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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Emma is on the PCH careening down the highway when she realizes someone is on her bumper too closely. Tires screech and she careens over the barrier and crashes in the ravine below. A figure gets out of his car and looks down with a smirk. It is Thomas. Bill shows up at IlGuardino and runs into Brooke who is waiting for takeout. He asks if he can join her. She seems deep in thought. She says she is very happy for him for reuniting his family and back with Katie. He says that was slick. She managed to change her thoughts to him when he feels like it is she who has a problem. Slowly she tells him it is Ridge’s son, Thomas. She does not quite trust him when it comes to Hope. It started with helping with Douglas but now it seems Thomas wants Hope for himself. Bill says that must make it awkward around the dinner table. Suddenly Thomas shows up at Hope’s cabin and comes right on in. She asks why he is here. He says he wants to tell her how amazing she is and making the right decisions lately. She took some painful but necessary steps. He will protect that dream of his and wait but will get rid of anything in the way. Everything he is doing is for her.

Zoe and Xander tell Flo that in a little while Hope will know. Emma found out and she is on the way and there is no way she will not tell Hope. Xander says they tried to keep a lid on this but he thinks this one will blow sky high. Bill laments that Thomas has skated close to the edge several times so she is right to keep her eye on this not very stable guy. He gets a phone call from Justin who has to tell them that he was just informed that Emma is dead. A car just ran her off the highway. Bill gives his condolences and he and Brooke say they will be there shortly. Pam walks into the room at Forrester and has to give them the sad news that Emma is dead. Flo, Zoe and Xander all gulp. Pam says she was just here looking for Hope. And then Thomas was there which was rather strange as he was so intense. Then she turned around and they both were gone. Alone with just the three of them Xander says none of them are willing to say it. Emma was determined to tell Hope the truth and Thomas was just as determined that Emma would not tell. Brooke calls Hope and tells her to sit tight, she has news to come and tell her. Hope says her mother’s voice is scaring her. She would like to know now on the phone. Brooke explains that Emma’s body was found when her car went over the rail on Mulholland Drive and crashed. She did not make it. Hope turns to tell Thomas and he hugs her for comfort.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to see Victor about what happened to Caroline. Xander was prepared to kill Ted. Hope showed up at the Inn and called Ted. She heard his phone ring in ďNicoleísĒ room. Brady snuck up on her and scared her. Xander let Ted know why Ted had to die. Ted didnít understand why Nicole wanted her child dead. Sami ran into Kristen at the town square. Sami tried to plead Ericís case, but she wasnít hearing it. Sami apologized to her, but she didnít want to hear it. She wanted Sami out of her face. Rex told Eric that he and Sarah were getting married. Kristen told Sami that she wouldnít forgive Eric for what happened to Holly. Sami didnít think it was fair that she felt that way. Kristen mocked what Eric said to her. Sami couldnít understand why she was saying what she said. Kristen told her that she didnít want him anymore. Sami was shocked by what Kristen was saying. Sami was glad that Eric was finally going to be free of her. She was thankful that Eric moved on from her. Kristen assumed that he would move on with Sarah. Rex told Eric why he and Sarah were getting married. Eric wondered why they were rushing it. Rex expressed how he felt about Sarah. Victor thanked Kate for what she told him about Caroline. He knew that she wanted something else. Hope explained to Brady what happened to Ted. Hope let Brady know that her gut told her that his phone was in Kristenís place. Xander let Ted know that he had business to finish. Ted grabbed for his pocket, but Xander put the gun on him. Brady suggested that Hope call Tedís phone again. She did, but the phone didnít ring. They realized they were wrong and left. Ted wanted to show Xander the necklace he bought for Hope. Xander didnít want the necklace. He offered him his services since Eve wanted him to be the DA again.

