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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope keeps repeating that Liam is with Steffy and the girls where he belongs. But Katie, Donna and Brooke tell her that Liam is still in love with her. Katie says she appreciates that Thomas loves his son and wants a mother for him, but Hope cannot marry a man when her heart is just not in it. Thomas tells Xander and Zoe that go ahead and be the hero. Go tell Hope, go tell the police. But he knows that Zoe and her father will end up in prison for twenty years. And for that matter so will Flo and Xander. Zoe keeps begging and saying she called her father in London and he is doing all he can to keep clean and just work. He knows he is guilty and feels badly. But the consequences are such that he cannot come forward without hurting everyone including himself of course. Thomas adds again that Xander does not need to be the hero now. Look at Zoe if he loves her and how devastating this is to her. He needs to let this go. Zoe begs him again to please do not do this. Thomas points out that Xander is trying to make this simple but it is not. It is complicated. Xander turns to Zoe and says he cannot do this. They would have no kind of life together with this held over their heads. They have to go to Hope and tell her the truth and explain to the Logan’s, the Forrester’s and the police. If not, then he is leaving Zoe and going his own way. He is distraught and will not believe Thomas that Emma was reckless while driving and he still knows he was responsible for her accident and death. As the ladies try to convince Hope not to marry Thomas, she says this will be a marriage of love……her love for Douglas, her love for Phoebe and Kelly and the love she will have in being a mother. All their words fall on her deaf ears. Brooke ends up saying Douglas is a wonderful child but he is not her child. And if Thomas is exploiting her motherly instincts to make her his wife then that is wrong.

Xander tells a crying Zoe that he does not want to lose her and she has told him when she came back from London that she would do anything for him, but now he does not even know her. She won’t listen to him so she should stay here, keep her fancy job and money but she will not have him. Thomas points out again that Xander loves her but he cannot protect her if she is in jail. Xander says then that is it. He is moving back to London by himself. He says goodbye to Zoe. Thomas runs after him. Xander asks him if he is going to try to kill him and Zoe. Because if he touches Zoe, he will go straight to the police and there is nothing Thomas can do. Thomas goes back and tries to console Zoe to go ahead with her life and do not worry about Xander. He is leaving town. Thomas goes to Hope in the cabin, kisses her and suggests they go to the main house and make it official by telling all about their engagement. She says she thought they were going to tell Douglas first. Thomas says oh they will. Then he tries to kiss her again implying maybe more. Hope pulls back and says she is sorry but they need to wait until their wedding night. He goes back to see Douglas and says they have some important news later but Douglas needs to clean his room first. While he is busy doing that, Thomas says to himself he is sorry for what he is going to do to him but this can’t wait any longer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Hope had a run in over Ben. Eve tried to deny any wrongdoing in what happened to Claire. Eli questioned Xander about what happened to Ted and Kate. Xander lied to him about what happened. Eli wanted to call Kate to see if Xander was lying. Xander let him know that unless Kate walked in the door, he had to let him go. Kate put the glass at Tedís throat because she held him responsible for why she was in the tunnels. He told her that she needed him. Stefan told Kristen she was fired. She didnít think he should listen to Gabi. He refused to back down. Kristen blackmailed him and threatened to expose his relationship with Gabi if he fired her. Ted explained that Kate needed him if Xander came back. Xander told Eli again that if Kate doesnít show up, he would give it back. Hope called Eve out for abusing her job to get what she wanted. Eve threatened to bring Hope up on charges if she had anyone investigating her. Sarah confronted Maggie with an alcoholic beverage. She lied about why she had the bottle in her hand. Sarah tried to make Maggie feel better. Maggie was scared because she was sober for years and now sheís drinking again. She was upset that she feels like sheís starting over again. Kristen tried to play hardball with Stefan and Gabi. Unfortunately for her, it didnít work because he still wanted to fire her. Kristen threatened to sue him, but he didnít break. She lunged forward when he fired her. Abe showed up to stop her from attacking him. Stefan planned to call the police on her. Ted planned on fighting for Kate. She stopped trying to kill him with the bottle. Eve showed up while Eli was talking to Xander. Xander decided to threaten Eve if he wasnít let go. Eve wanted Eli out of the room. Xander told Eve that she would lose Jack if she didnít let him go. Sarah wanted to know if Maggie needed to go to rehab. She tried to convince her to go. Maggie felt guilty for Sarah looking out for her.

