he made him sick. Rex and Xander started going back and forth. Xander threw up how they were together when he slept with Sarah's sister. Rex shoved Xander. Jennifer explained to Henry why she went out with him. Eve gave Jack the first dose. She wanted him to remember his children. Jack appreciated her for everything she did for him. He kissed him passionately before he left. Eric showed up at the mansion anf pulled Rex and Xander apart. Rex was upset. Sarah and Eric talked about missing each other. They hugged each other as Rex came back in the room. Jack and Jennifer ran into each other at the town square. He wanted to tell her something. Xander went to Eve and asked if Jack took the fake serum.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

the show didn't air today

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy has another dream about Delia and sees a message from her in the dream, but he awakens before he can read it. Billy goes to the Chancellor mansion and finds the word Adam written in peeling wallpaper behind some furniture. Kevin peels the rest of the wallpaper and discovers Madame Cordelia written there and Kevin explains that Delia used that name when she played tea party with the family. Jack and Ashley arrive home and tell the family that after much talking, they have decided to put the past behind them and merge their two companies. Billy is worried that working together will tear the family apart again. Theo tells Lola, a mom about her liver transplant and about Kyle, a past in New York. Celeste gets upset with Lola because she doesn't tell her anything about her life. The judge denies custody to both Adam and Nick and tells both to submit a name for a guardian and then he will decide with whom Christian will stay for three months until they revisit the case. Nick chooses Victoria and Adam chooses Sharon which causes an argument between Sharon and Rey because Sharon decides to help Adam.

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