The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/20/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Emma asks again if she heard what she thought Xander said. Zoe speaks up and says of course not. Xander doesn’t deny it so Emma knows Beth is alive. Liam tells Steffy that he knew it would happen someday. He has become the annoying houseguest. He says Thomas does not have to use Douglas to get Hope some help. Brooke catches Thomas working on HFTF and says he seems to be more inspired now. He admits he is in love with her daughter and it shows. Brooke says she know this is not just for Douglas. She knows Thomas has had issues in the past and tells him that she just hopes he will give Hope some space. She needs time to heal. Hope shows up at Steffy’s door and says she does not want to intrude but she wanted to see the happy family for herself. Steffy is with the girls in the bedroom. Emma questions more and finds out Steffy is raising Phoebe and she really is Beth. Thomas fills Brooke in that Douglas is missing his mother terribly but he has bonded with Hope. Life is short and he will do anything to make it happen with Hope. He has been in love with her through the years even with Sally and Caroline. Liam tells Hope that he is glad she came by. It is good to see her. Steffy comes out with Phoebe and Hope lights right up and wants to hold her. Emma wants to know when Zoe and Xander found out. Zoe says he just found out. Emma asks Zoe when did she know. She admits it has been a few months and she did not tell because her dad would go to prison. Emma says that is what he deserves for what he did. She knows Xander is a good guy so she cannot believe that he did not tell Hope immediately. She has lost Beth, now she has lost her marriage and Liam, all because of their silence. Emma says she is going to call Hope and tell her the truth. Zoe grabs for the phone and tells her no. Xander says this is bigger than she thinks and cannot be told over the phone.

Thomas daydreams of Hope and tells her that he loves her. She puts her hands on his neck and says he is her soul mate and she cannot wait to be his wife; they kiss. Zoe wakes him up with a phone call. She blurts out that Emma knows the truth and she needs to talk to Thomas. Emma goes to leave but runs into Pam who answers her that Hope has gone home. Thomas comes out and says he overheard her wanting to see Hope. He invites her into the office and thereby she finds out that he knows the truth too. He inches toward her and tells her to calm down. It is complicated. Emma says no it is not. Hope had Beth but was told she was stillborn and yet she ended up being adopted by Steffy. He reminds her that Phoebe is happy with her sister, Kelly. And he is planning a life with Hope and Douglas. Emma says she does not need to think. Hope needs to know the truth right now. Steffy puts Phoebe to bed and thanks Hope for coming, do it anytime. Liam says he loves being here with tbe girls but he cannot stop thinking about her. He is glad she is bonding with Douglas but it is not right for Thomas to pull those heart strings. He is not sure she can trust him. She says she is only trying to take one day at a time and Thomas has been supportive. She knows things would be different if Beth were here. Liam gives her a big hug. Thomas stands nose to nose with Emma and tells her to keep her voice down and not to say a word. The future has been planned. He is dead serious so do not mess with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carrie showed up for Carolineís funeral. She reunited with the family. Shawn and Hope went to see Ciara and Claire. Sami told Will that Caroline died. Kayla went to see Victor. She told him about Caroline. She invited him to the memorial, but he didnít want to go. She didnít want him to be alone, but he wanted to deal with Carolineís death in her own way. Will realized that he died when he saw Caroline. Will told Sonny that Caroline died. Sonny said it would break Victorís heart because he loved her so much. Victor looked at a picture of Caroline. Everyone was ready to celebrate Carolineís life.

Hope went to check on Victor. She told him that she was there for him. Everyone had to share stories about Caroline at the wake. Hope told Victor that Caroline and Bo were together. Hope looked at the letter Caroline wrote to him. The letter was about Bo being his son. The rest of the people talked about Caroline at the memorial. Sonny suggested that Will write a profile on Caroline for the Spectator. Will liked the idea. Hope asked Victor if he wanted her to stay. He told her to go back to her family. She said Shawn, Ciara and Claire were his family and loved him. When Hope left, he said he loved Maggie, but Caroline was the love of his life. Everyone at the memorial did a toast to Caroline. There was a flashback of Caroline and Shawn together.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny shows up at the police station and finds Dev. He confronts him as to why he is in PC. Dev claims that the WSB wasnt actually helping him after he helped save Dante. Sonny gets Lulu to drop the charges. Carly isn't happy that Joss is at the police station and wants to be there to help. Joss later comes home with Sonny and Dev who intends on having him stay with them.

Michael asks Willow how she killed her father. She claims that it was because she went to her initiation instead of visiting him that he died. Michael tells her that isn't the case. Alexis and Diane find out that Neil's daughter died. Niel admits to Kevin that he is conflicted with Alexis. Kim and Elizabeth talk about moving on in her life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola asks Abby to be her maid of honor and she and Kyle argue because Abby wants to plan a bridal shower fkr Lola but Abby doesn't intend to stop being an advocate for what Lola wants for her wedding. Lola loses her engagement ring at work and after a long search Kyle finds it in the garbage can. Devon isn't happy that Ana filmed videos of Tessa singing around town and plans to use the audio from those videos for Tessa's CD. Devon tells Anna that is a big waste of time and she shouldn't have agreed to let Tessa sell Jabot collective products in her videos. Devon wants to hire someone with more experience to be Ana's boss at LP. Devon dedicates the Society music stage to Neil and Jett and Ana are the first to sing on the newly named Neil Winters stage. Devon is upset with Nate because he sold Neil's penthouse to Adam without giving him a chance to buy it back from home first. Nate tells him he intends to donate the money from the penthouse sale to the hospital to help people. Adam wants Kevin to spy on the Newmans fpr him to find out what Next move they might be planning against him. Kevin doesn't want to do it but Adam tells him it is the only way he will see Chloe. Kevin finds out that Victoria has decided not to do anything against Adam because she doesn't want to male thins worse. Adam goes to Delia's grave and Billy is angry to see him there.

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