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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope sits alone in her cabin thinking back on what just happened. Liam is thinking of her too. Steffy interrupts him and says he ran off last night and they did not get a chance to talk. He says yes Brooke called and wanted him to come over. She had news. Douglas asked Hope to marry his dad and be his mommy. Ridge runs into Thomas in the house and he tells him the good news, they hug. This is going to be the happiest day of his life. He wants to be able to tell Douglas this news alone. Not everyone is going to be happy with this news so he appreciates Ridge’s support. Xander explains all to Zoe but she still refuses to believe Thomas would do anything that drastic as to kill Emma. He says he has proof that is exactly what he did. Liam tells Steffy that who does that; to send a 5 year old to propose. Thomas calls and he confirms that Hope said yes. Liam cannot believe this. Brooke drops in on Hope and asks why she is avoiding her. Hope says she is not avoiding her but she did turn her phone off. Brooke starts in on the rumor and Hope holds up her ring finger and says that is not exactly how it went but she is engaged. Brooke says My God, what was she thinking. Destiny is not manipulation and that is all Thomas has been doing since being back. She does not believe she fell out of love with Liam so why Thomas now? Liam thinks this is sick.

Steffy says she does not want to argue but she has to be happy for her brother. They are going to be married so Liam will have to accept that. Thomas must have offered her something that Hope needed and they need to support that. He bursts out of the room. Brooke tries to convince Hope that she does not love Thomas like she does Liam. Hope says no but Steffy has the girls and Liam is with them now as he should be. She is going to be a mother to Douglas now. It is healing. Brooke says okay but she does not have to marry his father. She even asks if they have……..Hope nods no. She says good; she is begging her not to marry Thomas. She says she cannot put her finger on it but something is wrong with Thomas. Xander tells Zoe that it sounds like she is defending Thomas against Emma who was trying to do the right thing. Zoe admits it looks bad but there is no evidence at all to point to foul play. And as far as Thomas not calling for help that night he probably just panicked. Xander gets really agitated and says she cannot stop him. Somebody has to stop Thomas and it is going to be him. Thomas thanks Steffy for her support. She tells him Liam is not there. He is probably giving Hope an earful right now. Liam does not even knock. He bolts right into the cabin and says he has plenty to say. He wants to help Hope and all he knows is the answer is not Thomas. It has been his manipulation through Douglas over and over that has led her to this point. He understands that relationship but that is not the problem. She can still be like a mother to Douglas without marrying Thomas. He wants her to take that ring off and free herself from Thomas before something bad happens.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Victor. He thought he wanted to talk about Caroline. John told him that he had something else to tell him. Hope and Eli met at the park. She wanted him to do unofficial detective work. Marlena talked with Ciara and Ben about Eve knowing about Claire’s problem. Marlena was going to make sure that Eve goes to jail. Belle told Claire about her chances. Belle and Shawn assured her that going to Bayview is what she needed. They wanted to take her mind off of what the judge was going to decide. Claire wanted to rest. They left so Eve snuck in her room. She wanted to beg for Claire’s forgiveness. Marlena told Ciara and Ben that Claire would go to Bayview or prison. Ciara wanted to see Claire. Marlena wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Claire didn’t understand why Eve wanted forgiveness when she was the one who did terrible things. Eve was sorry about what Claire went through. Claire told Eve that she regretted not killing herself. Eve didn’t want her to say that. Victor couldn’t believe that Claire committed the fires. He wanted to know what was going to happen to Claire so John explained it to him. Victor wanted to get Claire out of the country, but John didn’t think it was a good idea. Hope was upset that Eve knew about Claire. Hope said that Ciara and Claire could have died. Eve admitted to Claire that she almost committed suicide. She apologized again for not saying anything. Claire tried to make her feel better about what she did, but she knew she was obsessed with framing Ben. Marlena and Ciara walked in the room while they were talking. John and Victor continued to talk about Claire getting the help she needed. Victor wondered how it got so bad and no one noticed. John told him how Eve knew and didn’t do anything. Ciara and Marlena went off on Eve. Ciara continued to yell at Eve when Marlena stopped her. Ciara warned Eve that she would lose everything and she deserved it. Eve said she felt terrible for what happened. Marlena thought she just felt guilty of being caught. Claire told Marlena that Eve had nothing to do with what she did. She was innocent.

