The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/18/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Douglas is excited. Thomas helps him get dressed and wants him to look his very best when his dad marries Hope. Meanwhile Hope is nowhere being happy. Brooke is dressed but finds Hope just moping doing nothing. She tells her it is not too late. All she has to do is say the word and they can stop this wedding. Liam tells Steffy that she looks beautiful. She says she is very aware of how he feels about this wedding today. But she hopes he can at least try to be happy for Thomas and Hope. Ridge drops in on Thomas to give him support. Thomas says he can handle Liam but Ridge needs to talk to Brooke. Pam tells Thomas that Charlie is out of town but she had to come and pass her lemon bars around. She tells Thomas it is great to have a partner in life and she wishes him well. She knows Stephanie is looking down and giving him her approval. Steffy and Liam arrive and give their greetings to Quinn, Eric, Katie and Donna. Thomas tells Liam that he hopes he was not dragged here. Liam replies no; anywhere Hope is he is likely to be. Steffy overhears some of the conversation with Brooke saying they could call off the wedding. When Brooke leaves, Steffy says she loves her brother and wants him happy. She knows he loves Hope and Hope wants to commit to him and Douglas, but her mother is right…..only marry Thomas for the right reason if she truly means it. Carter arrives and they all say now it can be official and wonder how many Forrester weddings has he officiated. Ridge wants to talk to Brooke. He says this is supposed to be a happy day. His son and her daughter are getting married. Liam keeps glaring at Thomas and even tells Carter that he is using his son for his own good. Eric tells Thomas to calm down. Flo’s name came up and Thomas said she hates him just like all the other Logan women. Eric says everybody needs to work to keep their negative energy at bay.

Steffy and Hope hug and even giggle that now they are sisters. She says Thomas is lucky to have her and Douglas hit the jackpot to have her as his mommy. Hope says being his mother always brings tears to her eyes. She just cannot think of being pregnant again and then losing another baby. Steffy hugs her again and says she is honored to be her maid of honor and for Hope to be in her family. Carter says he feels the ceremony should have started already. Eric says only the bride can decide that. Even Thomas is worried that he has not seen Hope. Steffy finally comes down but Brooke goes back up one more time. Liam tells Thomas that things may not work out just the way he wants as Hope just asked for her mother. Brooke reminds Hope that she was bursting with joy when she married Liam but she sees none of that today. She is not in any hurry to get dressed. She reminds her that she cannot sacrifice her future. She knows she does not love him. Maybe she cares about him and being Douglas’s mother but she has never seen her hug Thomas or kiss him. She feels if she marries Thomas she will be making the biggest mistake of her life. She knows how Hope felt when she lost Beth but substituting Douglas for her is not the answer. Please do not marry Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi told Brady that she believed that Nicole kidnapped Ted and Kate. He didn’t believe that she had anything to do with it. She explained why she felt the way she did. Kate and Ted went to “Nicole’s” apartment to see if she would help them take down Kristen. Xander was happy that he took Kristen’s mask so she couldn’t go out as Nicole. Kristen thought of dressing up as Susan. Kristen went to the DiMera mansion to see Will and Sonny. Eve wanted to know why Jack decided to take the serum. Jack explained that he wanted to get closer to his children. Eve thought that Jack wanted to take the serum for Jennifer. Susan noticed Xander and Will introduced them. Kristen went after Xander, but Will and Sonny stopped her from hitting him. Eve had trouble believing that Jack didn’t want to be with Jennifer. Jack tried to deny the accusation. He told Eve that he couldn’t stand Jennifer. Eve didn’t believe it. She reminded him that he loved Jennifer when he died. He assured her that was history. She knew it would change once she took the serum. Jennifer talked to Hope about Jack not taking the serum. She thought he didn’t want to reclaim his memory. Jennifer thought she needed the reality check that her relationship with Jack was over. Kate passed out and Ted helped her out. He wanted her to eat something. She ate a piece of candy and she thought about when they kissed each other. Brady wanted to know how Nicole could have kidnapped Ted and Kate. Gabi knew it was possible. Brady wanted to know if Gabi thought Kate was lying. She thought Kate was lying. She also told him that Nicole was wearing a weird mask when she went to talk to her. “Susan” kept trying to get Xander to talk to her when he didn’t want to do it. Kristen wanted to give him something She reached for the gun, but she pulled out her other mask.

