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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Hope holds Phoebe but calls her Beth everyone in the room gasps. Immediately she tells Steffy that she is sorry. She gives her back to Steffy who says all is fine. Wyatt tells Flo that reuniting with her after all these years has been his greatest experience. He tells her that he saw Sally and they have ended it once and for all. He shows Flo a key to the front door. He would like her to move in. It’s not the mansion that she is used to but he would like to wake up in the morning with her next to him. At that moment Shauna walks in. He tells her she is not intruding. In fact it is the perfect time as he loves her daughter and has asked her to move in with him. Shauna is delighted and says it is no surprise to her. She asks Flo if she is in love with this guy and Flo says yes so that is enough for Shauna. Flo finally says yes to Wyatt’ s question so they all think they should celebrate with champagne. Wyatt is out so he volunteers to run to the nearest store. Shauna tells Flo she will leave as she thinks Flo should have everything in the future that she deserves. This whole situation is not her fault and she needs to embrace Wyatt and this home. She is not going to let her throw all of that away.

Thomas glares at Liam as Liam goes to Hope. Steffy whispers that Liam is worried about her. Hope tells Liam that perhaps it was a mistake to come today but she really is glad the girls love him and he is now with them every day. He says he knows he is not her husband anymore but that does not mean that he does not care for her and does not get worried about her. Thomas tells Hope that she should be proud of herself. Liam and Steffy look so happy with those girls. They have moved on and she should too. He reminds Douglas that he wanted to play Fish with Hope and his dad so he needs to run up and get the cards in the loft. While Thomas takes Phoebe and puts her down in the bedroom, Liam takes the opportunity to be with Hope again. But Thomas manages to listen in. They talk about Steffy being happy that he is back and she wonders if he and Steffy are getting closer. She is glad they are taking their time. They both declare they will always love each other. As they talk without seeing Thomas, he slips the pills in Liam’s drink. He puts the other glasses away in kitchen but hands Liam his and watches as he takes a few sips.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was livid when she saw Tripp and Ciara together. She thought they had sex together. They denied being together. She thought he broke up with her so he could be with Ciara. Sarah overheard Xander talking on the phone with Kristen. She heard him say something about murdering someone. Sarah demanded to know what he was talking about. He gave her a fake explanation and gave her something. Hope saw Kristen and wanted to talk. Kristen avoided talking to her. Claire and Ciara started arguing over who stole whom. Claire noticed the lighter on the table and wanted to know why it was on the table. Xander had champagne for Sarah. She drank it with him. He wanted her to open his wedding gift to her. Ted and Kate talked about why Xander didnít kill him. Kate didnít understand why Nicole wanted people killed. Kristen called Xander and left a message for him. Kristen was sick of Hope asking questions about Ted. She felt that Hope had to go. Marlena wanted to know how set the fires. Ben didnít want to tell her, but she continued to ask him about it. Ben told Marlena that Claire set the fires. Claire said that the lighter looked like the one Ben used to start the fires. Claire told Tripp she wanted to be with him and make him happy. Ciara and Claire argued until Eve sent her a text. Eve warned Claire that Ciara might be setting her up.

Claire didnít let on what Eve texted her. Ciara tried to get Claire to talk more about Ben, but she clammed up. Ciara wanted Claire to tell them anything. Claire thought that she and Ben never stood a chance. Claire told Tripp that were over and that he wouldnít be so needy anymore. Claire was going to pack her things and leave. Claire wanted them to have sex all over the apartment. Ciara tried to stop her from leaving. Xander wanted Sarah to open his gift. She was impressed by the necklace he gave her. She didnít want to accept it, but Xander wanted her to keep it. He put it around her neck. Sarah looked as if she was ready to lean in for a kiss when her phone went off. She thanked him and left to meet Rex. Kate talked to Ted about what happened to her when she ended up in the tunnels. Kate wasnít sure Nicole was the one who had her dragged into the tunnels. She told him that she thought the woman she heard was Kristen. Kristen sent Hope a text blowing her off. Marlena couldnít believe Claire set the fires. She wanted to know why he believed that. Ben explained how Claire set the fires. Ben wondered if Claire gave her any clue. Ben wondered if Marlena believed him, but she believed him. Tripp tried to touch Claire, but she flipped out and put a knife on him. Ted tried to convince Kate that Kristen was dead. He thought the blow to the head and the champagne were getting to her. Kate was sure that she was on to something. She thought Kristen was holding Nicole hostage in that room. Hope read the text Kristen sent to her. She couldnít believe what she read. Ben told Marlena that Eve was trying to make him pay for what he did to her daughter. Ben confessed to Marlena that Ciara and Tripp were trying to make her angry. Ciara finally tried to stop Claire from hurting Tripp. She asked Claire to stop killing Tripp. She told Claire that she was the one she hated and not him. Xander showed up while Kate was telling Ted her theory about Kristen. Kate wanted to know if Kristen was the one who knocked him out. Xander thanked Ted for the necklace. Kate wanted to know about the necklace. Ted thought it would lead Hope to them. Hope saw Sarah and noticed the necklace she was wearing. She wanted to know where she got the necklace. Ben and Marlena went to the loft and saw someone or something on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kim requests the help of Shiloh to get Drew to give her a baby. Shiloh doesn't have any access to helping but is there for her. Julian shows up and tells her not to get involved. Julian tells her what is going on with Shiloh. Brad suggests to Lucas they leave town. Lucas isn't going to leave his family. Shiloh sees Brad at Charlie's and realizes that Brad and Lucas have his child.

Michael tells Willow and Chase that her father didn't kill himself. Chase wants to get Carol to tell the truth to fix all this mess. Carly and Sonny go to a doctor's visit where they find out that their baby has a spinal disease. Nina tries to confront Drew about Jax but he over hears. He assures her that things will work out. Sasha tells Valentin she is staying in PC.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ana and Nate have a heart to heart with Devon about moving on with his life and packing away Hilary's things at first he is resistant but then he admits he watches old videos of GC Buzz so that he can see Hilary. Devon later begins to pack up Hilary's things but he can't finish doing it and he leaves the penthouse. Chloe has a long talk with Billy at Delia's gravesite and she tells him she has been living in Portland with Kevin and Bella since she faked her death. Chloe tells Billy that when she found out Adam was alive he hatred for Adam rose up again and she came to town to shoot him. Chloe then explains to Billy how Adam kidnapped her and recently let her go but she has to go back to Portland and stay away from him. Chloe tells Billy she thinks Adam is using Kevin to do his dirty work and asks Billy to make sure Kevin stays out of trouble and returns home safely to her and Bella. Billy doesn't see any other solution so he goes to the Abbott Mansion to get a gun then heads off somewhere. Kevin wants his freedom from Adam in exchange for the information he found in Victor's files about Nick. Adam tells Kevin he has to see the information first so Kevin shows him the video of Nick taking off the JT mask. Adam tells Kevin that if he doesn't continue to help him he will tell Phyllis who really kidnapped her. Rey and Sharon head to Las Vegas to dig up dirt on Adam. Nick arrives at Dark Horse where Adam plays him the video and demands that he give him Christian but Nick tells him no and Adam continues to taunt Nick about how happy Christian will be with his real father and how Christian will send postcards to his Uncle Nick from all the places he will be traveling to with his father. The two are ready to come to blows in the Dark Horse office until Chelsea arrives and tells them to stop this right now.

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