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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Brooke that Thomas is using his son to get to Hope. He is at the cabin now probably trying to get her to marry him so he is going down there. But before he can get out the door he runs into Ridge who pushes him back into the house and tells him to leave Hope alone for now. Hope is alone now that Liam left and Thomas has every right to tell Hope how he feels. Liam says he must not have been paying attention to his son lately. Thomas keeps on that he needs an answer. He knows she has been tortured. But Douglas loves her so much and he wants them both to be happy. Finally Hope says yes she will marry him and be a mother to Douglas. He hugs her and puts the ring on her finger. He tells her she made a big decision and she will not regret it. He is totally committed to her and will give her the life she needs now. He will never give her a reason to regret this. Charlie comes back to his station and overhears Xander says he knows Thomas is a murderer, he killed Emma. Charlie wants to know why he said that. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows he loves his son just as she loves her daughter, but Hope is in no emotional state to accept a marriage proposal now... especially not Thomas. Liam says Thomas used Douglas to strong arm Hope with his own proposal.

Xander argues with Zoe again about how guilty Thomas might be. Xander says he is going to Brooke’s house. He needs proof and he can get that in Thomas’s car. Hope looks in the mirror and cries as she thinks of Liam’s proposal and then their marriage. Thomas calls out for her and asks if she is okay. She goes back into the room and he has it set up with candles and says it is official now, they should celebrate. Ridge calls Brooke Stephanie and says she heard him. His mother was always interfering in their lives and they made a pact they would not do that with their children. Thomas tries to kiss Hope to celebrate but he never touches her lips; she pulls away. She says today went too fast. He says that ring says they are committed and there is no reason to deny themselves any longer. She allows him to kiss her this time. Xander gets into Thomas’s car and looks around for his keys. He checks the GPS history. He sees that Thomas pulled Emma over just when she went off the road. No doubt now; he killed her. Hope tells Thomas she is sorry, she can’t. He says but they are engaged now. Hope says he needs to go back to the main house and be there when Douglas wakes up and they will tell him the good news while together. Out of sight, he says to himself very soon Hope... very soon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena walked in on Eric and Sarah as they were about to kiss. She ended up talking to Eric about Claire. She was disappointed that she didnít notice Claireís behavior sooner. Eric tried to make her feel better about what happened. Hope questioned Xander about Nicole. She believed that he was making Nicole pay by letting her think Holly was dead. Xander told her she was wrong. Kristen wasnít happy when she saw Ted and Kate in the cellar. They tried to jump her, but she was too fast for them. She was upset because they were supposed to be dead. They called out to her to ask her to let them out. Kate thought Kristen was behind it. Hope continued to question Xander about Ted. He thought Ted dumped her, but she didnít think that was the case. Ted and Kate continued to tell ďNicoleĒ that Kristen was involved in what happened to them. Kate told her that she saw Kristenís dress and she heard her voice in her hotel room. Ted wanted to help her. Kate told her she knew how to handle Kristen. Kristen wanted to know why she was locked up if she could handle her. Kristen told them she was leaving them in there and walked away. Stefan and Gabi were lusting after each other. Stefan tried to control himself because he didnít want anyone to see them together. Stefan didnít want ďNicoleĒ to know they were together. Kristen didnít hear everything when she went back upstairs. They noticed Kristen didnít have the champagne so she lied and said she couldnít find it. Gabi went to look for it.

Marlena questioned Eric about what happened between him and Sarah. He didnít want to talk about it. She told him how she saw how they were about to kiss. Marlena found out he officiated their wedding. She wanted to know what he was thinking. Rex wanted to make a confession to Sarah. She said she hoped he didnít cheat on her again. Brady and Chloe talked about his jealousy. Brady told her that he didnít think Stefan was good enough for her. She told him how she caught Stefan and Gabi in bed together. Brady was prepared to tell her everything. Gabi was about to go in the tunnel when Kristen stopped her. She pretended to agree with Gabiís idea. Ted and Kate noticed how Nicole seemed surprised to see them alive. Kate wondered why she didnít kill us. They werenít sure if she was going to come back to kill them. Marlena and Eric continued to talk about his feelings for Sarah. Rex told Sarah that he gave Chloe the necklace. Sarah questioned why he gave her necklace to her. He apologized and she was okay with it. Sarah said she didnít want it because she didnít trust him. Rex told her about what happened with Kate. Rex wanted to call Kate again. Kate thought Nicole was capable of killing since she did it before. Hope wanted to know if Xander had something to do with his disappearance. She noticed how he had two phones and that he didnít know how to work the other phone. Brady told Chloe how he was the one who told Gabi to go after Stefan. Xander explained why he had the other phone and showed it to her. She was determined to find out what he did. Kristen was upset that Xander ignored her call. She was determined to make him pay. Marlena thought Eric needed closure from Sarah. Eric wanted to move on with his life. She thought Eric wasnít hiding the fact that he had feelings for Sarah. She thought Rex would eventually figure it out. They walked out in the hall and saw Sarah and Rex hugging. Brady apologized for what he did. He wondered if Chloe was going to tell what she knew. She wanted him to get destroyed. Kate admitted she was scared of what would happen to them. Xander was about to go in the room with Ted and Kate when Kristen showed up.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava meets with her psychic Sibley who is able to sense Connie and Madeline's presence before hearing from Kiki. Nina sees this and is annoyed she would be using her based on Madeline's previous knowledge of her. Michael and Sasha are making snacks to watch a movie and Joss is annoyed that they would be here if she could have watched Avery. Michael thought she would have wanted to spend time with her friends.

At the Haunted Star, Elizabeth and Franco make love before the party. Obrecht is drunk out of her mind and stats to reveal things to people on the ship. Kim is clearly not in the right state of mind. Cam, Jake, and Aiden sing a song for Elizabeth and Franco. Ava shows up with Sibley to talk with Kiki's spirt and the lights go out. They go back on and Hayden is in the lobby.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At Chelsea’s hotel room, she explains to Paul and Nick that she woke up and Calvin was still. Adam is outside listening as Chelsea then leaves with Nick. A soon arriving Phyllis warns Adam not to go after her. Elsewhere Ana complains to Nate about Devon thinking she needs a babysitter. Nate advises her to see how things go. At Crimson Lights, Summer runs into Theo and she apologizes. Theo wants to keep things going with her. Ana arrives and Summer leaves the two alone. Ana nixes Theo’s idea of a crossover involving Jeff. Later Summer and Theo are talking and he tells her while he was in Austin that he kept thinking of her and wished she was there. He has never met anyone like her. He proposes that she be the JVC influencer and offers to help her.

On the patio Nate finds Elena. She is having a hard time as she was one of the EMT’s for Calvin. She remembers her own mother and not being able to reach her in time. At Nick’s place, Chelsea is in shock over Calvin. She tells Nick that Calvin was a good man. Adam arrives and Chelsea insists it is ok that they talk, and Nick goes upstairs. Adam tells Chelsea that now they can be together and that this changes everything. They have been given a second chance. Chelsea confronts him about threatening Calvin to take his sons. Chelsea just wants to be free of Adam. Nick appears and asks Adam to leave. Meanwhile Phyllis stops Paul and tells him it was Chelsea who knocked Sharon unconscious. Paul argues that Sharon did not see her attacker and questions Phyllis mentioning it now. He then changes the subject and asks Phyllis about her recent whereabouts. He tells her about Calvin and says there was no foul play but Phyllis is not convinced. Elsewhere, Theo and Summer enter his hotel room kissing and they roll onto the bed and off the other side.

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