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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke fills Ridge in about Emma. He says she was a good person and not one that would be racing up and down Mulholland Drive. It makes no sense. Hope is devastated when she talks with Thomas. He offers to sleep on her couch and be there for her. She turns that down. He says they all do things they regret but he will never do anything to cause her harm or anything that he would not do for her, absolutely nothing. She asks what he meant by doing things they regret. He says only that Emma was not his biggest fan and he understands as he can be a bit much at times. Xander tells Flo and Zoe that Pam said that Emma and Thomas were arguing in the office and now she is dead. It is not hard to jump to conclusions. Zoe says he may be a bit overbearing but he is not a murderer. Flo reminds her that Thomas knows about Beth and yet he did not want to tell Hope the truth. Xander says he is not willing to sit by and do nothing. A knock on the locked door and Xander opens it to find Thomas. The first words out of Xander’s mouth is that Emma is dead. Flo asks where was he; one minute he was at the office and then gone. Xander says he knew Emma was on her way to tell Hope and Thomas would do anything to keep that from happening. Thomas tells him to be careful what he says next. Xander does anyway. He asks Thomas if he killed Emma. Thomas asks him to rethink that question. He tried to catch Emma in the parking lot but she had gone. He had no idea what route she might be taking but he knew a much faster way after growing up in these hills so he got to Hope’s first and Brooke called with the news while he was there.

Pam brings in Emma’s office things for Hope and Brooke to give her family. Pam lets slip that Thomas is probably feeling pretty badly right now as he was the last one to see Emma. They had heated words here in the office right before both took off. Brooke thought that was interesting and wanted to hear more. Pam says they left at almost the same time. Hope says it was odd as she saw him next and he seemed perfectly okay. And he did not even mention seeing Emma in her last moments. Zoe tells them this is serious and Xander says Emma was his first friend and loved him. No matter how Thomas wants to write this story, this is not a story. This is about a real baby and Emma was on her way to tell Hope the truth. Fate had nothing to do with it. Thomas avows that his words to Emma certainly did not cause her to careen off the road. He wants to know if Xander is accusing him of murder. Be careful of what he says next. No one is going to alter his chance with Hope. He will not allow that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen wanted to know why Kate was in her room. They talked about Maggie seeing her in the dress. Kristen tried to deny what she saw, but it didnít work. Kate was determined to get answers from her. Xander was talking about Kristen being upset with him for letting Ted live. Maggie overheard him, but he didnít tell her what he meant. He wanted to show her something. Jennifer wanted Jack to use the diary to get his memory back. He wasnít in a rush to get his hands on the diary. Eric performed the ceremony for Rex and Sarah. Sarah tried to stall the wedding by saying they needed a witness. Rex let her know that Kayla would be their witness. Xander told Maggie that he had trouble expressing himself to Sarah. He told her about what happened when Sarah found out about Rex. Maggie didnít think they should be together. He was offended that she didnít think he should be with her daughter despite everything he did for her. Jennifer told Jack how the diary turned up. She told him that he could get his memory back, but he wasnít interested. Justin went to Eve to talk about the case against Ben. He let her know that what she did was illegal. She tried to remind him about what Ben did to Will and Sonny, but he insisted on defending him. She offered him the DA position when he told her there wasnít one in Salem. Eve wanted him to do it. He told her that Jack didnít think too kindly of his family. Eve tried to defend Jack to him. She also told him about the evidence against Ben. Justin thought she should leave Ben alone. Jack told Jennifer how he didnít want to suffer the same way Will did. She said that they could talk to Kayla. He didnít want to take the serum. Rex and Sarah continued with their ceremony.

Jennifer talked to Kayla about Jack getting the serum. Jennifer didnít think he wanted his old life back. Jack went to the station to see Eve. She told him that Justin defended Ben. She also told him that she wanted him to the DA. Jack congratulated him for agreeing to be the DA. Justin refused to take the job. Sarah went back to the Kiriakis mansion. She told Xander and Maggie that she was married. Kristen and Kate argued a little more before she walked out of the room. Kristen took off the mask and thought Kate wouldnít find out her secret. Justin wanted Eve to back off of Ben. Justin walked out of the room. Jack stared out of the window while Eve was talking. Eve wanted to know what was wrong. He told her that they found the diary. Eve pretended to be shocked by it. She advised Jack that it wasnít safe for him to take it. Jack told her that there is an antidote. Jennifer told Kayla that Jack doesnít want to get his memories. Kayla tried to reassure her that Jack would want them back. Rex showed up at the Kiriakis mansion. He and Sarah told their parents they got married. Kayla assured Jennifer that Jack would come back to her. Jack told Eve that he loved their life together. He didnít want to look back on his old life. Xander wanted to give Sarah the necklace because it was a gift for both of them. Xander got a text from Kristen wondering if Ted was dead. He had to leave and Kate followed him. Eve and Jennifer ran into each other at the park. Eve confronted Jennifer about the conversation she had with Jack. Eve told her that Jack didnít want his memories back. Jack went to Kayla to ask her about the serum. Xander showed up at the Inn to see Kristen. Kate showed up there too. Xander told Kristen that he killed Ted.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Bobbie confronts Julian for messing with the custody case. Julian thinks he did nothing wrong. Scott shows up and Bobbie passes out. They go to GH where Scott demands Lucas check on her. Lucas thinks she has diabetes. Bobbie thinks he is being passive aggressive. Scott wants her to be careful. Sonny and Carly cook up a plan to make Dev his actual relative through a distant cousin on Mike's side. Mike wants them to stand at the wedding.

Joss takes Dev to the park where he meets Cam. Dev tells them that the dead are dead. Joss is angry but forgives him. Kim has Drew over for dinner and tries to kiss him. Willow is arrested in court for not bringing forward information on Wiley. Michael convinces Carol to leave town but Jason might be arrested for returning to town.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ana and Elena are both concerned about Devon since he admits to Ana that he has stopped taking his medicine because he doesn't want to numb his feelings he wants to grieve for Neil. Ana talks to Nate about the situationhoping that he can talk some sense into Devon. Elena tells Devon that he hasn't finished grieving Hilary and he isn't ready to be in a new relationship. Kevin tells Michael that he found some information that could hurt a lot of people. Kevin doesn't want to give Adam the information but he is afraid that if he doesn't he won't see Chlloe. Michael tells Kevin to stall Adam as long as possible so he can come up with a plan. Phyllis tells Michael thatshe is the new CEO of Dark Horse. Michael asks Phyllis to reconsider this decision because it could hurt Nick. Phyllis says she doesn't care because Nick treated her like garbage. Nate tells Victor his treatment isn't working but there is a really risky expermental treatment but a side effect of the treatment is diminished mental capacity. Victor asks Nick for advice and Nick thinks the treatment is worth the risk so that he can be around for his grandchildren. Victor decides to tell Nate he will do the treatment. Adam goes to visit Victir whilke he is working out to ask about his condition. Victor tells Adam his treatmment is a slow proccess but he will be fine. Adam wonders if Victor has thought about how his death will effect Victoiria Nick and Abby and Victor says he is always on top of things. Victor proves his point by telling Adam he knows about his alliance with Chance Chancellor.

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