The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/2/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Hope about the night before. Hope keeps it low-key and ays she did not have a private conversation with Liam but he seems to be thriving there living with the girls and Steffy. She tells her mother that she slipped and called Phoebe Beth. But they all handled it okay and Liam is different now that he has another home and family. Brooke says Liam is the same man she married and she cannot blame him as she was the one who insisted he go live with Steffy. Hope says Thomas says Liam has moved on. Brooke retorts only because she gave him no choice. He could be having fun now because he was so sad and trying to leave that behind. Thomas talks to his friend who supplied the pills. The friend assumes Thomas must have had a great night of sex. He skirts that issue and says he is still working on it. Later he gets Douglas into a conversation that he has something to give Hope and he needs his help. It is an engagement ring and if she accepts the ring it will mean they will marry and be a family. They are a team so Douglas needs to help him with that. Liam wakes up in a stupor and isn’t sure what happened. Steffy is right there on the edge of the bed and says he is just feeling the fun he had last night whether he remembers it or not. He had a lot of fun, more than she has seen in a long time. Hope probably had not either. Liam assumes she is not very happy with him now. Steffy said she stayed with him up here last night as he had insisted and it felt good to wake up with him there beside her.

Hope looks up and there is Liam at her cabin door. He comes in and says he knows he hurt her last night and he would never want to do that. Some things have changed but not the way he feels about her. She reminds him that he was selfish and thoughtless no matter how many times she said no last night. He says he is not clear about the details but he needs to apologize to her. She had asked him if he and Steffy were getting closer and that was the truth but last night……he and Steffy……Hope finishes the sentence for him. They had sex and he nods his head. Thomas pops in on Steffy and makes a point of looking for his lost phone so he can pop into her bedroom. He remarks that it looks like no one slept in her bed. He wants to know where she slept. She remarks she does not have to answer that. They are not in high school. And Liam is not here now. He had to go talk to Hope about what happened yesterday and what happened last night between them. Hope tells Liam maybe it is good what happened even though he does not know what changed or why it happened. Now they can really all move on. She wants him to be happy and now he can be with the mother of his child.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was prepared to light Ciara on fire. Ciara begged her not to set the fire, but she wanted to do it anyway. Ben, Hope, and Marlena arrived just before Claire could set the fire. Ben yelled out to Ciara and she did the same thing. Carrie and Rafe talked at the pub about the wake. He explained why he didnít want to go to the wake. Eve wanted to know why Jack dropped the charges against JJ. Jack told her how JJ is his son and she was upset. Jack wanted to take a shower. Shawn went to the loft and noticed the blood on the floor. He also found Claireís phone on the floor. Kayla ended up calling Shawn and wanted him to meet her at the hospital. Ben burst through the door so they all went inside. Claire put the flame toward them when they tried to get to Ciara. Rafe talked to Carrie about being Davidís legal guardian. After Jack took his shower, he found out that Eve had the diary under a plate. Shawn went to the hospital. Shawn thought Ben was the one who attacked him. Kayla let him know that wasnít the case. Claire demanded that Ben, Hope, and Marlena stay away from her. Claire blamed Ben for everything that happened. Ben tried to reason with Claire, but she didnít want to hear it. Hope also tried to reason with Claire. She reminded her that they were family and they loved each other. Hope begged her not to take Ciara away from her. Carrie thought Jordan was asking a lot of Rafe to take on being Davidís guardian. Carrie was willing to help him. Rafe didnít want Carrie to stay too long because Austin missed her. She let him know that they separated. Jack was upset that Eve went through his things. She was mad that he had the diary and didnít say anything. Shawn had trouble believing Claire was the one who attacked Tripp. Kayla told Shawn that Claire did something else. Tripp told him that Claire set the fires. Shawn didnít want to believe it. He told Shawn that Claire took Ciara.

