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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Thomas that she does not have a leash on Liam, so no she does not mind that he has one foot out the door. She can be herself and he can be himself. Ridge walks in and stops the conversation. He wonders if he should have brought his referee suit. Thomas tells him they are fine but they do not need the bottle of champagne; no celebrations for now. Steffy tells Ridge do not look at her; he is the one who spoiled Thomas rotten. Ridge quips he spoiled them all equally. Donna and Katie hear about Hope’s engagement and come running to Brooke to know the details. She expresses they can see her face and she does not look happy. Zoe calls Thomas to tell him that Xander is on his way to tell Hope the truth. Xander looks for Hope but finds out from Brooke that Hope is engaged to Thomas. He says that bastard has to be stopped. Hope tells Liam that she had one great guy and maybe that is all you get in life. She can be a mother now to Douglas and that will be enough. Xander goes back and tells Zoe that Hope is now engaged to that terrible Thomas. Surely she can see now how he is manipulating her life. Liam argues with Hope to please let him back in. She says he is not free. This is her life, her choice. She knows how much he loves her and she loves him the same and he could ask anything of her but not this. She has a purpose now. He says he is not giving her up. She says that makes no difference now. He says he will find proof against Thomas. She says he can do what he has to but her mind is made up. All he can do is walk away. She asks him to please not hate her. He turns and says he would not even know how. She tears up when he leaves.

Hope drops in at the office where all want to see her ring. They question her about her relationship since they have never seen her with Thomas. Brooke keeps saying that if Thomas needs someone to care for Douglas, he can hire an au pair, she does not have to marry him. Thomas sneaks around and overhears Xander tell Zoe that Thomas murdered Emma. He comes out and says that was tragic but he had nothing to do with Emma. Yes he followed Emma simply to try to talk to her again. He was not successful but fate was. Xander says he knows he killed Emma and after he leaves this room today everyone will know. Liam has strong words with Ridge and says he is not Hope’s husband now but neither is Thomas. And Ridge knows that Thomas has gone out of his way to be in Hope’s face and use Douglas for his own benefit. He is not going to let him get away with that. Ridge says he is proud of his son and how he turned his life around. And Liam shows plenty of respect to Steffy and the babies so he should show that same respect to other members of the family. Hope is engaged now and this is a done deal so accept it. He will leave but tell Steffy there was no bloodshed, at least not today. Brooke gets into it with Hope. Katie and Donna want to leave. Hope asks them not to. She wants her entire family to know how she feels. Brooke reminds her again how happy she and Liam were and she should listen to him. Zoe tries to defend Thomas and Xander reminds her again that Thomas is a killer. Maybe she can be quiet but he cannot. Thomas reminds them one more time to look at Zoe, a daughter of the baby stealer and her boyfriend and see who they think the police will believe. He is not afraid. Xander says he does not think that is the way it will go but even if he spends the rest of his life in jail he would rather do that than have Hope marry him. Zoe begs Xander not to say one word.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli met with Hope at the pub. She figured out that the phone was missing. He apologized for it since it proved she knew about Claire. Eve took the phone and was about to smash it when Jack showed up. Kristen was upset with Xander for not killing Ted and Kate. She wanted a reason not to kill him. Hope wanted Eli to do a favor for her. She told him about Ted being missing. Eli told him about a call about Ted. He told her that Eve stopped him from going to the Inn and that she would handle it herself. Ted thought Kate was giving up. She said she wasnít giving up. He noticed something on the floor. Kristen put a letter opener to his throat. He called her bluff because she didnít kill Ted and Kate. Gabi met with Chloe because she thought the company party would happen that day. Chloe told her there wasnít going to be a party there because ďNicoleĒ didnít book the party. One thing led to another and it turned out that Chloe knew why Gabi seduced Stefan. She knew about Gabiís plan. Gabi denied it, but Chloe told her that Brady told her everything. Gabi wondered if she was going to tell Stefan. Chloe told her to go for it. She was willing to help. Stefan showed up while they were talking. Kristen told Xander to kill Ted and Kate before someone went in the basement. Kristen told him that Ted and Kate were getting too close to the truth and had to be stopped. Ted only found a raisin. Hope asked Eli if he thought Ted was dead. Eli wasnít sure if he was or not. He wanted to know what made her suspicious of Tedís disappearance. Hope didnít want him to go to Eve with any of that. Eve told Jack that she was destroying evidence. She told him how Claire set the fires. She explained everything that happened. Eve enjoyed the time she spent with Claire. She also said she wanted to frame Ben for the fires. She regretted not going to her family. She wanted Jack to believe her. He believed her, but knew what she had to do.

