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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that she is fine but he says he is not leaving her like this. She says he slept with Steffy last night and is getting on with his life so now she will do the same. Thomas sits with Steffy and says he is happy for her that things are back the same as they should be with Liam. She says whoa, nobody said it was going to be the same just because she spent one night with Liam. He is glad as that means he can be with Hope without Liam being a distraction. Ridge drops in and Ridge too is happy that it finally happened; she and Liam are really together. Liam tells Hope that he is not trying to make excuses and he did not think he had that much to drink but he knows he said and did things that he would not have otherwise. Hope tells him do not insult her or downplay this. That was him last night and it was as it should be. As difficult as it is they are both where they need to be. He says he misses her and she says she misses him every single day. Suddenly Thomas bursts in and wants to know if he is interrupting. Liam answers a loud yes. Thomas keeps at it and infers that Liam must have had a bad morning after the night before. Liam tells Thomas to leave, he is having a private conversation with Hope. Thomas then turns to Hope and asks if that is her wish or just Liam’s. She says something did happen last night. Liam and Steffy were together. Thomas feigns surprise and then finally says great, that is as it should be. But what is not great is that it happened and then Liam felt the need to rush over and tell Hope, just rubbing salt in the wound. He suggests Liam just go home and that he spend time with his family. Liam tells Thomas he and Hope need to talk and he is not leaving. Thomas finally backs down when Hope says they really do need to talk.

After Thomas leaves Liam says he is sorry that she has placed her trust in Thomas. She says he no longer has to worry about her; he is not her husband. There is really only one thing both of them can do now. He doesn’t know what she means. She makes it clear as much as she would like a life with him he has moved on. She cries and he says he does not want her in pain. She is venerable right now and Thomas is manipulating her every move and will take advantage of her. If the right guy came along he would be okay with that… but not Thomas. He is parading himself in front of her, moving in on her. He asks if she loves Thomas. She hesitates a long time and then sternly says NO. She cannot as he is not Liam. She cannot have him. And every day she wishes every moment that Beth was alive but they have to go their separate lives for things to work. So he needs to go and be happy and be loved, while being a father. He says he is trying to be the father she wants him to be but no matter all of that he will always love her. She vows that she will always love him too. That’s it, not much more to be said; Liam walks out as their faces show they long for each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe woke up in bed with Carrie. Hope told Eve to drop the charges against Ben. She wanted to know why she should do that. Hope told her that heís innocent. Ciara and Shawn talked about Belle finding out about Claire. Ciara noticed that Claire was in restraints. Shawn told her that Marlena suggested it because he thought she would hurt herself. John and Marlena talked about Belle finding out about Claire too. Belle surprised her parents. Shawn told Ciara what Claire did after she left. Shawn couldnít believe that Claire tried to kill her over a guy. Ciara felt bad for what happened so Shawn didnít want her to blame herself. Hope told Eve that Claire was the one who set the fires. Eve didnít want to believe that. Hope let her know that Claire made a full confession. Belle told her parents about working for why she missed the memorial. She told them that she hadnít spoken to Shawn yet. They had bad news for her. Carrie and Rafe talked about having their one night stand. There were flashbacks of how they ended up having sex. Carrie tried to make Rafe feel better about what happened. She realized that he had to go. He said he didnít have to go. They were about to make love again when Eric walked in the room. Eric was upset when he saw them together. He thought Rafe was trying to go through his entire family. He told him how Carrie was a happily married woman so she told him she wasnít. Shawn talked to Ciara about Claire getting a message from someone named Eve. Hope continued to tell Eve how Claire was responsible for what happened. Eve wanted to know if Claire was okay. Hope didnít know. Ben blamed Eve for what happened. He reminded Eve that he tried to warn her about Claire. Belle couldnít believe Claire was responsible for what happened. John tried to explain what happened. 

Carrie told Eric she didnít want to bring up her marriage during the memorial. Eric apologized for the way he reacted. Eve didnít want to hear what Hope had to say. She wanted the charges against Ben to stand. Eve walked away. Ben thanked Hope for standing up for him. Shawn and Ciara continued to talk about Claire getting in touch with Eve. Belle wanted to go see Claire. She found out that Claire was in the hospital. Belle demanded to know why she was there. Marlena explained what happened with Claire. Belle stormed off to look for her. Ciara heard Claireís voicemail and found out that Eve knew what Claire did. Eve wanted to get information about Claire. Ben showed up at the hospital so Ciara played Eveís message for him. John and Marlena showed up while they were talking. She played the message for John and Marlena. Ben wanted to go back to the station, but John and Marlena decided to go there to see Eve. Shawn went down memory lane with Claire. Belle showed up while he was talking to Claire. John and Marlena went to see Eve. Hope was talking to Eric, Rex, and Sarah about Claire and Ciara. She couldnít believe what happened. Rafe came downstairs and wanted to know what happened. Hope wanted to know why he was upstairs. Ciara and Ben talked about Eve knowing about Claire. He thought Eve was crazy. John and Marlena confronted Eve about knowing about Claire. Eve denied knowing anything about it. John and Marlena were determined to put Eve in jail instead of Claire. Claire woke up and saw her parents. Belle assured her that everything would be okay.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny meets with cousin Gladys to make her claim that Dev is her grandson. Gladys is reluctant but decides to go along with it. Joss and Dev continue to argue with one another non-stop. Carly goes to see Bobbie. Bobbie just declined a proposal from Scott.

Scott is angry at Franco for suggesting a proposal. Franco points out that he never told him to propose. Laura tells Cam that he might need to accept Franco a little bit more for his brothers. Alexis screws up with Neil again.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor tells Abby and Victoria that he has started his experimental treatment but he doesn't tell them that it could leave him in diminished capacity. The ladies are a bit hurt that Victor told Nick first but they promise to be there for him every step of the way Devon and Elena go on a second first date to the fourth of July carnival and Devon wins a little teddy bear and when he arrives home he puts it next to a picture of him, Neil, Lily Mattie and Charlie to remind him he had a great first date with Elena. Devon tells Elena she can change anything she wants in the penthouse to make her feel more at home except the piano. Nikki and Victor also go to the carnival to relax and have some fun. Victoria tells Phyllis she just made a deal for an electronics company that was going to go inside Dark Horse's new building so the company will now go into a Newman owned building. Theo decides to leave for his trip to Austin a day early because he is tired of hearing Summer talk about Kyle. Phyllis find a drunk Summer at Society and takes her to her Athletic club suite to sleep it off. Chelsea tells Nick that she met up with Anita in Louisiana when she left once she made sure that Nick wasn't looking for her. Anita was dating Calvin but when he met Chelsea Calvin decided he liked her better and they started dating and eventually married. Calvin arrives and meets Nick and Calvin tells Nick that Chelsea and Connor are happy so he doesn't need to worry about them anymore. Nick however looks very worried about Chelsea because she doesn't seem happy when she is with Calvin.

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