Stefan and Gabi thought Kristen was too unstable to run Basic Black. He told her that his decision stood. Abe tried to run interference and decided to side with Stefan. Kristen told Abe that they were using her ďbabyĒ to get her out of the company. Kristen got mad and stormed off. She yelled at Abe not to follow her. Ted was convinced that Hope would put two and two together and remember the necklace. Xander was at the mansion and he told her about Sarah giving his gift away. She tried to explain, but he didnít want to hear it. She told him about how he didnít give the necklace to Chloe. Stefan was determined not to be blackmailed by Kristen. He wanted Abe to put a positive spin on what Kristen did. He told him that he had a few hours to put a positive spin on what Kristen did. Kristen was upset that Stefan tried to fire her. She was ready to let him see her as herself. Gabi made the arrangement for the dinner party. Stefan assured Gabi that Nicole was gone from the company. Xander was sorry about everything. Ted wanted Kate to tell everyone that he was innocent too. Eli called Hope and told her that Eve let Xander go. Kate couldnít believe that Ted expected her to lie for him to get Hope. She actually did agree to keep his secret. Gabi wanted to run both companies. She talked Stefan in it. He wanted to know if Gabi really was using him. Kristen was upset with everyone. She destroyed her room and found a gun. Xander didnít want to listen to Kristen. He was going to keep Ted and Kristen alive. Eve threatened to fire Eli if he tried to undermine her. Hope followed Xander when he left the Kiriakis mansion. Gabi tried to explain to Stefan how she felt. They started kissing in the office. Abe went to see ďNicoleĒ. He barged in her room and saw how it looked. Kristen went to see Ted and Kate. She pulled out her gun on them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam tries to convince Robert and Mac why Carol's statement should be used. Jason shows up and turns himself in with Harmony alongside him. She tells them every bit of information that would help them prove Shiloh is a horrible person. Willow finds out what Harmony did.

Shiloh tries to collect the inheritance for Oscar. Drew and the rest of the Quartermaine's tell him he will never touch the money. He is called away to GH where Lucas is and wants the results for Wiley's DNA test. Obrecht insists that she was pushed. She finds out Hayden was there and Chase brings her in for questioning.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Rey talks to his mom at the atheletic club and she tells him that their father wants to come to Lola's wedding and walk her down the aisle Rey tells her not to say anything to Lola because her wedding day should be special. Celeste admits to her son that his father cheated on her and she threw him out he didn't really leave them like she told him all those years ago. Celeste wants to meet Sharon and Rey changes the subject because he doesn[t feel like talking about Sharon. Rey later talks to Nick and admits he and Sharon are having trouble because she can't top thinking about Adam. Rey tells Nick that he is more determined then ever to dig up dirt on Adam so he can't sink his clawa into Sharon again. Rey tells Nick that Chance Chancellor got thrown in jail for assualt and Adam bailed him out of jail. Rey also tells Nick that Chance has been in Las Vegas for about a year but now he has gone off the grid. Nick goes to talk to Jill ahd tells her what Rey told him she is shocked and promises to get to the bottom of the situation. Jill leaves a message for Chance and demands that he call her back as soon as possible. Theo brings an unwanted party to the Abbott mansion and interrupts Kyle and Lola's romantic night. Kyle throws everyone out of the house a short time later when someone breaks something. Kyle and Lola try to have a romantic night and are interruppted by Lola's mom but she leaves in a hurry once she realizes that she has interrupted their night. Chelsea is told by Paul not to leave town until the results of further tests on Calvin's body arrive she plays it cool but she worries that Paul thinks she killed her husband.

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