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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After the gang is at the beach with the girls they come back and Steffy puts the girls down. Thomas watches intently as he makes sure that Liam finishes his drink, the one he put a powerful pill in. Not long before Liam grabs a bottle and wants to party. He turns on music which everyone opposes since it might wake the girls. He grabs Steffy and wants to dance. Thomas tells Hope that someone is in a good mood. He says everything is as it should be with Liam, Steffy and the girls. Wyatt questions Flo of why her mother left so suddenly. Flo only says that as much as Shauna loves living with Eric and Quinn she does miss Vegas and suspects she will return there. Liam tells Steffy she is such a good person. He loves her and is glad she is in his life. He says they go back so far. He says he is so pumped up right now and they need to keep the party going. And who needs lightening up, no one more than Hope. He goes and grabs her but Thomas gets in between and says Hope said no, so leave her alone. Hope finally says it louder. She does not know what is wrong with Liam but she does not want to dance with him. They’ve had a tragedy and are still living it and she cannot do this. She rants that she is trying to act normal but look at him; he is trying to act like all is fine. He says he wants to feel merry and he thinks she deserves it too. Thomas says perhaps they should go. Hope says that is a good idea. She goes to get Douglas out of the girl’s room and tells Steffy thanks for inviting them. When Hope and Douglas leave, Steffy tells Liam she would like just a few minutes to talk to her brother.

Thomas says Liam is happier than he has seen him in a long time. He wants Steffy to be happy too. And she could be if she would just admit she really likes Liam being here. She says she will but it does not have to be with a party. Liam is still in a party mood but suggests maybe he will lie down while the girls are quiet. He grabs Steffy and says only if she joins him and he guides her to the bed. Suddenly his arms are around her as in old times. Wyatt tells Flo that he sure is glad they had a chance at their first love. Thomas tells Hope that Douglas went right to sleep. Thomas mentions Liam and Steffy and didn’t she see what was going on. She said sure, they were great at co-parenting. Thomas says more than that if you looked at the way he looked at Steffy. Meanwhile Liam is laying side by side with Steffy in bed and says he liked the entire day. He tells her she is so beautiful and always gets him. He touches his heart and says she has such a beautiful soul. Here he can be Liam and be himself and relax. She accepts all of him and he is so grateful that he has her in his life and the bonds they will have forever. He laments that she is amazing and then he reaches over and kisses her. Then he says he does not know what is wrong with him. She says nothing and she kisses him back. Thomas tells Hope that she did not mean to get into her head. But he wonders what she thinks is going on now with Liam and Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and Ben showed up at the loft and found Tripp knocked out on the floor. He told them what happened with Claire. Claire tied Ciara up to a bed in a cabin. Claire had a knife on her. Ciara told her how Tripp needed help. Claire didnít care about that because he hurt her. Ted and Kate talked about how he gave Xander the necklace to give to Sarah. She didnít understand how that would help them. Ted explained how the plan would work. Hope saw Sarah wearing the necklace so she questioned her about it. Hope wondered how she got the necklace. Sarah suggested that she talk to Xander about it. Xander met with Kristen. She wanted to know if he did kill Ted and Kate. He told her that he did kill them. She told him how Hope was sniffing around asking questions. She told Xander how she sent a text through Tedís phone telling her that he was leaving. She wanted Xander to text through Kateís phone. Xander panicked so she wondered if he took her phone. He said he did. Marlena called Hope to tell her about Ciara. She left to meet Marlena. Claire flipped out on Ciara about why she set the fires and tried to kill her. Claire confessed to everything and said why she did it.

Xander told Kristen how Rex texted Kate about his wedding. Hope met with Marlena and Ben. They wondered where Claire and Ciara were. Ben thought Claire would return to the scene of the crime. He put two and two together and figured out where they were. Claire continued to explain to Ciara why she set everything in motion. Ciara couldnít understand why she did what she did. Ciara wanted Claire to get help. She wanted Claire to untie her so she could help her. Claire didnít want to do it. Kate told Ted that Xander might try to kill them after all. Hope, Ben, and Marlena found out where to find Claire. They were on their way to find them. Ciara continued to tell Claire that she would get her help. Claire didnít believe her. Ciara wanted to start over with Claire. Claire thought it was too late because her life was over. She planned on taking her with her. Claire pulled out the lighter. Kate told Ted about the last time she was stuck in the tunnel. Kristen thought it would be harder to hide Kateís death than it was to hide Tedís death. Xander thought they should have bribed her instead of killing her. Xander wondered if everything Kristen wanted to do was worth the trouble. Kristen thought he was getting soft. Xander didnít want to get in trouble. She said they wouldnít get caught. Kate hoped her children would realize she was missing and find her. Claire found lighter fluid and poured it on Ciaraís bed. Ciara begged her not to light it on fire. Claire thought it was the only way.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Sam wake up at the safe house together after escaping the officer in Beecher's Corner. Jason wants to go back and get Carol's statement but Sam insists on doing it herself. Bobby the officers shows up at the PCPD and demands that Mac have Michael and Jason arrested. Chase covers for Michael and Mac refuses to go along with him. Laura and Robert have lunch and it is revealed to her along with Mac he is the new DA.

Shiloh harasses Brad at Charlie's in order to get a DNA sample of Wiley for court. Brad gets angry and runs for it. Alexis goes to see Drew about setting up a time with him and Kim to read Oscar's will. Drew spends time with Scout.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Nick asks Chelsea why she would come here. Chelsea says she is tired of running. She asks to talk to Adam alone. Once alone Adam kisses her and says ‘let’s go home’. At Society Kevin sees Phyllis and turns around to leave but she catches him. She asks him for some help with her program. While sitting next to him she smells his cologne and recognizes it and realizes he is the one who kidnapped her. He reveals that Chelsea us back in town. Nick arrives and Phyllis asks what he wants to blame her for now. They talk about Christians paternity and Phyllis warns him to take off his blinders where Chelsea is concerned. He admits he has some things to say to her.

Ana arrives home to find Elena looking over the box of Hilary mementoes. She explains that Devon needs to move on. Devon arrives and reminisces about a GC Buzz tape where Hilary had to ad-lib the entire show. Devon has several flashbacks. The three then hug. Meanwhile Chelsea and Adam arrive back at their old penthouse. Adam rattles on about making it their home again but Chelsea protests that isn’t why she came back. She tells him that her husband has adopted Connor and begs him to put him first. He vows that there is nothing he won’t do to reclaim his son. He asks if she is in love with her husband and she stares at him.

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