Gabi told Brady about the type of mask she wore. She told him about what “Nicole” did to her as well as Stefan. Gabi wanted him to talk to her. He didn’t think it was a good idea. Brady wondered why she was suddenly interested in helping Stefan. Gabi wanted to be the one to bring Stefan down. Brady had trouble believing that was all she wanted. Eve promised Jack that nothing would change between them if he took the serum. He was happy with the way things are with her. Jack wanted her to trust him. He assured her that she was his present and future. He wanted to prove to her that he loved her and not Jennifer. Jennifer continued to talk about Jack not wanting his old life back. She wanted to stop hoping that Jack would want his family back. Jennifer told Hope that she had to move on with her life. Kristen wanted Xander to take the gift. Xander was hesitant about taking it, but he finally accepted it. Xander left the room and Kristen was upset about it. She was about to go after Xander when Brady showed up. He was surprised to see Susan. Jennifer and Hope talked about moving on with their lives. Hope told Jennifer about her divorce being final and might want to be with Ted. Kate wondered how Hope would react if she found out Ted was working with Xander. He wondered if she was threatening him. Ted tried to justify not being like the other men in Hope’s life who betrayed her. Kate reminded him about what he did. Gabi found Xander and wanted to know who he was working with to kidnap Ted and Kate. He wanted to know who she thought he was helping. She told him she thought he was working with Nicole. Ted met with Hope and they kissed each other. Eve wanted Jack to prove that he loved her by not taking the serum. He told her that he loved her, but he wanted his memory back. She walked out of the room. Will was suspicious about “Susan” so he looked through her bag. He found the gun. Kristen went to Xander’s room to look for her mask. She searched the room, but Brady caught her. Xander wanted Gabi to prove her accusation. She took his briefcase and thought the proof was there.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina realizes that she wronged Willow. Obrecht thinks she should move on past it. Nina cannot do it though. Sasha tells Valentin she is staying in town. She later goes to cheer on Michael and ends up in bed with him again. Willow applies for a governess job only to find out that Charlotte is the child. She realizes it was a mistake and leaves before Nina can say anything.

Franco and Elizabeth tell Mac and Jordan that Obrecht was pushed and they keep the case open. Franco asks Obrecht who could have done this. Obrecht has no idea. Jordan and Curtis start to bond again after the accident.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack visits Ashley in Paris and after she gives him a tour of the My Beauty offices Jack tells Ashley he has been in a funk and he doesn't know the reason. Ashley tells Jack that he is so used to handling crisis that he doesn't know what to do with his life when everything is normal. Ashley tells Jack to begin enjoying his life and then they hug each other and go have the best chocolate mousse in Paris. Cane tells Traci he wants to move to New York and explore a romantic relationship with her but Traci tells him that they should just be good friends when they return home she thinks they both got caught up in the romance of the book. Traci thanks Cane because thanks to him she has learned that she is a valuable person who deserves attention and affection. Nate goes house hunting with Abby and he wants to buy Cane's house but he texts Cane to make sure he doesn't feel strange about selling it to him and Cane tells him it is fine. Nate and Abby are so happy they kiss and later Nate accepts an invitation from Abby to the Newman family dinner. Devon asks Elena to move into his bedroom and become more then his roommate she says yes and later they make love. Lola wants to find out about Kyle's time in New York and after Rey encourages her to get answers she calls Theo to tell him she wants to talk to him. Phyllis tells Summer she should stop her relationship with Theo because he is distracting her from work and he is a player who will only hurt her but Summer tells her that she isn't looking for a serious relationship right now. Rey wonders if Phyllis saw Chance while she was in Las Vegas and Phyllis tells Rey she looked for Chance in Vegas because she wanted to ask him about his half brother Ronan but she never found Chance to ask him about Ronan.

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