Hope continued to beg Claire not to kill Ciara until she closed the lighter. Hope was relieved when Claire decided not to kill Ciara. Hope and Ben untied Ciara. Marlena told Hope that she would take care of Claire. Eve thought that Jack wanted the diary to get his old life back. He assured her that he didnít want to be back with Jennifer. He wanted to remember his kids. Eve wanted to know why he lied to her about it. Shawn continued to have trouble believing what Tripp said about Claire. Tripp told him what happened at the loft. Shawn didnít like how Tripp provoked Claire to do what she did. Kayla tried to defend him, but Shawn wanted to find Claire. Hope was relieved that Ciara was okay. Hope and Ciara thanked Ben for saving her. Marlena assured Claire that everything would be okay. Claire picked up the lighter and was tempted to use it. Marlena tried to stop her from using it. Claire couldnít go back. She wanted Marlena to leave her alone so she could die. Carrie told Rafe what happened with her marriage. Eve wanted to know what would happen if Jack got a tumor the same way Will did. She wanted to know if he wanted to risk his life to get his memory back. Hope, Ciara, and Ben saw Shawn at the hospital. Hope told him that Claire did try to kill Ciara. Shawn apologized to Ciara. He knew that Claire had problems. Marlena thought Claireís life wasnít over. Claire thought her life was meaningless and that sheís worse than Ben. Marlena planned on helping Claire get better. Rafe admitted that he thought about what would happen if he and Carrie got together. He told her she could tell him anything. She felt alone. Ciara apologized to Shawn and he did the same. Shawn couldnít believe that his daughter almost killed her. Hope told him Ben was why both girls were okay. Shawn thanked Ben for what he did. Claire wanted to know if Marlena really could help her. Marlena assured her that she would never give up on her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly worries over what could end up happening to the baby in the future. Sonny tells her to get off those websites. They have a lot of love to give to a baby which Carly knows is the truth. Carly agrees. Jax tells Ava she better get ready for her appointment but Ava is going to meet with a psychic. Curtis snoops through Jax's office.

Scott decides to propose to Bobbie. Bobbie is still coming to terms with her new lifestyle. Elizabeth and Franco wonder if anyone will come to their wedding party. Stella and Jordan tell TJ he needs to continue with med school.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer has a fun day with Theo at the fourth of Juy carnival where she tells him that marriage is the worst thing you could do to someone you love. Summer also tells Theo that marrying Kyle was the worst mistake she ever made. Summer ignores a voicemail from Phyllis inviting her to the carnival and a work text from Billy. Phyllis confronts Adam because she thinks he hired Kevin to kidnap her. Adam tells Phyllis Kevin thought of that idea on his own and he had nothing to do with it. Adam tells Phyllis Kevin is working for both of them now and he will do whaever she wants him to do. Phyllis wants to find out what Adam has on Kevin but Adam tells her that is a secret. Phyllis tells Adam she wants to throw a party at his penthouse to celebrate that she is the CEO of Dark Horse. Adam tells Kevin he must keep tabs on Chelsea and let him know everything she does and if she meets with anyone. Adam also wants him Kevin to find out the name of Connor's summer camp. Kevin tries to put his foot down saying Connor is off limits but Adam tells Kevin he will put Chloe in jail to which Kevin replies that he really hates him from the bottom of his heart. Nick ajd Chelsea have a long heart to heart in which Chelsea apologizes to Nick for hurting him and says she loved him more then anyone then later they spend the day with Connor at the carnival. Nick thinks that if he and Chelsea stick together they can keep Adam away from Connor and Christian. Chelsea accepts a dinner invitation from Nick so they can continue to catch up with their lives. Kyle officially meets Lola's mother Celeste who likes him and thinks that he and Lola make a beautiful couple. Lola's Mom wants to stay with Lola in her apartment so Kyle gets Mariah to help him move out before Lola arrives home with her mother. Kyle wants to tell Celeste that he and Lola live together but Loa says its not the right time. Celeste finds Kyle's book with the wedding plans and insists that she and the rest of Lola's family will help him plan the wedding. Celeste also wants to meet the Abbott family and wonders when she is going to meet them. Chelsea's husband Calvin arrives at Adam's place and wants to talk to him.

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