Hope and Eli continued to talk about Eve and Claire. Eli told Hope that he locked Claire’s phone in evidence. Hope wanted him to move the phone from where he put it. She didn’t want it there with Eve as the commissioner. Marlena made Eve leave Claire’s room. Ciara and Claire were left alone so they talked. Claire apologized for what she did. Marlena and Ben yelled at Eve for what she did. Marlena told Eve that they turned Claire’s phone into Eli and she was going to fry. Eve told them they would see about it. She walked off. Victor refused to let Eve get away with what she did to Claire. He wanted to take care of thing his way if John and Marlena’s plan didn’t work. John wanted to go back to the hospital. Victor was willing to give Claire any amount of money she needed. Ciara and Claire went down memory lane. They talked about how they were envious of each other. They wanted to be friends again. Belle and Shawn came back in Claire’s room. Belle told Claire the judge made his decision about her. Marlena and Ben talked about how Eve was going to be punished. Ben thought they should focus on Claire. Hope and John arrived at the hospital. Ciara told them all that Claire was going to Bayview. Belle and Shawn told Claire that they were staying in town with her. Claire apologized for ruining their lives. She let them down. Belle told her that they let her down because they weren’t there for her. They were going to be there for her now. They said they loved each other and hugged. Hope talked to Marlena about how she failed Claire. She felt she should have spent more time with her. Hope wanted to know if she could come back from that and Marlena said she could. John and Hope said goodbye to Claire. Ciara said goodbye to Claire. Claire apologized to Ben for framing him. She thought he was one of the good guys. Eli went to Eve and wanted to know what happened to Claire’s phone. Eve hoped it wasn’t misplaced. Eli told her that she was the only one who could have taken the phone. He reminded her how she covered up a crime and tried to frame an innocent man. Eve warned him not to throw around baseless accusations.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

The lights go back on at the reception and Hayden is there. She talks with Elizabeth and Curtis. She finds Jax and kisses him. Curtis and Elizabeth know something else is going on with her. Kim drugs Drew and takes him to a room to have sex with him. Julian walks in though and stops her. He is going to get her help. Curtis finds Drew and wants to call Jordan but Drew knows who did this already.

Obecht is found overboard by Joss, Cam, and Trina. Jax and Curtis save her. Finn gives her CPR and she states she was pushed over. Nina thinks she is lying because she is drunk. Hayden doesn't want to talk with Finn apparently. Lulu goes on another fake date. Maxie demands that her father get her in to see Dante.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer persudes Jack to let her be the newest Jabot Collective influencer although he tells Billy that he worries she is getting to involved with Theo who is too much of a party boy. Billy reminds Jack that Summer is a grown woman and he isn't her father that is Nick and Nick should be the one to worry about her. Jack sees Victor and Nikki at Society and notices that Victor forgot that he had already paifd the check and he tels Billy but he downplays the incident then heads to Newman Enterprises to tell Victoria. Victor gets news from the city that they have decides to settle his lawsuit against the DA's office and the police department for an undisclosed amount of money. Jack has lunch with Mallory and they talk about their parents and their illness as well as the rest of their family. Jack thinks that when people find happiness they should grab it. Summer and Victoria worry that Nick is getting too involved with Chelsea again and he will get hurt but Nick insists to both of them that he is just being supportive to a friend. Summer warns Chelsea not to take advantage of Nicks good heart or hurt him again. Nick asks Victoria if he can borrow the Newman jet so that he and Chelsea can go to Connor's summer camp to break the news to him about the death of his step father. Nick and Chelsea later get on the plane to talk to Connor and Chelsea seems like she wants to leave town in a hurry. Paul gets a call and the person on the phone tells him the results of Calvin's autopsy. Christine has a press conference to announce the city's settlement with Victor and she shocks everyone by announcing that she won't be seekking relection as DA.

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