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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric and Quinn thank Pam for making Forrester look good during the memorial and for what she did for Emma. Justin says he does not know what his sister will do without her baby girl. And working at Forrester was Emma’s dream. Xander tells Zoe that he cannot forget this was not an accident. Hope talks to Tiffany and looks at an Emma board. Thomas feeds his face at the memorial but his mind is on that last few minutes when he was following Emma’s car and she drove through the railing to her death below. Xander and Flo and Zoe come up to him and say they need to talk to him. He remarks that he already told them they are not to bring it up again here at Forrester. Sally stops by Wyatt’s and says it has been a while. She misses him. She says she sees Flo at the office and it is awkward sometimes but she knows they have history and his mother is always singing her praises. She says she knows they never made a commitment but they did talk about the future. Wyatt feels awkward but says he hoped while they were apart she would feel differently. She gets the message. Xander tells Hope that what he liked about Emma is if she saw a problem she would not hesitate to jump right in and try to solve it. Thomas overhears this. Bill tells Justin this was not his fault so he owes his sister no apology. Justin says the police have made no official ruling yet. They did find Emma’s cell phone which she was on at the time, texting Hope. She was on her way to see her, almost there. Things would have been different if she had made it.

Flo says she knew Emma was on her way to see Hope. Xander says she was better than all of them. Wyatt tells Sally that he will always care about her but he had no idea Flo was going to show up in Los Angeles. She says there is no such thing as a perfect woman. So it won’t be her but it certainly will not be Flo. She wants Wyatt to know that she will always love him. Hope questions Thomas about Pam saying he and Emma had words before they both left work that last day. He says it was not an argument, more like just a difference of opinion. She wanted to dance at their next showing and it just did not fit with the sketches. He tried to stop her before she left and he knew she was on her way to go over his head and tell Hope. Hope is grief-stricken and says this never should have happened. Thomas hugs her as Xander looks on. Thomas says he will always be there for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Jennifer got into an argument about Jack using the serum. Eve thought Jennifer only wanted him to get his memory back so he can go back to her. She said she wasnít interested in that. She wanted him to have his memory back. Eve walked away from her. Jack went to Kayla to ask her about the serum. Kate overheard Xander and Kristen talking about Ted being dead. Kate called the police about what she heard. Eli was working and looked at Laniís picture. Lani met with Abe at the pub. They talked about his job with DiMera Enterprises. Lani wasnít happy about him working there. He explained what he was doing there so she let it drop. They ended up talking about her relationship with Eli. Abe advised her to talk to Eli. Eli was about to go to the Inn when Eve stopped him. She didnít want him to investigate the murder. She wanted him to be focused on Benís case. He didnít understand why, but she didnít go into more detail. Eve left to call Xander. She warned him that someone called in anonymously about a murder there. She wanted him to forget about how he got Rolfís diary. Xander let Kristen know that they had company. Kayla told Jack that Jennifer shouldnít have told him about the serum. He asked her if he could get the serum, but she didnít want to use it. Jack realized that she saved it up for people she liked. Abe went to see Stefan and he said to tell Nicole that she was fired. Kristen wanted to know what Xander was doing. He told her to get out of sight. Kristen ran to the bathroom so Xander went to the door and snatched it open. Kate ended up in Kristenís room.

Xander demanded to know what Kate was doing there. He pointed the gun on her so she told him that she overheard him tell Nicole that he killed Ted. Jennifer and Hope talked about Jack getting the serum. Hope assured her that he would talk to Kayla about it. Kayla didnít want to be reported for giving Jack the serum. Jack said he wouldnít report her, but she thought Eve would do it. Kayla let him know that Will had the diary and he would have to get it from him. Jack wanted to see him, but he was sleeping. She warned him that there could be side effects to the serum. Kate wanted to know where Nicole was since she knew he was talking to someone. Kristen came up behind her and hit her in the back of the head. Eli and Lani went to the park to talk about what happened between them. She didnít know how to say goodbye to their baby. Abe was surprised that Stefan fired Nicole for missing one day of work. Abe tried to convince him that it was wrong to fire her right away. Stefan let Abe find out what was wrong with her. Kristen wanted Xander to kill Kate. He didnít want to kill her there. He let her know the police werenít coming because Eve tipped him off about it. She wanted to know what to do with Kate. He said he would take care of her the way he did Ted. Jack wasnít sure if he wanted his memory back after everything he learned about himself. Kayla asked him why he wanted the serum. He said he had children that he didnít remember. He didnít want her to tell anyone about their conversation. Hope told Jennifer how she heard Tedís phone ring in Nicoleís room. Jennifer didnít understand what was going on. Hope thought it was suspicious and wanted to investigate it. Xander put Kate in the tunnels with Ted. Ted told him that he couldnít keep them locked up. He told him to be thankful theyíre alive. Hope went to the DiMera mansion to look for Nicole. Stefan couldnít help her. Ted tried to wake Kate up. Xander told Kristen that he took care of Kate.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis tells Sam that he is leaving their PI firm because Aurora can pay him better. Sam completely understands. Shiloh and his lawyer try to make him sound less creepy but the lawyer keeps seeing through his act. Shiloh runs into Sam and makes her annoyed again.

Jason is arrested by Shiloh's follower in Beechers Corners. He refuses to give Jason a phone call and calls Shiloh to get his reward for arresting him. Bobbie learns she has diabetes. Kim tries to have a baby with Drew. Alexis tells Brad to tell the truth in court but Julian protests.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis brings Jack a gift basket with champagne and chocolate to make amends and put the ;past behind them. Phyllis tells Jack that she is theCEO of Dark Horse and he thinks she has no sense of loyalty if she can hurt Nick this way. Phyllis also tells Lauren she forgives her and after she leaves Jack's office Lauren and Jack share the basket and wonder why Phyllis feels like she needed to forgive them . Jack and Lauren both feel Phyllis was the one that was wrong and they think she is acting strangely. Lauren is happy Jack asked Mallory on a formal date and Jack tells her that he enjoys spending time with her but he doesn't know if the relationship will lead anywhere. Kyle and Lola talk about wedding plans and then she heads to Society for her bridal shower. Summer overhears Kyle talking to Jack about how the wedding planning is going and about the bridal shower. Summer decides to crash the shower and tells Lola that she wants them to be able to co- exist and wishes her and Kyle well before she leaves to meet Theo at Crimson Lights. Abby hires shirtless waiters and Lola's friends give her lingerie as presents. Abby also surprises Lola by bringing her mother Celeste to town for the shower. Theo offers to throw Kyle a bachelor party where they can put the good old days to rest before he gets married. Traci rand Cane celebrate that she has finished her book at the Abbott mansion as they sip champagne and Traci reads the book to Cane. Traci wonders if Came likes the ending of the book in which Iris wanted to frame Derek Gould her husband for the murder of his lover Cora. Flynn found out the truth and Iris shot him and then he knocked her to the ground and Velma arrived to take Flynn to the hospital and make sure the police took Iris to jail. Flynn and Velma spend all night at the hospital talking and eventually spend the rest of their lives together. Cane tells her he loved the book and then walks over and gives Traci a long kiss on the lips.

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