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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas and Hope go to the main house. They said they wanted to wait and tell Douglas about the engagement at the same time. He even admits he had to tell him a little fib although he hated to just to keep him quiet until that time came. Ridge says if that is the worse lie he ever told then he is okay. While they go to get Douglas, Ridge tells Brooke that she could at least pretend to support this wedding. He says this family is celebrating two families coming together and pretty soon she will accept that too. Thomas and Hope find Douglas cleaning up his room. Thomas tells him they have some news that he thinks will make him very very happy. Hope starts by saying getting engaged means spending the rest of your life with someone so it took her a little time to make the decision. She holds up her hand and he spies the ring and gets excited. Now he will have a new mommy. He wants to know if he can come to the wedding. Thomas says of course since he was the one that proposed. Douglas hopes it will be soon as he wants her now as his mommy. Thomas thinks to himself he hates to do this to his son but after tonight Hope will want to speed things along. Sally stops at the door as she is about to walk in on Wyatt and Flo smooching. She finally does and makes a little small talk. She said she had no reason to go home as all that is there is her house plants. She tells Flo that her check was returned because she did not have the correct address. Flo apologizes and says she never got around to changing it as she moved from the Forresterís to Wyattís. Sally makes a little dig that she sure is moving round a lot lately. As Flo rushes off to payroll, Sally says she will stay and keep Wyatt company. He wonders if Sally will send Flo off again way on the other side of town. Sally says you cannot blame a gal for wanting to see more of the one who got away. She joins in on the food display Flo and Wyatt were going to share. They soon get into it again that she betrayed him by keeping a secret from him. She says everyone keeps one little secret, even old high school sweethearts. He says maybe but this one involved his family. Sally eventually moves closer and puts the moves on Wyatt, saying she never got over him and she wonders if he ever did either. She kisses him and he clearly feels awkwardBrooke tells Ridge she wishes she could find a reason to be happy but Thomas is using both Hope and Douglas to get what he wants. Hope comes down alone and says Thomas is tucking Douglas into bed and then he wants to take a quick shower and he will be down. Brooke is glad Hope will be taking some time to make plans, take as much time as she needs. She says she will make the toast when she sees Thomas treating her the way that a wife should be treated. Hope says he is very supportive now and is a very good father. She thinks she will learn to love him. Brooke tells her to hold on to that thought and do not make plans until she does love him. Douglas is tucked in bed and Thomas slips to the closet and takes out a small machine that he then slips under the bed and pushes a button. Within a minute appears eerie music with a ghost flying through the air. Douglas wakes up and is scared. He screams. Hope hears it and comes running. She holds Douglas. Thomas runs in too and says Douglas has had nightmares before but this one seems to be really intense. As Hope cradles his head, Douglas wants her to stay with him and be his mommy now. She tells Thomas she thinks they need to get married soon. Thomas says to himself that it worked. He is going to get Douglas the best mommy in the world. “Hope Logan, you will be mine.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen held Ted and Kate at gunpoint. They wanted to know why they were locked in tunnel. They started speculating, but Kristen never told them. Stefan and Gabi started making out in Julieís office. They couldnít keep their hands off of each other. Julie threw water on them to stop them from making out. Xander wanted to get to Ted and Kate before it was too late. Hope continued to follow him. Kristen told Kate and Ted how Stefan fired her from the company. Kate was willing to help her keep her secret. Kristen didnít want to take the chance because Hope was snooping around. JJ told Haley that he was evicted from his apartment. She felt bad for him. She knew that it was her fault, but he knew how people could be. She told him that she would move out. He refused to live in an apartment with a racist landlord. He assured her that he was okay with moving. Julie called Eli to tell him about Stefan and Gabi. Gabi hung up her phone. They told her that they were having a party there. She refused to let them have the party in her club. Hope managed to lose Xander. She let Eli know that she thought Xander was about to kill Ted if he didnít do it already. Hope found the secret passageway and went inside.

JJ and Haley told Tripp about the eviction. Tripp offered to let them both stay with him. Julie didnít want Gabi and Stefan to have their party at her place. Julie threw them out of her club. Stefan wanted to go back to his place, but Gabi didnít want to be with him like that anymore. Xander met with Kristen and wanted to know if she killed Ted and Kate. Kristen didnít want to talk there so they walked off. Hope found the door and picked it open. Kristen told Xander how Stefan fired her. She wanted to talk about what Xander did. She checked his bags and saw the food he had. He lied and said the food was for him. She didnít believe that. He said Sarah told him what could happen if he starved them. She said he didnít have to worry about them starving to death anymore. He wanted to know if she killed them. Hope found Ted and Kate locked in the tunnel. JJ wasnít sure if it was a good idea to live at the loft. Tripp really wanted them to live there. They decided to do it. Gabi suggested to Stefan that they make their relationship real. She was ready to take the next step. Ted wanted to know how Hope found them. Hope explained how she saw the necklace. Hope figured out why Kate was locked up. She told Hope that Xander was only the muscle and that he had a partner in crime. Stefan admitted that he developed feelings for Gabi and was willing to be a couple with her. Kristen told Xander that she postponed Ted and Kateís death for now. Xander thought they could hurt them. She was certain they were going to be careful what they say. Hope wanted to know who the partner was, but Ted and Kate didnít want to say anything. Ted told her that Xanderís partner was a DiMera. Xander told Kristen it was a good thing that he didnít kill Ted and Kate. She agreed for now, but she was determined to get the last laugh. Kate told Hope that Stefanoís child needed to be stopped. Ted told Hope that Stefan did that to them. Stefan walked in the room right after he lied to Hope.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Chase brings in Hayden for questioning but Finn tells him to be easy on her. Finn tries calling Anna to inform her that Hayden is back. Jax later tells Hayden that she needs to tell Finn they are not actually together or he will. Valentin tells Nina that he knows that Jax has a file on him and Cassandra. Jax later tells Nina that Hayden is the new CFO of Aurora.

Maxie and Dante attempt to speak with Dante but are turned away. Maxie tries to storm in on Dante but a gun is shot. Lulu tells Sonny that he needs to find Dante. Dev is ordered to get a job at the Metro Court. Shiloh is arrested before he can open the DNA tests results from Wiley. Michael tells Lucas to throw them out which he does. Shiloh tells Willow that he will get out and raise their son together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola asks Mariah not to release her cooking video until after the wedding and Mariah agrees they are both very happy with the final edit of the video. Lola smoothes things over with her mother but Celeste misinterprets their conversation and thinks that she wants her to move back into her apartment. Lola tells Kyle the news and he agrees to move back to the Abbott poolhouse until after the wedding. Adam tells Paul that Chelsea had a motive to kill her husband Calvin she stood to inherrit a lot of money and he hands Paul a thumb drive with the conversation he recorded with Chelsea to prove it. Victr has another memory lapse and he, Nikki, and Victiria are very worried about this side effect of his treatmemt but they hide it from each other and keep a positive attitude. Billy has memories of Delia when he goes by the Chancellor mansion and sees one of Delia's dolls. Billy tells Esther he intends to keep her promise to Chloe amd make sure Kevin returns to her and Bella in Portland.Paul tells Chelsea that her husband had a heart attack known as the widow maker and the case is now closed. Paul tells Chelsea she should be careful of Adam he doesn't have her best interests at heart. Nick tells Chelsea he will not let Adam hurt her and she can have a happy life.

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