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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam seems distracted. Steffy pulls it out of him that he was thinking of just being at Hope’s. He hopes the girls will awake after being on the beach and now with fireworks tonight. Thomas tells Hope that his dad and Brooke are at the pool asking about her. Douglas is counting on her coming. Thomas says he knows it was a stunner to learn that Liam not only was co-parenting with Steffy but they are a couple again. But she knew Liam was moving in so she should have expected this. Hope apologizes to Ridge and Brooke for not joining them. Ridge says it is okay, she just needed some time to herself to reflect. She says she knew Liam would be with Steffy but she did not expect they would connect again so soon. She cannot pretend that it doesn’t hurt. Their life will be beautiful and there will be all those firsts - birthdays, celebrations, holidays and ball games. But she will join them for the rest of the day. She does not want to let Douglas down. It will be his best July 4th ever. Steffy tells Liam that he is making it sound like Thomas is obsessed with Hope. Liam says she said it, not him. She sees nothing wrong with Thomas now seeing Hope or planning a future for them.

Thomas notices Douglas is not exactly having fun so he sits and explains his mommy is not coming back from Heaven but he knows she would be happy if Douglas were happy. And he is happy with Hope. So here is what they need to do. He pulls out a gorgeous engagement ring and says he would like to give it to Hope. Then he coaches him how to tell Hope that he’d like her for his mommy now. But Douglas cannot tell Hope. It is their little secret and it will be special. They practice and Thomas tells him good job. Hope gets ready for the fireworks. She goes outside and at his place so does Liam. She remembers telling Liam last year on that day as the fireworks go off that she was pregnant. Ridge cradles Brooke in his arms and says he knows she is worried about Hope but she is a strong woman and he does not think she is second guessing her marriage. Liam is right where he wants to be with Steffy. At Steffy’s both Steffy and Liam hold a girl and watch the fireworks. She mentions this must be bittersweet since he just found out about Beth last year at this time. He says he is not comparing them but it is comforting to be around Phoebe. They must be about the same age. She really feels like his daughter. As Thomas and Hope watch their own fireworks, Douglas comes to Hope and says he is so happy when he is with her. And he wants her to be happy too. He pulls out the ring and holds it up to Hope. He says he loves her. He wants her to be his mommy and marry his daddy. Hope is stunned and of course Thomas pretends this is all news to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman went to Carrie and asked her about Rafe sneaking out of her room. Rafe came downstairs and wanted to know what happened. Hope wanted to know why he was upstairs. Carrie admitted that Rafe spent the night with her. Rafe was about to tell Hope why he was at the pub when Eric covered for him. Rafe wanted to know what was going on with her. Jennifer went to JJ and talked to him about getting the charges dropped against him. JJ told her that Jack had the charges dropped against him. Jack asked Eve why John and Marlena stormed out of her office. Eve lied to Jack about why they were mad at her. Jack knew she was keeping the truth from him. Hope told Rafe about Claire. Rafe was surprised by what he heard. Hope wanted to go back to the hospital to be with Shawn and Claire. Eric told Rafe he covered for him because Hope didnít need to be hurt again. Carrie admitted that she and Austin split up. Roman felt sorry for Carrie. Eli talked to Julie about his reunion with Lani. Julie and Doug were happy about their reunion. Sarah called Julie to tell her about the Brady/Horton bar-b-cue. JJ told Jennifer that he thought Jack was getting something out of dropping the charges. Jennifer let him know that Jack didnít want to take the drug to get his memory back. Jack demanded to know what Eve was hiding. Eve tried to explain to him how Ben is being treated like the injured party when he killed her daughter. He apologized to her for his accusation. Eve and Jack ran into Jennifer, JJ, and Haley. Eve wanted to call ICE on Haley. JJ told Eve that she wasnít going to have Haley arrested. The Bradys and Hortons began the cookout. Sarah and Carrie reunited at the pub.

Sarah told Carrie that she and Rex got married. She hoped to be as happy as she and Austin. Carrie told her that she split up with Austin. Carrie told her what happened with Austin. Sarah wondered if things would be awkward with Rafe at the party. She wondered what she meant by that. Rafe ran into Doug, Julie, Eli, and Lani at the town square. Julie wondered if it was a good idea to go to the cookout. Sarah meant that it would be awkward for Rafe to be there after the divorce. Carrie thought she meant something else. She did end up confessing to sleeping with Rafe. Rafe apologized to Doug and Julie for hurting Hope. Julie wanted Rafe to stay away from the cookout. Rafe told them that Hope wasnít going to be at the cookout because she was going to be at the hospital. They looked shocked so he wanted to tell them what happened. JJ told Eve and Jack that Haley wasnít going to be arrested. Eve was determined to have Haley arrested. Jennifer realized that Jack got the diary. She put two and two together and realized Jack wanted his memory back. Jack told Jennifer that he wanted to remember some things. JJ didnít want Jack to remember the family. Doug and Julie were so shocked by what happened with Claire and Ciara. Rafe decided not to go to the cookout, but Julie wanted him to go. Carrie wanted Sarah to keep quiet about having sex with Rafe. Unfortunately, Hope was inside and heard what she said. Hope didnít confront Carrie about what she did. She told them that she wanted to give Shawn and Belle time alone with Claire. Doug and Julie interrupted them. Everyone at the cookout talked about what happened with Claire. Carrie went to Rafe and warned him that Hope overheard her talking about having sex with him. She told him that Hope didnít react to it. Eli and Lani went to the park. They talked about what Shawn and Belle were going through. They also talked about being parents. He said he would like another chance to be a father. She wanted another chance to have a kid too. They both wanted to get married before having any kids. Eli asked her to marry him and she accepted. Carrie had to leave to make it to her flight. Rafe talked to Hope about what happened with Claire and Ciara. Rafe wanted to be there for Hope if she needed anything. She confronted him about being with Carrie. She gave him back his ring.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

The show did not air today due to the Independence Day holiday.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola can't lie to her mom anymore and Celeste tells her daughter that she knew knew the truth because she isn't blind and she can see what is right in front of her. Celeste is thrilled to meet Traci and Jack and she tells Kyle that he is a terrible liar but she still likes him and everyone has a good laugh about the lie. Jack is puzzled that Traci invited Cane to the family celebration but everyone has a good time. Celeste tells Traci she has read all of her books and Traci tells Celeste that she has just sent her newest book to the publisher. Celeste tells Kyle he can't move back to the apartment because she plans to stay with Lola until the wedding. Kyle invites Celeste to the carnival but she tells him that she is tired so Kyle and Lola get to spend some time alone. Cane and Traci go to the carnival and Cane thinks that Traci should write a sequel to the book that centers around Flynn and Velma. Traci tells Came she will be going back to New York soon to work on the next phase of the book and Cane tells Traci he will be going to New York for a seminar. Cane thinks they should get together and go to an off-Broadway show and Traci thinks that is a wonderful idea. Ana releases Tessa's video and it goes viral and it is a big success although she tells Mariah and Tessa she didn't get a chance to talk to Devon about it. The ladies think Devon will be very upset but they decide to enjoy the success by going to the Carnival. Kevin finally meets Tessa at the carnival and surprises her by paying the DJ to play her songs. Phyllis is sad and upset because Summer still can't seem to forgive her because she thought they had made a breakthrough last night. Jack, Michael and Lauren are the only ones that show up for Phyllis's party at Adam's place. Jack, Lauren, and Michael all advise Phyllis to let go of the bitterness and change her life. Phyllis gets upset and throws them out after they leave Phyllis watches the fireworks and cries because she feels lonely.

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