Jack told Eve to drop the charges against Ben. She didnít want to do it, but he explained why she had to do it. He was sorry, but she had to let it go. Kate wanted to know what type of relationship Ted had with Xander. He said he was working with Xander. Kate didnít think he would be useful for him. She put two and two together and asked him if he helped fake Hollyís death. She remembered what happened during the accident. She wanted to know why he did it. She wanted to know why Xander wanted it done. Xander thought Ted and Kate would be worth more alive than dead. Xander told Kristen that Eve wanted Ted to be the DA again. Kristen thought Ted would prosecute them. Kristen pulled out a gun and told him to kill them. Xander told Kristen that Hope was digging. Kristen thought she was getting too close and wanted them dead. Xander refused to do it. Kate couldnít believe Ted was involved in everything. Ted told her if she was digging around she wouldnít be in the tunnel. She couldnít believe he did what he did to impress Hope. She blamed him for why they were locked up. Hope explained how Ted gave her a necklace and how Sarah ended up with it. Hope and Eli heard Kateís message to the police. Eve had a press conference about the arsonist. She mentioned how Hope couldnít take care of it. She told everyone that Hopeís relative was the one who did it. She thought an overzealous detective overlooked the evidence and would be dealt with accordingly. Xander refused to kill people just because Kristen wanted her to do it. Kristen told him to let them starve. She thought Ted and Kate would tell the police he was the one who kidnapped them. Kristen showed up to meet Stefan and Gabi. Xander saw Chloe outside and noticed her wearing the necklace he gave Sarah. She told him how she got it and left. Hope tried to call Kateís phone, but Xander wouldnít answer it. Hope prayed that Ted was alive. Kate didnít think Nicole would be coming back. She contemplated using the broke glass on Ted. Eve called Ben and put him on notice for murdering her daughter. Eli found Xander and told him that he was taking him in for questioning. Kristen wanted to know what she needed to do. Stefan ended up firing Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Cam and Joss go to Oscar's Will reading together Kim confronts Drew in the park about what she did the night before. Drew tells her she needs to get help. Kim confirms she is getting it. Alexis reads the will. Oscar gave Olivia and Ned his keyboard for Leo. Monica received a travel guide for Cleveland. Drew gets the class that they used to find his DNA. Michael gets a photo of him and Wiley. Kim gets a bear that he was given by her when he was in pre-school. Joss is given a compos but runs off. Cam goes to help her out. Alexis reads the rest of the will. Oscar gave his shares of ELQ to Shiloh.

Sasha has breakfast with Carly who thinks PC might be good for her. Sam goes to the station to show the statement given by Carol. Robert doesn't think it will hold up. Jason shows up and tells them he has a witness who can help. Dev is given his new life information.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack has a sad day when he visits Dina at the memory care home and she doesn't recognize him at all. Jack gets more bad news when Mallory tells him her father died and she has decided to move to Seatle to be closer to her children. Mallory tells Jack she is grateful for the time they spent together because he made her realize that family is all that really matters in life. Victoria tells Victor about her plans to take Dark Horse away from Adam and he approves of the plan because Adam should have never taken the company away from Nick. Jill arrives for a short visit and is hurt that Billy and Victoria didn't invit her to their recommitment ceremony. Mariah wants to build Lola's bramd by filming cooking videos of her to post online in hopes of having her do a cooking show. Lola doesn't think its a good idea because she is a very shy person but Lola and Tessa persude her to do it. Lola is very nervous filming the videos but Mariah asks Kyle to help calm Lola down and once she is more relaxed she does a wonderful video. Celeste however thinks that she should have dresed diffrently and put on make up. Lola demands that her mother respect her and stop with the constant criticisim of her life. Celeste apoloiogizes to her daughter for intruding on her life and packs to move back into the Athletic cl.ub. Paul tells Chelsea that the results of the toxiicology report on Calvin were inconclusive so they need to run further tests to see if Calvin died of natruak causes. Adam forces Kevin to hack into the police computer and find out the results ofCalvin's autopsy. Kevin suspects that Adam killed Calvin and Nick feels the same way but Chelsea refuses to think that Adam could be a killer.

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