The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/5/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Douglas holds out the ring for Hope and says he loves her so much. He asks if she will be his mommy and they be a family. Xander tells Zoe that Thomas has to be responsible for Emma’s death. She just wants to spend one night without thinking and talking about this. He says he is sorry. He cannot spend another night either with Thomas leading his life as if nothing happened to Emma. Thomas Forrester is a murderer. All these lies are killing him. All they have to do is come forward. They could strike a deal with the police so they won’t be involved. Everyone will be grateful. Liam talks to Brooke and she says she knows what happened at the beach. Hope told her that he slept with Steffy. Now this is just going to push her closer to Thomas and she is worried. Hope tells Douglas that is so sweet of him asking her to be his mommy. She looks at Thomas and asks if he had any idea what Douglas was going to do. Zoe tells Xander they still cannot say a word. No more nights like this in bed. He will be thrown in prison. He mentions Emma and she says that was an accident. Emma was distracted and ran off the road. Xander starts to leave and says not if he can find proof that Thomas was involved. Hope remembers when Liam got on his knee and asked her to marry him. Thomas takes Douglas home and comes back to the cabin. He scoffs when Hope asks again if he had any idea Douglas was going to do this.

Xander drops in on Charlie and says he needs a little help. He needs to know a security question. He asks if this camera is on at all times and Charlie assures him 24/7 365 days a year. Charlie shows him the coverage of where Emma parked first. Then he is called away but tells Xander he can wait for him and even look for his own car when he thought it was robbed. Thomas tells Hope that he had no idea Douglas was going to do that but it does not surprise him. He loves her so much. And he knows his dad does too. While Brooke and Liam are talking Douglas comes down the stairs saying he came down for a snack. He tells them that Thomas is still at Hope’s. They watched the fireworks and then he gave Hope her present. Liam thinks that is cool and asks what it was. Douglas says it was a ring, a special diamond ring. His dad said it was an engagement ring. Xander fiddles with the security coverage and spies Thomas in the parking lot. Liam tells Brooke that she has to know that Thomas put Douglas up to this. He is capitalizing on Hope’s grief to reel her in. Thomas tells Hope that Liam made love to Steffy and she wanted that. They are on their way to being a family. Hope is saving Douglas’s life and now he can save hers. He knows she is not ready to commit herself to him now but she is devoted to Douglas. He will be patient. She is ready to be a mother again and he can give her that. He will do anything for her! He thinks of Emma’s car wreck when he says this. He pulls out the ring and says trust him. Just say yes she will be his wife. Xander watches the coverage further and sees Thomas on camera just moments when Emma leaves. He says Thomas Forrester is a murderer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ted and Kate thought they were going to die in the tunnel if they didn’t get any food. Xander was about to bring them food and water when Brady stopped him. Chloe went to see “Nicole”. She offered her cookies so Kristen ripped into her about her decisions being why Holly was dead. Kristen walked away from Chloe. Xander lied to Brady about why he had the stuff in his bag. Brady wanted to know why Kate was missing. Ted and Kate didn’t know if they were going to get any food or water any time soon. Gabi and Stefan were about to work. She thought about her plan with Kate to get back at Stefan. She was convinced that she would get everything she wanted. Kristen walked in and heard Gabi talking to herself. She wanted to know what Gabi wanted. Gabi lied and told her that she wanted Gabi Chic to be the best business. They ended up arguing over Kristen working at DiMera Enterprises. Stefan stopped them from arguing. He wanted Gabi and Kristen to work together to relaunch their companies. Hope talked to Eric about what Rafe did. She thanked him for covering up what Rafe did. She was convinced Rafe moved on with his life. Eric hugged her and hoped she could move on with her life too. Chloe saw Rex and talked to him about her conversation with “Nicole”. Brady told Xander how he hadn’t seen or heard from Kate. Rex texted him and told him Kate was out of town, but he didn’t authorize a trip. Brady wanted to call the police, but Xander stopped him. Eric wanted to know if Hope was seeing Ted. She told him about the text she got. She thought it was a strange text. She told him about the necklace Ted gave her and how Sarah was wearing it. She talked to him about how she was going to talk to Xander about the necklace until she got the call about Ciara. He advised that she go talk to Xander. Rex told Chloe about Xander giving Sarah a necklace as a wedding gift. Xander told Brady that he sent Kate on a business trip. Brady was hesitant, but he believed his lie.

