Monday 7/22/19 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/22/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Baby Beth is on the floor right at Hope’s feet. Steffy picks her up and says she is sorry. Carter says the question still stands. It is time to say she will accept Thomas as her husband til death do they part. Hope looks back one more time at Beth. Carter asks if she is okay. She says yes. Thomas takes her hand and says he is nervous too. She looks at Douglas who is smiling at her. She repeats what Carter just asked and says yes she does take Thomas as her lawfully wedded husband. She takes him and Douglas as her family. Carter continues the ceremony by offering the exchanging of rings. And then he proudly pronounces them husband and wife and says Thomas may kiss his bride. Ridge leads the audience in applauding. Zoe is having a conversation with Flo who is throwing back the drinks now. Zoe is still not convinced that the Hope and Thomas marriage is a mistake. Flo starts to leave and says if she has to go to jail then so be it. Liam is quiet with a stone look on his face. Brooke speaks with him but not before Steffy walks up and says they are supposed to be enjoying themselves so should they go wish the couple well. He stumbles through the words but says she wanted a family and now she has that. Thomas even throws in about Beth really not trying to get to Hope but to her mother, Steffy. Flo rushes in to the wedding late and runs into Pam carrying a tray of drinks. Flo grabs them and goes off alone. Thomas tells Brooke that once she sees how happy he and Hope are going to be he knows she will be his Number One supporter. Hope is there and she says she feels a headache coming on. It’s been a very exciting day and she thinks she needs to just lie down a while. Thomas makes sure that Liam sees him and shows him his ring and says he is Hope’s husband now and there is nothing Liam can do about it. Liam goes to Brooke and asks where Hope is. She says she went upstairs to lie down. He can go up if he would like. Liam says he would.

Hope is surprised and especially when Liam says she knows why he is there. She married the wrong man. Steffy tells Ridge the girls are getting cranky and she thinks she needs to get them home so tell Liam goodbye, she will see him at home. Ridge says Hope is a married woman now and Liam should not be up there seeing her. Hope admits to Liam that it got to her today when Beth reached out and spoke to her through Phoebe. These little signs and meanings mean something. It means Beth is okay. She is going to be the best mother she can be to Douglas every moment of his life. Liam gives her a hug. Thomas grabs Flo and says he can tell she has been drinking as he can smell it. But that last statement by her sounded like a threat about getting things out in the open now. That is what Thomas had told her. Whatever Liam says to Hope he can say in front of him now. Flo tells Thomas that she is not threatening him but Hope must know the truth. She needs to share her secret. Liam starts to come downstairs but stops and waits in the shadows as Thomas grabs Flo by the arm and tells her she will keep that secret until the day she dies. Liam wonders what secret.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan told Lani that he didn't kidnap Ted and Kate. He said it was a witch hunt. She asked if anyone could get access to the tunnel. He said something wasn't right about Ted and Kate's statements. He wanted Lani to tell what was going on. Gabi told Brady that she took Xander's briefcase. She said she thought Xander had proof that Stefan didn't kidnap Ted and Kate. She said Rafe told her that she couldn't use the evidence. Brady told her that she was in love with Stefan. She said she wasn't and walked away. Xander told Kristen that she wasn't getting the mask back. She said she would kill him if she didn't get the mask back. He told her to beg for it. She begged for it. He didn't believe her. He wanted her to admit that she shouldn't have underestimated him. He told her he would get the mask.

Kate thought about Kristen making her lie. She didn't want to leave her room, went to get ice. She left her door open. Sarah went in the room. When Kate came back, she hit Sarah on the head with the ice buckets. Sarah was unconscious.When Sarah woke up, Kate said she was sorry. Sarah gave her Ensure. Kate was upset about that and about not being invited to the wedding. Sarah said it was spontaneous. Kate asked about her married life. Sarah said it was the same. Kate said they should move out of Eric's place. Sarah said she and Rex were too busy to move. Lani showed up at Kate's place to tell her that there was something wrong with her statement. Lani said they only had Xander's word that Stefan was involved in the kidnapping. She said it was inadmissible. Kate said she heard Stefan talking outside the door. Lani said she never said that in the statement. Kate said she forgot about it. Kate wanted Lani and Sarah to leave. Gabi went to the police station and told Stefan what she did to clear his name. Stefan was out on bail and wanted to see Kate. Lani showed up and left a message for Ted to call her. Gabi overheard the message. Gabi told Lani to find out why Ted and Kate were lying.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Michael takes a call from Adam at Crimson Lights asking if he is good to go. Adam wishes he would be there to deliver the news to Nick. He later meets with Nick to tell him and the bad news that there is a conflict of interest involving the Judge’s wife and he will need to remove himself. Nick guesses that Adam got to him, which offends Michael. Lauren shows up as Nick storms off and she doesn’t buy his story either. At the penthouse Adam asks Kevin if he is good to go. Kevin balks about Adam forcing him and Michael into this. In their hotel suite Victor and Nikki enjoy their getaway. Victor reveals he is considering dropping treatment for awhile. Nikki understands but needs him to fight as she cannot face life without him.

Later, at the court, Nick explains that he will be representing himself. The session begins and Nick sets forth his case that Adam gave up custody when he changed Christian’s paternity test to show that Nick was his father. He sets forth his case and how much he loves and is a father to Christian. Adam then forfeits counsel since Nick didn’t have any. He then argues that he changed the DNA results because Nick was involved with Christian’s mother. Suddenly his lawyers phone goes off to which she exclaims “what on earth.”. The judge watches the video of Nick masquerading as JT. Adam pipes in on how Nick traumatized their father. At Society, Michael asks Kevin if the judge is seeing the video right now. Kevin tells Michael neither of them will get out of the Spider’s Web until they take him down.

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