The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/27/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam have lunch and discuss how awful it is. So many times they have come down that same PCH. She mentions the beach party and that she thinks Hope will come and it will be good for her to get her mind off of Emma and what just happened. Thomas gets a call from a friend and asks if he got it. The friend says yes and Thomas says good as he has a big day planned around here. Hope tells Brooke and Ridge that she accepted as she did not want to let Douglas down and she can see the girls again. Liam tells Steffy that he is a little less worried about the weather than watching Hope with Thomas all day. Douglas tells his dad he is not sure he wants to go but Thomas gets him in the spirit when he tells him it will be fun as Hope will be there. He is not sure he wants to go in the water so Thomas says he does not have to. He can hang out with Phoebe and Kelly…..and of course Hope will be there for him too. Liam is not sure this is a good idea….Hope being there and seeing the two of them together with the girls. Steffy reminds them they are family and this is what Hope wanted all along. Douglas runs into Hope’s arms and can’t wait to go to the beach. Brooke tells Thomas that perhaps he ought to go ahead with Douglas and they can drop off Hope later, but Thomas says Douglas is counting on this. There is a friend at the door, Vinny, who needs to see Thomas so they step outside for Thomas to give him some advice. The advice is in the shape of pills that Vinny says is the best and will do the trick. Thomas says they better as he has a big day and night planned. Brooke puts on her swimsuit and tells Ridge they can have their own party by the pool. She was hoping Hope would not jump right into a relationship with Thomas. He reminds her Hope annulled her marriage and this is what she wanted. Thomas’s past is his past and they are focused on the future. Thomas, Douglas and Hope show up at Steffy's. Steffy fusses over Douglas and while it is awkward Hope says hello to Liam. Liam gets drinks for everyone and then he tells Steffy it is so obvious that Thomas is sticking tight to Hope and he is using Douglas as his little pawn in helping him. Steffy tells him to try and keep the day positive. Liam returns to Hope and says he knows he is way out of line but he is going to ask her anyway to try not spend all her time with Thomas; he does not trust him.

While Liam and Hope have their heads together Thomas walks out with a tray of food and fishes into his pocket for the pills. Ridge keeps telling Brooke that Hope will be okay; she is her daughter. Brooke says she just thinks Hope needs space and Thomas is not giving her that. He says everybody wants Hope to get back to who she was and this could be a good journey for her. Alone with Thomas and Hope, Liam brings up the fact that Thomas was the last to see Emma. Thomas says it was not an argument but a difference of opinion and Emma kept pushing it and wanted to see Hope. Thomas changes the subject and tells Hope that it probably isn’t a good idea for her spend so much time seeing Phoebe; she can play with Douglas. Liam tells Thomas that is none of his business. Hope has been close to Phoebe ever since they lost Beth. It is okay with him and okay with Steffy and Hope is welcome there anytime. Thomas backs off and apologizes to Hope while still saying it might not be good to get too attached to Phoebe. Steffy brings Phoebe and immediately Hope lights up and wants to hold her and in doing so she calls her Beth. Liam runs to Hope and she says it again and everyone in the room freaks.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was with Shawn at the pub. She snapped at him when he tried to talk to her. She told him that Tripp ended things with her. He wanted to know what she did. She thought about the fire that she started. JJ talked to Tripp about how Ben is a psycho who needed to be locked up. Ben went to see Ciara at the loft. He didnít like the plan that Ciara had against Claire. He wanted to go to the police. Claire told Shawn what happened with Tripp and Haley. Shawn was surprised by what Claire did. She realized it was wrong. She figured no one would love her the way Tripp did. Shawn tried to make her feel better, but she snapped. She thought she did too many terrible things for people to love her. Claire finally felt better after talking to Shawn. Ciara didnít think the police would believe them about Claire without any proof. She told him she knew what to do to make her confess. Ben wanted to know when it would happen and she told him it would happen right away. Gabi went to see Stefan to let him know about Will. He thought it was great news that he was going to be okay. He wanted to know why she was there. She wanted to thank him for being there for her. Jack went to see Will at the hospital. Sonny wanted to know why he was really at the hospital. Jack told them that he wanted to get the serum. Will was suspicious about why he wanted him to give him the diary. Will didnít want to give it to him. Stefan invited Gabi to stay with him for dinner. Ben didnít want to risk losing Ciara. She tried to justify why sheís doing the plan. She felt it was the only way they could be together. She wanted him to leave before Claire saw him. He kissed her goodbye just as Claire walked in the loft.

