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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Emma that she is not going to Hope with this. He is protecting her. Emma says it will be very painful, especially to Steffy but the truth will come out. Thomas tells her again do not say anything. She says he cannot stop her but he replies oh yes he can. In her face, he says don’t make him! Instead of fleeing she stands there and argues more. So Steffy and Liam will be happy but where does that leaves Hope. Thomas says with him and Douglas and they will all be happy. It is meant to be. So she is not to interfere with that. Emma says Thomas cannot love Hope if he is keeping her away from her child. He thinks slipping Douglas into that role will be fine. Emma says Steffy would not accept Phoebe as Beth if she knew. She says again she will tell Hope. Thomas says this is a family matter and Emma will stay out of it. He loves Hope. Emma says all she knows is that Hope is in pain; pain that she can take away. Thomas says all the parents are in place the way they should be. She starts to move toward the door and he blocks her and says she is not going anywhere. Fortunately Pam walks in at that moment and she needs some help from Thomas. To get her off his back he rushes into the hallway to see what she is talking about. Ridge catches Hope coming in and tells her she may not believe it now but he sees happiness in her future if she just lets it in. She says she is just trying to take one day as it comes so she is not focusing on the entire future now. He agrees with Liam going back and raising the girls with Steffy and says Thomas is a good guy and she can be happy with him and Douglas. So that is all he is thinking about, her happiness and the other family too. She says that is all she is concerned with too, Liam’s family and Thomas’s with Douglas. Many women would be flattered with his interest and she imagines Ridge is wondering why she is even hesitating.

Emma jumps in her car and starts down the darkened highway. She reaches for her phone then decides she cannot tell Hope over the phone. Zoe tells Xander that she can’t wait any longer. She is calling Hope to see if she knows yet. She makes up a story to tell Hope why she called. Hope says if she sees Emma she will give her the message. Zoe tells Xander that Emma is not there. Maybe Thomas changed her mind. Hope sits and thinks of happy times expecting Beth, telling Liam, looking at the ultrasound and when they exchanged rings. She says the harder she tries the sadder she becomes. Then she remembers the moment a dead Beth was brought to her. Emma goes faster but realizes some dummy is tailing her, right on her bumper. She grabs for her phone, tires screech and the car careens off the road and crashes below. A male gets out of his car and looks down. He’s concerned but realizes Emma is bleeding from the head and has slumped over. Mission accomplished! It is Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve went to see Ben. He wanted to know when he was getting his arraignment. She said he gave that up when he killed her daughter. She said she said he had a motive to kill Tripp and Haley. He wanted to call his lawyer. She said the phone lines were down. Kristen wanted to talk to Xander about what to do about Ted. Tripp wanted to talk to Claire. She thought he wanted to talk about how she sold him out to Eve. He said that wasnít what he wanted to talk about. Ciara went to see Ben. Ted woke up in the DiMera dungeon. Ted wondered why Nicole would attack him when he told her Holly was alive. Kristen wanted to know why Xander had the autopsy report. Before Xander could answer, she yelled at him for not getting rid of the evidence. She thought he was going to use the evidence against her. Xander wondered what Kristen was going to do to Ted. She said Ted had to die. Eve told Hope that she had Ben locked up and the charge was going to stick. Ciara told Ben that her grandmother died. Hope told Eve that her case over Ben was circumstantial. Eve told Hope that she should be glad that she was going after Ben. Eve said it would keep him away from Ciara. Ciara told Ben that their plan was working. She said that she and Tripp came up with a way to get Claire to confess. Ben wanted to know how. She said she and Tripp were getting back together. Tripp told Claire that they werenít getting back together. He told her that he had to be there for Ciara. Claire was upset about it. Hope told Eve that she knew what it was like to lose a child. Eve said that she got justice for her daughter. She said if Ted didnít quit, Ben would be in jail. Eve told her that there was a chance to save her daughter. 

Xander couldnít believe that Kristen wanted to kill Ted. She said he wore out his usefulness to them. She said that he would tell Hope about Holly. She told him to get Sarah back in the bed. Rex asked Sarah to marry him that day. She didnít want to. Sami and Eric talked about Nicole. She wanted to know why they werenít together. He said Nicole blamed him for Hollyís death. Rex tried to convince Sarah that they should get married without other people around. Eve wanted to know when Hope talked to Ted last. Eve thought Ted was considering taking his job back. Kristen told Xander that Ted tried to call Nicole. Kristen said that Hope was trying to call Hope, which would cause suspicion. She told him to kill Ted. Xander told her to kill him herself. She ordered him to kill Ted. Claire told Tripp that she would be there for Ciara. She was upset that he would want to be with Ciara. She warned him that he was going to be sorry that he hurt her. Ben told Ciara that it wasnít worth it to upset Claire. Ciara didnít want him to get locked up for something he didnít do. She thought it was the only way to help him. Hope went to see Nicole. Hope wanted to know if Ted was with her. Nicole/Kristen said he wasnít. She rushed off while Hope was trying to talk to her. When Hope called Ted, she heard his phone ring in Nicoleís room. Xander told Ted that he was going to kill him. Ciara went to see Tripp. He told her what happened with Claire. Eve taunted Ben about Ciara dumping him. Kristen ran into Sami.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny meets with Robert in order to figure out why Dev is not under WSB care. He finds out that Dev was offered it but didn't like the terms so they are done with him. Sonny understands. Joss listens in on what Dev is talking about with Carly. Sonny tells them all that Dev is staying for the summer as his cousin Devin. Robert tells Jax that Jerry better not be anywhere near PC or Robin. Curtis decides to work for Jax after Valentin hires him to look into him.

Willow celebrates with her class on the last day of school. Diane tells her to be to court as soon as possible. Willow gets stuck in class as the principal wants to talk with her. Elizabeth and Lulu insist on her staying. Diane and Alexis confront Shiloh and Diane tells Alexis to not get involved.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy tells Adam to leave Delia's grave because it is the one place in the world he should never be is anywhere near Delia's grave. Nick asks Rey to go to Las Vegas and dig up as much dirt on Adam as he can so he can use it against him in the custody battle. Lily arrives late to the music stage dedication but Cane can't take his eyes off her. Cane and Traci say hello to Lily and then Traci leaves Cane and Lily alone to talk. Cane realizes that things are awkward between him and Lily and they can't even make polite conversation. Cane tells Lily that he must find Traci and take her home because they drove to the party together. Jack announces that in memory of Neil the Abbott Winters foundation is developing a treament program to help those who are in the music industry. Victir wants to take a leave of absence to focus on treating his illness so he names Victoria CEO. Victoria asks Nick to be COO of the company and tells him that his focus would be keeping an eye on Adam and waiting untill he makes a mistake so they could use it against him in the custody suit. Devon has a panic attack when Elena arrives home but instead of seeing Elena he sees Hilary walk through the door. Adam is surprised to see Phyllis when he walks through the door of his penthouse. Phyllis tells him that she went to Vegas and Knows all his secrets. Adam thinks Phyllis is bluffing until she tells him she knows all about his connection to a member of the Chancellor family.

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