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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke holds Hope’s hands and begs her one more time not to do this. Do not marry Thomas. She will go down and talk to both Ridge and Thomas and tell them whatever she wants. Thomas tells the group maybe it is time to take their seats and that will hasten things along. Liam says Hope is not ready until she is ready. Hope tells Brooke that if that is the only reason she came up, then perhaps she needs to go back down. Brooke may not understand, but she is going through with this wedding. As they all wonder what is happening, Brooke comes down and says they can take their places. Hope will be down in a minute. Flo walks in and Zoe tells her that she cannot go to this wedding. Flo says she is a Logan, she has to go even though she does not want her to marry that evil Thomas. Flo tells her that Zoe lost her man so she knows how that feels. Well Hope lost Liam but they can do something about that right now. Both of them can confront and tell all the truth. She knows Xander would forgive her then.

Hope descends the stairs and the first thing she sees is Liam holding both Phoebe and Kelly. Carter starts the ceremony. Ridge starts first that he is proud of all of Thomas's accomplishments and nothing more than putting that smile back on his grandson’s face. He tells Hope that he does not know where she found the strength but she put a smile back on Thomas and Douglas’s faces. Ridge nudges Brooke to say something. She says marriage should not be an expression of loyalty but an expression of love. And that is all she wants for Hope….for her to be happy. Zoe tells Flo that she needs to go home and text Brooke that she is not feeling well. Flo says she is not feeling well and neither of them will be until they tell the entire truth. Liam glares as Thomas tells Hope that he is a better man and a better father to Douglas and he owes it all to her. He feels like they can be happy again. He says he loves her. He loved her before but he does now more than ever. Hope looks at a smiling Douglas. Zoe keeps up her tirade and Flo says Hope would not be marrying Thomas if she knew Phoebe was really Beth. Thomas follows Carter’s lead and says I do. Hope looks to Douglas who wants her to say the same. At that moment instead of being in Liam’s lap, Phoebe is on the floor at Hope’s hemline looking up and saying Mama. Hope is stunned and only Steffy moves by going and picking Phoebe up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara walked up on Hope and Ted kissing. She was surprised to see them together. Rafe got the divorce papers in the mail. Ben showed up and wanted to know if he talked to Jordan about letting him see David. Rafe told him that she said the same thing she said the last time he spoke to her. She didnít want him near her son. Gabi took Xanderís briefcase and wouldnít give it back. She felt like it contained something that proved Stefan was innocent. Xander grabbed her and wanted the briefcase back. Will and Sonny were surprised to see that ďSusanĒ had a gun. They wondered why she would carry it. Kristen searched through Xanderís room trying to find the mask when Brady showed up. He wanted to know what she was doing. She lied about what she was doing. She ended up kissing him. Hope wanted to explain what was going on with Ted, but Ciara was okay with it. She didnít want to judge them for being together. Rafe told Ben that Jordan was the reason why he didnít want him to see David. Rafe let him know that he planned on getting custody of him. They ended up talking a little until David started crying. Ben wanted to check on him, but Rafe didnít think it was a good idea. Gabi fought Xander off when he grabbed her. She kicked him and managed to get away from him. Brady pushed Kristen off of him. He reminded her that she had a boyfriend. She told him that she was in an open relationship. She thought they were perfect together, but Brady told her that she wasnít his type. Kristen continued to force herself on him when Will and Sonny walked in the room. Ted and Hope kissed again when Xander walked in on them. Will asked Kristen about what she was doing with the gun. Brady wanted to know why she had gun.