Ciara had to pretend that Ben showed up for no reason and wanted him to leave. Eve and Shawn had a random conversation. She talked to him about Claire being fragile. Eve thought he should stay in Salem to look out for Claire. Ben showed up while they were talking. Jack thought his family turned on him because he beat Abe in the election. Will didnít like the way he went about winning. Jack reminded Will that he was in his boat and wanted to know why he wouldnít give him the diary. Will told him that it would cost him to get the diary. Will told Jack he would give him the diary once all the charges against JJ were dropped. Jack didnít think he could do it, but Will wanted it done. Jack would try to do it. Shawn warned Ben to stay away from his sister. Shawn walked away from him. Eve told Ben that she had enough evidence against him. She wanted him to know what she felt like when she lost her daughter. Claire and Ciara hugged and talked about Ben. Claire wanted to know if Tripp was home. She felt like Tripp was avoiding her. She wanted him to give her another chance. Ciara advised her to let it go. Gabi told Stefan that her plan is better than anything Nicole could do for the company. Stefan tried to assure her that Nicole isnít a better worker than her. Jack went to see JJ to let him know that the charges against him were dropped. JJ wanted to know what the catch was. Jack explained how he was able to get the charges dropped. JJ wanted to know what he could get out of it. Jack told him that he was his father. JJ was still mad at him because he ruined Haleyís life. JJ blamed him for losing Haley. JJ closed the door in his face. Tripp went back to the loft so he and Ciara talked about their plan. Ciara planned on recording Claire this time. Jack told Will that the charges against JJ were dropped. Sonny and Will blamed him for why JJ lost Haley forever. Jack reminded Will about their deal. Will gave Jack the diary. Jack asked Will if he regretted taking it. He didnít regret it at all. Eve was sure she could get a judge to convict Ben. Tripp and Ciara took their clothes off and pretended to be together. Claire saw them on the couch together and demanded to know what was going on with them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Epiphany talks with Bobbie about being a diabetic and how she suffered a heart attack on vacation. She thinks it is a livable life though. Bobbie is shocked but honored she shared her story with her. Kim tries to seduce Drew on a date but ends up backfiring. She sobs and thinks that she sees Oscar. She invites Shiloh over to help her make a baby.

Alexis finds out that Julian used Sam in a con to change the adoption papers and is irate with him. Julian doesn't care. Drew tells Julian what is going on with Kim. Sam stops Lucas from going after Shiloh in the park. Michael gets himself thrown in jail to help Michael. The two escape together and Sam drives them away.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa finish editing her video and take it to Ana who loves it and is pleased they listened to her suggestions but all three ladies worry that since Devon didn't like the idea he won't let them release the video. Cane and Traci both decide they were carried away by the excitement of the book and that is why they kissed. Cane tells her they are still friends and he decides to throw her a party with her family and friends to celebrate that she finished her manuscript. Traci can't stop thinking about the kiss and Jack walks in and sees her smiling about something so Traci tells him she is happy to have finished her manuscript. Kevin tells Adam that he found something that could help his custody case against Nick but he won't give him the information until he releases Chloe. Adam agrees and takes him to Chloe and Chloe wants to talk to Adam alone before she leaves. Chloe tells Adam that Delia's death broke her and she can't be the mother she wants to be to Bella because half of her time is consumed with hatred for him. Adam tells Chloe that he is haunted by the accident and apologizes for covering up what happened. Adam also tells Chloe he wishes he could change what happened to Delia every day. Adam asks Chloe to forget about him and move on with her life . Adam also promises not to tell anyone that she is alive and tried to kill him again because he won't be responsible for taking her away from Bella. Chloe agrees to leave and go back to Portland but first she tells her mother she is alive. Esther is overjoyed and agrees to go to Portland with her so they can spend some time together. Chloe also ssks Kevin to text Billy for her and tell him to meet him at Delia's grave. Billy is shocked when he sees that Chloe is not dead.

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