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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam rushes into The Bikini Bar to meet Wyatt. He says something happened at the wedding and Wyatt should have seen the smug look on Thomas’s face. He mentioned a secret between Thomas and Wyatt’s girlfriend and it has something to do with Hope. Douglas asks Hope and Thomas if he can keep the light on while in bed as it keeps the ghost away. Thomas says okay and starts to leave but Hope says she was thinking of staying with Douglas in his room tonight. Wyatt says he was not aware that Flo even knew Thomas that well, not to share a secret. Liam says they talked for some while. Wyatt knows Flo and has known her for a while so if anyone would know he could find out. Meanwhile Shauna rushes over to see Flo thinking she is upset about Wyatt. Flo says no, it has to do with Hope’s baby. Shauna tells her please do not say she is going to tell her now. She is married and this won’t make a difference. Flo tells her that Thomas told her she had to keep the secret until the day she died. Thomas tells Douglas that he is a big boy now. Hope only told him that to make him feel better. But he can tell her that he is all right and will be okay by himself in his own room. Hope returns ready to stay with Douglas but he says he is kind of sleepy now and he will be okay. Thomas thanks him and says it is their bedtime too and he will take care of Hope. Flo tells Shauna to stay out of this, but Shauna says only if Flo gives up the notion of telling Hope. She cannot go back and undo anything. Phoebe has a new extended family just like Flo does. She can never ever say a word about this. Thomas shows Hope their honeymoon bed and says they need to enjoy this night. Wyatt returns home and asks Flo how was the wedding. She said she did not make it in time for the ceremony. And then Thomas was so arrogant. Wyatt senses she does not like him very much. If she wants to share with him she can tell him anything. So he wants to know what is going on with her.

Thomas tells Hope that Douglas set up the room; he wanted them to be together. She starts talking about Phoebe and he says her place is with Douglas now so maybe she should step back from Phoebe. He tells her this day meant so much to him. He is here; they are married. He edges closer to her and says Douglas wants them to be together. She is a mother now and this is their family and this is their wedding night. He kisses her and says he wants her so much. As he kisses her more, he pulls off his shirt and wants to continue further. Hope momentarily seems to think she will go further but shutters and pulls back and says she is not ready now. Thomas is decent and says they have the rest of their lives. Foiled again, he murmurs that he is surrounded by idiots, Liam and Flo. But Hope is his wife now and he will win in the end. Liam calls Hope not even expecting her to pick up the phone since it is her wedding night. She whispers that she couldn’t. He grabs his heart and says thank God. He tells her he cannot explain but he is working on an idea that could change everything; he just needs some time. He hears Douglas’s voice calling for Hope in the background as she leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah and Eric talked about Rex. She said she cheated on Rex in her heart. She thought Kate might have been right about them tempting fate. Eric said his parents said the same thing. He said it hurt to see her with Rex. Sarah said she thought he was going to be with Nicole. He said she was married to his brother. Kate thought about Kristen threatening her. Kate told him to leave. Ted called Kate and told her to call him back so they could get their stories straight. Lani showed up. She said they needed more than his word to prove that Stefan was guilty. She said Kate was providing enough detail. Ted looked over his statement. Lani called Kate. Ted followed her.

Brady wanted Xander to tell him what was in the briefcase. They argued over it until Xander opened the case. He showed him a folder that he didn't want Gabi to see. Brady wanted to know why he was so secretive. Xander said he dealt with Kate. Brady said he couldn't have him going crazy. Brady wanted to know what else was in the box. Susan was shocked when she saw Kristen dressed like her. Susan wanted to know if Kristen was real. Kristen slapped Susan. Susan realized she was Kristen. She thought Kristen was trying to go after Marlena. Susan put a gun on Kristen. Susan yelled for the police. Kristen stopped her. Kristen said she wasn't Kristen. Kristen said he was her sister. She said she was Sister Mary. Susan wanted to know why she wasn't wearing the nun habit. Kristen said she was with someone. Susan bought the story. When Susan left, Kristen wanted to find Xander and get the mask back. Ted went to see Kate. She admitted that she wanted to tell Stefan the truth. She said she didn't because he wasn't a match for Kristen. Kate told Ted that she lied to Lani and told her that she heard Stefan and Xander talking outside of the room. She said when Stefan was convicted, they wouldn't have to worry about Kristen. Xander met with Kristen. She told him that she wanted the mask. He teased her with it. He warned her about messing with him. She said she was finished with him. She said Ted and Kate were scared. She said no one would stop her from taking DiMera Enterprises. Xander threatened to expose her if she got in his way. Kristen left with the mask. Stefan confronted Kate about her lie about him kidnapping her and Ted. He told her that she wouldn't get away with her lie. He wanted to know if Nicole offered her a deal to get rid of him. He said he would do anything if she would tell him why she was doing this to him. When Rex showed up, Stefan told him that Kate was setting him up.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola asks Kyle about his past and he tells her it was full of partying drugs and women whose names he can't remeber and Lola wonders if he was leading that life because he was sad about Summer. Kyle tells Lola that isn't the entire reason he just lead that life because he had money and he was young. Kyle tells Lola he doesn't want to be like Theo because since he met her he knows there are more important things in life. Theo meets with Phyllis and tells her she should name the hotel the Grand Phoneix and gives her a list of all the famous people that are going to be at the grand opening of the hotel. Phyllis also makes a deal with Abbyto open a lounge on the first floor of the hotel where guests can relax and have fun. Phyllis calls someone and tells the person to pull the trigger on the next important aquision that they had talked about earlier. The custody hearing begins and Nick and Adam air each other's dirty laundry in court after the judge sees the video of Nick in the JT mask Nick tells the judge Adam caused Delia's death so the judge decides to review the new imformation and get back to them later with a decision. Chelsea and Sharon have a long discussion where Chelsea tells Sharon that she is the only person that can persude Adam to drop the custody suit because she has always understood Adam better than anyone else. Sharon goes to Adam's place to talk to him but changes her mind before she knocks on the door and leaves without talking to him. Nick tells Chelsea that he is worried he is going to lose custudy of Christian because he shouldn't have decded not to have a lawyer with him. Adam arrives at Nick's place to gloat and then asks Chelsea to move in with him so that they can be a family with Connor but Nick tells Chelsea not to do it so she tells Adam no and Nick tels Adam not to underestimate him because he will do anything he has to do to keep custody of Christian.

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