Ben met with Ciara and talked about what happened with Rafe. Roman fired her because he knew her heart wasnít in the job. Gabi went home and Rafe saw her breaking into a briefcase. He wanted to know how she got it. She broke down and told him it was Xanderís. Ted didnít want to see Xander. Xander said they were both victims of Nicoleís. He said he would testify against Stefan and they would all be better off. Hope had trouble believing his story. Kristen tried to come up with a good reason for having the gun. She ended up pointing the gun at them. She had to remember not to break character. Will reminded her that he had a daughter and didnít want the gun in the house. Gabi told Rafe why she took the briefcase. Rafe didnít understand why she tried to steal evidence. She asked him for his help, but he refused. He told her to take the briefcase back to Xander. Will wanted answers to why she had the gun. Will wanted to see her permit for the gun. Will wanted to put it in the safe. Kristen said she didnít have to do it, but Will Insisted. Will and Sonny became uncomfortable when she intimated that she wanted to be with Brady. Kristen tried to come on to Brady again, but he rejected her. She thought it was her teeth, but he said he was swearing off women. Will told Sonny that ďSusanĒ may not be innocent after all. They almost overheard Kristen talking to herself. She left the mansion and left a threatening message on Xanderís phone. Gabi couldnít believe Rafe wanted her to give the briefcase back. He wanted to know why she wanted to risk getting her involved. Gabi told Rafe that she and Stefan would be intertwined. Rafe wanted to know if their relationship was platonic. Gabi denied having feelings for Stefan. Rafe wanted to take the case, but Gabi was adamant that she take it. Hope had trouble believing that Xander was the one who kept them alive. Ted asked Hope out on a date and she agreed to go out with him. Gabi ran into Brady and she gave him the briefcase. Kristen confronted Xander about the mask. The real Susan showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Aiden has his birthday party and Cam gets him tickets to see his favorite pastry chef. He agrees to sit it with him. Charlotte and Nina show up. Nina ignores Hayden. Lulu gets divorce papers from Dante. Laura is there to help her through it. Nina says she is sorry to Willow. Shiloh is released from jail with Daisy's help and goes around town trying to trick people into helping him. He remembers seeing Drew back in the middle east.

Kristina gets angry over seeing Shiloh and Sonny helps her through it. Willow goes to see Harmony and they continue to fix their relationship. Harmony wants no part in Shiloh's life anymore. Jordan and Curtis visit Ryan who insists that he his kidney was stolen. He and Harmony talk in the hall. He reads the DOD book.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola talks to Theo about Kyle's past in New York at first he tries to minimize the importance of Kyle's time in New York but when Lola demands the truth he says that he and Kyle and their other friends went to a lot of parties and that Kyle dated a lot of blondes . Theo reminds Lola that Kyle is a different person now and she shouldn't worry about his time in New York. Lola later tells Kyle they must have s a serious talk about his time in New York and anything else about his past he may want to share because she has to know who he really is before she can marry him. Kyle warns Summer about Theo and tells her that Theo is a guy who uses his charm to manipulate people and sometimes that charm can get other innocent people in trouble. Summer tells Kyle that she used to be like that too and she still likes to party. Summer also tells Kyle that she can take care of herself and he doesn't need to worry about her anymore. Phyllis tells Adam that Rey asked her if she saw Chance in Vegas and warns him that if he had any dealings with Chance in Vegas Rey knows about it and has already told Nick so he can use it in court. Phyllis tries to get Adam to tell her about his connection to Chance and what happened in Vegas between them but Adam doesn't tell her anything. The Newman family dinner is going well at Society Victor is happy that Nate and Abby are dating and he is happy that Nick brought Chelsea . Victor is even nice to Billy and thanks him for being supportive of Victoria in her new job. Victor has another memory lapse at dinner and everyone covers so he won't feel badly but they are all worried about him. Summer tells Phyllis that if she wants to fix their relationship she has to break ties with Adam and give Dark Horse back to Nick but Phyllis reminds her daughter that she doesn't own Dark Horse. Billy is sleeping at home and Victoria is reading a book in bed when Billy wakes up startled and tells Victoria he is very tired since he has to cover for Jack while he is away in Paris. Michael follows Kevin to Adam's penthouse and gets him to admit that Adam was trying to blackmail the judge in the custody case with pictures of their meeting and the judge accepting a bribe. Kevin tells Michael he is going to use the pictures to threaten Adam that he will show the pictures to the police.. Michael tells Kevin that is a very bad plan and persuades him to leave and allow him to deal with Adam. Adam arrives home and Michael tells him that he persuaded Kevin not to go through with his badly thought out plan and he stayed at the penthouse because he wants to make a deal with him.

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