The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/17/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge keeps busy by making the phone calls for preparations for the wedding. He wants plenty of balloons out front, just like a circus. He tells Brooke that the Avant’s are at a family reunion, Rick is busy working and Felicia has not called back yet. Charlie is out of town so Pam may miss. Brooke’s dad can’t come, too short a notice. He sees Brooke is not exactly oozing any enthusiasm and still thinks there is something wrong with his son. Steffy tells Liam that she is sure no one would think badly of him if he skipped the wedding. He says he is sure there are several who wish he would not come but he is not going to make it that easy on them. He won’t throw the first punch at Thomas but he cannot answer for him. Hope lets Thomas kiss her and says tomorrow she wants them to be one big blended family and that he and Liam will get along. Alone her face says otherwise. Brooke goes over her list of to do’s and sees again that Hope does not seem to be into this. She says she is no more ready to get married tomorrow than Brooke is to fly to the moon. Ridge asks Thomas if Steffy is going to bring Liam to the wedding. He says Hope has picked him now so if Liam wants to come and throw daggers at him, then let him. Liam tells Steffy they are not married yet. He realizes now that him living here with Steffy did not help matters and he is as lost to Hope as she is to Beth.

Brooke continues to tell Hope that Hope does not love Thomas. She knows she wants to be a mother to his son, that is all. And Thomas is going to have more expectations of her. She is not sure what his feelings are for her; it could be love, or obsession of even something darker. Tomorrow when she says I do she will be lying as she knows Hope has no strong loving feelings for Thomas. Later Thomas knocks at Hope’s door. He says that is the last time he will have to knock. He is not sure he can sleep tonight but he wanted to tell her good night. He even says he could spend the night if she would like. She says Douglas would miss him but he says Brooke and Ridge are there to look after him. He kisses her and then again. She says it must be the moon. He wants to hear her say she loves him. Instead she hugs him. She looks out at the big old moon. Liam turns out all the lights to go to bed and he too looks at the moon, remembers the fireworks when Hope told him she was pregnant and the night she gave birth to Beth and was told she was stillborn. Both are deep in their own thoughts.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi went to see Kate to find out why she was lying about Stefan. Kristen called Xander because she wanted her mask back. He didnít want to give it to her, but he did have a gift for her. She went to the door and found a different type of mask. She threatened him, but he didnít fall for it. Brady showed up and wanted to know what Xander was talking about on the phone. Jennifer showed Jack her article ambushing him. He didnít understand why she wrote the article that she wrote. They argued over what Haleyís landlord did to her. Jack denied supporting racism. She told him that he never said he was against it. They argued again and he said he would revoke her press pass. Eve talked to Ted about what Stefan did to him. Ted assured her that he told the truth. Eve wanted to put Stefan in jail. He said that he would testify against him. Eve wanted him to be the DA. Kate denied lying about Stefan. Gabi thought she was lying. Kate didnít understand how she could trust his word over hers. Kate wondered if she was in love with Stefan. Xander told Brady he was talking to his assistant. Brady let him know that he was fired from Titan. Jack told Jennifer that he wasnít going to shut down her paper. Jennifer told him the old Jack believed in freedom of the press. She mentioned how he wouldnít take the serum, but he told her that he was thinking about taking it. He let her know that he liked his new life. She thought he was a coward. He decided not to take the serum because of her. Ted was surprised Eve wanted him to be the DA. Ted turned down the job offer. Eve tried to convince him to take the job. Ted wondered if Jack was the one who had to decide who would be DA, Ted wanted to know why she wanted him to be the DA. Kate warned Gabi about having sex with Stefan. Gabi told her that she planned on being Stefanís wife, but she ruined it. Kate wanted to know if she was lusting over Stefan. Gabi admitted that she lusted after him and hated him at the same time. Kate reminded her how she killed his mother. Gabi wanted to know if Stefan really did kidnap her. Gabi wanted to know how Nicole played into the kidnapping. Kristen wanted to get her mask back from Xander. Xander told Brady he had to be convicted of a crime before he could fire him. Brady thought he could still fire him.