Stefan, Gabi, and Kristen brainstormed about how to relaunch the companies. Kristen didn’t like Gabi’s ideas. Kristen thought that Stefan shouldn’t put the two companies together. Kristen slipped and said it wasn’t what father wanted. Stefan wanted to know what she said. Rex wanted to give the necklace Xander gave to Sarah to Chloe. Xander tried to leave when Hope showed up. He didn’t want to talk to her, but she said she wanted to talk about Hope. Hope wanted to know about it. Xander said why he gave it to Sarah, but Hope thought he lied. Kristen was able to get out of calling Stefano “father”. Gabi wondered why she cared about Stefano when she hated him. Kristen continued to convince Stefan that she should be the one running the company. Ted and Kate went back and forth in the tunnel. They mentioned how they used to be together. He told her how he was in love with Hope now. Rex wanted to get rid of the necklace and wanted Chloe to try it. Brady saw Rex put the necklace on Chloe. Brady demanded to know what was going on between them. Hope told Xander he was lying about the necklace. She told him that necklace was a one-of-a-kind and that he gave it to her. She knew Xander didn’t buy the necklace. She knew he got it from Ted. Kristen and Gabi continued to disagree about how to relaunch the companies. Stefan wanted Kristen to go and get the champagne she wanted for the relaunch. Rex explained why he gave Chloe the necklace. He told Chloe and Brady how he got a strange text from Kate. Xander tried to explain how he got the necklace from Ted. Hope wanted to know if Nicole’s name came up. Kate told Ted that he gave up the best person he ever had when he betrayed her. He stood up and kissed her. Rex and Brady realized that the texts he got were suspicious. They thought Xander had something to do with it. Hope told Xander she knew what was going on with him. Kristen walked in the tunnel and saw Kate and Ted kissing.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason shows up at jail posing as a lawyer in order to speak with Harmony. He is able to get her to open up about Shiloh after making her realize he murdered her husband. Sam goes to Carol and has a run in with Billy. She gets Carol's admission though. Kristina sees Shiloh at the Metro Court and tells him off.

Kristina goes to Alexis and asks to speak with her and Neil about her pledge. She admits what it was and admits she lied about it. Cam asks Joss to go to the wedding reception with him. Joss decides not to though. Trina thinks that joss needs a moment to accept that she can be happy without Oscar around. Joss is angry at Dev for suggesting she should go.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer talks to Nick about her relationship with Theo and he advises her to talk to him and be very clear about what she wants from a relationship with him. Summer decides to take her father;s advise and when she sees from Theo's social media that he is at Society she goes there talk to him about their relationship. Devon talks to Theo about helping Ana at LP and teaching her about the behind the scenes side of the music business since that used to be his job before he was an agent for influencers. Theo tells Devon he will think about it but he wants to talk to Ana first but Ana isn't happy about a party boy being her boss. Devon leaves Theo and Ana to talk and she is upset because Devon doesn't think she can hadle the job. Theo tells her Devon just wants to help her be the best at her job because he respects her talent. Theo and Ana toast and Summer sees them and looks a little jealous because maybe she cares more about Theo then she thought. Billy takes Victoria from the office because she forgot about his birthday dinner. Billy decides to celebrate his birthday at the carnival while there he plays a shooting game and remembers taking the gun from the Abbott house and all the confrontations he has had with Adam. Phyllis tells Adam that he party was a bust and they toast to ennemies because they don't need friends. Adam gets a text from Kevin telling him Chelsea is with an old guy and Adam texts back that he should keep his eyes and ears open. Calvin and Chelsea return to their suite after Calvin's tour of Geneoa City. Calvin tells Chelsea th Connor deserves to spend time with his father. Chelsea is stunned that Calvin could say such a thing to her and tells him that he doesn't know her at all. Chelsea tells Calvin a child belongs with his mother and Calvin wonders why Johnny is being raised by his ther. Chelsea tells Calvin that is diffrent because she gave Johnny up for adoption since birth. Calvin tells her that he thinks that if she gives Adam custody of Connor that will allow them to have their own child. Calvin heads to bed and laterAdam is walking through the fair when he gets a text from Kevin saying that paremedics are at the Athletic club. Chelsea calls Nick crying and askies him to come to her suite because Calvin is dead. Adam and Phyllis arrive in time to see Nick holding Chelsea as she cries and the paramedics put a sheet over Calvin's body.

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