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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas re-arranges some pictures in Douglas’s room, putting Caroline's away and adding Hope and some of her with Douglas. Hope looks in and he lies that he was only checking under the bed and no more monsters. He says he feels terrible that he did not hear Douglas's scream and only glad that she made it to him on time. It made all the difference in the world. She stays a moment and says she is on her way over to see Liam as she thinks she owes him this news in person. Eric and Quinn drop in on Ridge and Brooke. He says it only happened last night but Xander called and said he is going back home; he had no other alternative. Thomas joins them and hugs Eric and Quinn and glad they came on such short notice. He explains that last night Hope said she wanted to get married as soon as possible. She is as anxious as he is. Brooke tells Thomas that she does not understand this. She thought Hope wanted to wait a while. He tells her about the nightmare Douglas had that caused her to push the wedding up so she could be his mommy now. This is what Hope wants; he did not pressure her in any way. Ridge joins in and says they can ask Hope. Eric says they would love to host another wedding at his place. Quinn says they have more than one impromptu wedding at their home. Thomas thanks him but says now that Douglas considers this is home he thought it would be special if they could marry here in this house. Ridge says of course they can. Thomas even says he would like the cousins to come and they could have festive balloons, stuffed animals and such and make it a real special occasion. Hope is on board for that too.

Thomas explains to Douglas what a best man is who stands by the groom all day and he would like him to be that best man. Douglas is delighted. Then Thomas sits by his bed and has a fantasy of Hope there in her lingerie and being the aggressor as she takes off his shirt and says she does not want to wait for their wedding night. She wants him now and always. It rocks Liam when Hope says the wedding will be tomorrow. He asks questions and she has to explain about the nightmare Douglas had. Thomas was in shower and did not hear the scream but she was there and got him to calm down. She will not take Caroline’s place but she can be Douglas’s step-mom starting tomorrow. She goes even further by shocking Steffy when she asks her to be her matron of honor. She has done such a great job with the two girls and Liam and she wants to do the same with Douglas and still raise all of them being close. Steffy says of course, she will be honored. But when Steffy goes to attend to the girls, Liam begs her not to marry Thomas tomorrow. She is definitely not ready for this. Steffy brings Phoebe out for Hope to hold and she goes gaga over her as always. She tells Liam this is the reason that she has to marry Thomas and be Douglas’s mother. She knows what she needs. He says he will never stop being protective of her because he will never stop loving her. So tell him what he needs to do. Being engaged to Thomas is one thing but being married tomorrow is a whole other world. If she is doing this because he moved in with Steffy, he could move out if that would help.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ted and Kate stuck to their stories about Stefan being behind their kidnapping. Gabi told Stefan that she felt Nicole was behind the kidnapping since she went to the tunnels and didnít say anything about seeing them. Xander expected Eve to get him out of the mess he was in. She didnít want to help him because she thought they were even. Xander told her that he would tell Jack she knew about the diary. Kristen tried to make out with Brady, but he didnít want to hurt Eric. She tried hard to get him to change his mind, but it didnít work. Eric went home and talked to Sarah about what happened with Kristen. She wanted to make him feel better about it, but it didnít work. He decided that he wanted to leave town. Eli and Lani went to see Kristen to talk about Xanderís connection to Ted. Lani told her how Kate heard Xander talking outside of her door. Brady went to see Kate at the hospital. He told her that he could fire Xander for what he did to her. She told him how Stefan was the one behind the kidnapping. Hope asked Ted about Holly. She also asked him questions about the kidnapping.

Sarah didnít want Eric to leave. They were about to kiss when Rex showed up. Xander continued to talk Eve into helping him. He implied that Stefan wasnít the one who helped him. Stefan was determined not to let Ted and Kate get away with setting him up. Gabi wanted to help him. She was going to figure out what was going on and she was going to get him out of jail. Rex didnít see how Sarah and Eric were about to kiss each other. They talked about his run in with ďNicoleĒ. Ted advised Hope to move on with her life since Rafe moved on with his life. She considered doing it. Kristen wanted Eli and Lani to leave, but they had more questions for her. Eli questioned her about being kidnapped by Xander. Kristen wanted to know if Xander admitted who he was working for. They told her that he was waiting for immunity and then he would tell who he helped. They left after their conversation. Kristen found out that Xander made bail. She wanted to find out what was going on, but Xander was outside of her door. Hope was going to kiss Ted when Kate showed up. She wanted to talk to Ted. Kate thanked Hope for rescuing them. Hope left the room and Kate reminded him that Kristen was still out there. They had to remember not to say anything about her. Gabi told Stefan that she would talk to Kate to find out the truth about who kidnapped her. Brady went to see Eve about Xander. He wanted to know what was going to happen with Xander. Kristen wanted to know if Xander told the police about her. He told her what he said. Xander didnít like that she saved herself and left him to get arrested. She explained what her plan was going to be. He didnít believe her and choked her. Rex told Sarah and Eric what Xander did. Sarah was surprised by that. She told him about Eric leaving. Sarah and Rex wanted Eric to stay so he decided to stay for now. Stefan appreciated Gabi believing in his innocence. She knew they were going to beat what happened. Xander took Kristenís mask from her. He wanted to make her suffer. She begged him not to take the mask from her. She tried to seduce her, but he wasnít interested. He walked out of the room with the mask.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava and Sibley meet on GH's rooftop. Sibley makes contact and Kiki has no desire to talk with Ava ever again. She is never going to forgive her for what she did to her with Griffin and Sasha. She later gives a message through Sibley that she loves Avery. Ava asks Sibley to contact Nikolas but Sibley cannot find a spiritual connection at all. Hayden runs into Drew and he is not happy that she is at Aurora. Curtis tells Jax and he tries to make things right. In the hallway he tells Hayden that they are only working together to expose Valentin.

Nina tells Curtis that he is to tell her everything he finds out before Valentin. Lulu is angered that Maxie decided to find Dante. Maxie and Lulu makeup after Laura gets involved though. Julian tells Kim he still loves her. Robert and Finn discuss Hayden and how he needs Anna back now.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor makes a deal with Chelsea that if he can see Connor he will not tell him that Adam is alive he will let her break the news to her son. Victir also agrees not to tell Adam Connor's location because he would never do anything to upset his grandson. Victor invites Nick and Cherlsea to a family dinner that Nikki is planning and after a discussion about whether she should go to the dinner Nick persudes Chelsea to go with him to the family dinner. Cane tells Jill about his friendship with Traci and that he is the inspiration for her new novel. Jill is very supportive and glad that Cane is moving on with his life without Lily.. Billy isn't happy that Cane and Traci are traveling together to New York and tells him so this causes Cane to think he should not travel with Traci to New York. Canbe talsk to Traci about his conversation with Billy and Traci tells him not to listen to her brother because she is very happy they are traveling together and that they will be spending time together when he isn't busy with the conference and she isn't busy workinon getting her book published. Rey uncovers new information about Chance and tells Nick he has been involved in money laundering and other shady finnacial deals this is shocking to Nick because it is out of character for Chance but he tells him to keep investigating because Chance is the key to keeping custody of Christian. Jack talks to Billy, Jill and Nikki ,and Traci who all give him diffrent advice about how to gwet out of his funk but in the end he reluctantly takes Billy's advice and goes to Paris to see Ashley

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