Brady told Xander that he broke his contract when he worked for Stefan. Xander explained how working with Stefan helped Titan. He told Brady that he helped Hope find Ted and Kate. Eve told Ted about going after Ben. Ted told her that she might have changed. She wanted to know if he had evidence. Ted reminded her why he quit being the DA. His answer was still the same. Eve wanted to give him some time to think about his answer. She was sure they would be able to work something out. She left his hospital room. Kate didnít know what Gabi was talking about when she mentioned Nicole. Gabi told her what happened when ďNicoleĒ went to the tunnels. Kate told her again that she didnít see Nicole. Kate was tired of telling her the same thing. She told her that Stefan was the one who kidnapped her. Gabi didnít need her help. She was determined to prove Stefanísí innocence. Jennifer gave Jack an old article that he wrote for the Spectator. Brady told Xander that he violated his contract. Xander was okay with being fired, but he warned him that he would get a lot of attention for what happened to Stefan. He told Brady that Kate would agree with what he said. Brady agreed to let him keep his job after all. Kate went to see Ted. She told him how Gabi didnít believe Stefan kidnapped them. She told him how Gabi suspected Nicole was involved. Kate thought that Kristen was blackmailing Nicole. Kate wanted to team up with Nicole to get back at Kristen. Kristen talked to herself about getting Brady to fall for her again. Gabi was outside of her room and wanted to talk to her about Stefan. Gabi refused to leave until she talked to her. Ted thought Kateís idea was a bad one. He thought Nicole would tell what they did. Kate thought Kristen would go after the people they care about. Kate wanted to go to Nicoleís place to make her help them. Gabi demanded that ďNicoleĒ open the door. Kristen put on the mask that Xander gave her and demanded for Gabi to go away. Kristen wondered how she would get into the Kiriakis mansion. She had an idea and took out a suitcase. Jack went to Eveís office and told her that he decided to take the serum. Brady ran into Gabi. He was happy that Stefan was in prison. She told him that she knew he was innocent. She thought ďNicoleĒ was involved in the kidnappings. Kristen went to the Kiriakis mansion dressed as Susan.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Cam sits down with Elizabeth and Franco to tell them that he received a car in Oscar's will. They allow him to keep it if he can behave himself. He goes to community service and Franco looks at pictures with Elizabeth from the wedding. Ava tells Julian she had contact with Kiki. Sonny yells at her for telling Avery that she talked with Kiki. Julia agrees it wasn't a good idea.

Alexis and Diane tell Brad, Lucas, and Willow that the custody hearing his off until Shiloh gets out of jail if ever. Joss goes off on Dev once again and then they hang out in the park together. Trina is worried about Dev being related to Sonny. Nina finds out that Willow was in a cult and wonders if she tipped off the babies existence on accident.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tells Traci that Charlie seems more mature since he has been living in New York and he is so happy that he plans to stay in New York once he finishes film school. Cane worries that Charlie has chosen to be in the movie business instead of choosing a more steady job. Traci advises Cane to allow Charlie to follow his dreams and be supportive of him. Traci thinks there will be time for Charlie to get a more reliable job but for now he should decide his own fate. Cane and Traci go to a costume party dressed as Flynn and Velma to promote her new book and after they return Cane tells Traci that she is an amazing woman and Traci cries and tells him its been a long time since someone said something like that to her. Traci tells Cane that since Colleen died she has focused her life on Jack, Ashley, and Billy and helping them solve their problems but she hasn't focused on her own life. Cane thinks Traci should work on finding her own happy ending and when she finds her hapiness he hopes he will be there to see it. Billy continues to struggle with thoughts of Delia and the number that he is chasing her but he can't catch her and then he hears car brakes screaching. Jill tells Billy she misses Delia too but she wouldn't want him to be sad she would want him to be happy and focus on the good things in his life. Billy tells Kevin about his nightmare and then he shows him Delia's name written on a peice of furniture that he had never noticed before. Kevin tells him that Adam is causing him to have memories of Delia and he shouldn't let Adam get in his head. Phyllis runs into Billy later at the park and he is upset because she works for Adam but she says that she is using Adam and has a plan to make things right for everyone. Adam forces Kevin to take an envelope full of cash to the judge that is in charge of Christian's custody case by reminding him that he can put Chloe in jail. Kevin takes a picture of the envelope full of money and then gets a call from Chloe and he tells her everything will be over soon and he asks her if she knows where she is suppossed to go and that she should make sure she isn't followed. Michael sneses that Kevin is in deep trouble and wants to help him with his plan but Kevin tells him not to worry because Adam will get what he desrves.

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