Kate continued to talk to Victor about Nicole working at DiMera. He didnít like that. Sami and Kristen continued to argue until they slapped each other. Sami slapped her and her makeup came off. Rex wanted to help Eric and Kristen get back together. Eric told him that heís ready to move on with his life. Rex asked Eric if Nicole was the love of his life. Eric finally agreed that Nicole was the love of his life. Sarah didnít like the idea so she agreed to marry Rex. Kate and Victor talked about whether Kristen was working with Nicole. They talked about whether Maggie was right about what she saw. Xander continued to try and kill Ted. Sami told Brady and Lucas that Kristen was hiding something. Ted tried to talk Xander out of killing him. Xander didnít want to kill him, but he had to do it. Sarah told Eric that she wanted him to perform the ceremony for her. Ted continued to talk Xander out of killing him. Xander finally decided not to kill him after all. Sami told Lucas and Brady that Kristen had something on her neck. Kristen lied and said it was from the fire. Sami wanted to see it, but Lucas and Brady stopped her from showing it. Lucas took Sami away. Brady wanted to know why Kristen decided to work for DiMera instead of working for him. He didnít want her to work for Stefan. Kristen wondered if there was a chance for them. Brady told her that he couldnít be with her. He reminded her that they agreed not to be together. He tried to defend Eric and told her how much he loved her. She didnít want to talk about that. Nicole told him that she wouldnít work for him. Brady talked to her about Hope being at the Inn and she lied. Sami told Lucas that something is off with her. Ted hoped that giving Xander the necklace would lead Hope back to him. Kate went snooping in Kristenís room and found her red dress. Kristen walked in and saw her holding the dress.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis finds Jordan at the PCPD who checked herself out at the hospital. He explains that he accepted a job as head of security at Aurora but also will be spying on Jax for Valentin to pay the bills. Jax informs Nina and Valentin of this. Nina is shocked that he took the job. Maxie and Joss discuss Joss trying to contact Oscar. Ava hears this and decides to keep a dinner reservation she had made with Kiki.

Franco, Elizabeth, and Lulu try to get Willow to stay longer at school but Willow has to get to court. Chase has to come drag her out but the judge has already ruled against her. Brad and Lucas tell Bobbie what Julian did and Bobbie goes to slap him in the face.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At Nickís house, Victoria attempts to make amends. Nick reminds her about the $50 million she gave Adam. The two finally agree to make amends and have a drink. Victoria mentions that Victor will be pleased that Nick is back at Newman as COO, but Nick hasnít agreed to it and he wonít but he is glad to have his sister back. At the penthouse Phyllis informs Adam that she connected with Riza and comments it strange that he was in Vegas so long without being recognized. She then brings up Chance Chancellor again and then asks ďor does he like to go by Phillip IVĒ? She doubts it a coincidence his pal has GC connection. Adam questions where she is going with this. The two argue. Phyllis reminds him he locked her in a basement. Adam brings up the look on Nickís face when he realizes Phyllis is running Dark Horse. Phyllis says she will consider it. Meanwhile, Devon recovers from a panic attack and Elena realizes itís not the first one. He explains that Hilary caused it. Elena wants to talk about it but Devon tells her he would rather speak to his therapist. A distressed Elena realizes the many memories at the penthouse.

At Society, Ana informs Tessa and Mariah about Devonís unhappiness with the video. They toast to the video and Ana vows to make peace with Devon. Meanwhile Victor arrives at Nickís. Victor tearfully expresses regret at not rewarding Victoria sooner. Nick tells him he already turned down the COO position and he needs to focus on Christian. Victor informs he that he threw Adam off the ranch because of the custody suit and tells Nick he is a great father. He tells him he hasnít been a great father to him and that he only sued for custody of Christian because he thought Nick wouldnít let him see him and he apologizes. They later chuckle about Victorís stubbornness and Nick tells him he has forgiven him already. Victor cries as they agree to put the animosity behind them. At Crimson Phyllis brushes off Summerís questions about where she has been. Phyllis tells her she was in a Vegas which upsets Summer as it would have been nice to have her support since Kyle and Lola became engaged. Summer then leaves. Elsewhere Adam learns Victoria is now CEO and he taunts that Victor took his advice. He continues to taunt her, leaving her unsettled. Back at Society Phyllis considers texting Summer but instead orders another drink.

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